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Covid Advance Medical Directive Card

I Care Card

BC Medical Representation Agreement

Mask Resources – pamphlet, video and expert testimony by Chris Schaefer, respirator specialist

Notices of Liability

NEW: Video Review of Action4Canada Resources:

Notices of Liability

NEW: NOL to remove explicit books and radical LGBTQ learning resources

NEW: Mask NOL for adults

Notice of Liability and warning letter for all covid tests

NEW: Notice of Liability Against Rapid Antigen Tests

NEW: Template letter: city rapid testing

Letter for healthcare professionals to give to their professional college’s registrar

There are two additional “drop the mic” letters on the NOL page that you serve with the NOL:

Letter for education, employment, extra-curricular activities or essential, or non-essential services

Letter for employees to serve 

Student Notice of non consent for masks/covid

Response to NOL template letters for school board trustees and mayor/councillors


Notice of Liability and letter for businesses enforcing the vaxx passports

Media Notice of Liability

Notice of Liability Successes 

BC School Board Trustees Campaign

Charter Rights

A4C lawsuit against BC and Federal governments filed August 16, 2021
Statement of Claim and press conference

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Interactions with Government Agents and Police PDF

Video: Step-by-step Advice on How to Interact with Law Enforcement with Vincent Gircys

Filing a Complaint Against Law Enforcement

Filing a Human Rights Complaint

Tanya’s article: Government Corruption, Colluding with a Foreign Syndicate? April 23, 2020

Book: The Annotated Criminal Charging Procedure in Canada by David Lindsay

Order book and recordings of his two webinars.
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Youth Freedom Movement

Worker’s Unite page – recordings and resources on serving NOL and next steps

Join A4C zoom calls on TUESDAYS @ 4.30PM PST (7:30PM EST)
Parent/Business/Workers Meeting   *recordings posted on Worker’s Unite page

Church Resources

Parent Resources

Business Resources:

A4C video: Empowering Businesses to Stay Open. Step by Step

Business Campaign Resources

Business Resources  *includes No Trespass Notice

Interactions with Government Agents and Police PDF 

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Empower Hour recordings are found here:
Empower Hour page:

..  with David Lindsay on Oct. 13 and 27, Nov. 24, Jan. 5
..  with Hon. Brian Peckford – Charter of Rights and Freedoms on Nov. 17, Mar. 9
.. with A4C Chapter leaders sharing their successes on Dec. 29

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Clips of Tanya speaking at rallies are found in the Interviews section under rallies


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The Mutilization and Sterilization of a Generation 

Empower Hour webinar:

The Mutilization and Sterlization of a Generation

A4C Press Release

Minister’s, K-12 education partners’ statement on support for SOGI

Federal Public Libraries Supporting Porn for Minors

Sexualization of Children, 2SLGBTQ Collaborators Exploiting Minors with Barry Neufeld

Political LGBTQ

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)
Stop the War on Children video


Pierre Barns

Barry Neufeld

Tom Quiggin 

About Tom  Quiggin

Digitial ID Apartheid

Tom Quiggin – June 2022. Intelligence Analyst, Security & Operational Risk Manager, Research Analysts Expert & Live Q&A.

David Lindsay – Coronation  Oath

Homeschool Panel

Alex Newman

About Alex Newman

Public School Indoctrination

Public School Exit

Crimes of the Educators
Deep State: The Invisible Government Behind the Scenes


Remo Gaiti

Dan Vachon

Rocco Galati

Tom Harris

International Climate Science Coalition – Canada
Email:  [email protected]

Tom’s powerpoint presentation

Progressives should demand a reassessment of climate change concerns by Tom Harris

Tom Harris – Climate Change Realist

Susan Crockford, Polar Bear Science:

Stop! Supporting Climate Alarmism, It’s Feeding the Globalist Beast and Creating World Hunger

Ted Kuntz

Vaccine Choice Canada

Medical Alert: Big Pharma is Out of Control

Recommended books
Dare to Question: One Parent to Another by Ted Kuntz
Vaccines: A Reappraisal by Richard Moskowitz MD.
The Poisoned Needle: Suppressed Facts About Vaccinations by Eleanor McBean
Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History by Suzanne Humphries MD.

Vaxxed Versus Unvaxxed Studies

Tom Quiggin

Tom Quiggin on Twitter: @TomTSEC

About Tom Quiggin:

Police Corruption: How Many People Have to Die Before They Take Action

BC RCMP Top Cops Fail to Uphold Their Oath to Serve and Protect

Government Corruption, Colluding with a Foreign Syndicate?

David Lindsay

Coronation Oath

Book: The Annotated Criminal Charging Procedure in Canada by David Lindsay

Order book and recordings of his two webinars.
Email: [email protected]

Majed El Shafie

Alan Strudwick

To receive Alan’s ebook for free email him putting “Authentic Awakening” in the subject line: [email protected]

Book: Authentic Awakening by Alan Strudwick

Leighton Grey

Brian Peckford

Brian Peckford Blog

The Peckford Recommendation

Taking Back Our Freedoms

Stewart Staudinger

Website: Real Canadian Liberal
Rumble: Real Canadian Liberal

Conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity

Share this with schools and workplaces:
50 calls made to poison control centres over exposure to COVID-19 rapid test kit ingredients | CBC News 

Health Canada Recalls and Safety Alerts: Rapid antigen test kits and potential exposure to hazardous substances.