Wednesday Empower Hour

Empower Hour

Every Wednesday Action4Canada hosts the Empower Hour, an online zoom meeting open to everyone. We have a special guest each week, who will educate, inform and answer your burning questions.

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Jan 19 Empower Hour

PART 2: Jon Uhler joins us on the next Empower Hour on March 22, 2023
4.45pm PST/7.45pm EST

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Video Recordings of Previous Empower Hours

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Jon Uhler, White Collar Sexual Psychopaths
March 15, 2023

Josh Alexander, Youth Rising Up! 
March 8, 2023

David Lindsay, 15 Minute Cities
Feb 22, 2023

Christine Douglass-Williams, Canadian Race Relations
Feb 15, 2023

Rocco Galati, Legal and Health Updates
Feb 8, 2023

Ann Gillies, Predators Among Us
Feb 1, 2023

Mikki Willis, Mass Psychosis
Jan 25th, 2023

Tanya Gaw, Winning the Spiritual Battle
Jan 19th, 2023

Tiago Henriques – Died Suddenly News & Finances
Jan 11th, 2023

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Feedback from Previous Empower Hour Participants

Thank you for your encouragement everyone! & for being on the front line to help teach us to stand!

Thank you so much for your efforts and sacrifices. Thank you for helping us fight

This has been great info. Blessings to you all and the team and a big thanks to David!!

Hey Tanya I tuned in on Wednesday. Excellent excellent excellent. Lots of my friends also tuned in. I can’t even thank you enough for all your work!

Huge Thanks to all the panelists for a brilliant Zoom!

Thanks for all the amazing information 💖💫🙏😇

I can’t thank you enough Tanya for all the stunning work you’re doing 🙏


Thank you Tanya and David for all your hard work! Very much appreciate such an informative and encouraging evening. 🙏

Thank you David, Tanya and Heather for this awesome program. So glad you fighting for us who are in our late 70’s.

♥️thank you!!!!!!

Bless you, Tanya and all A4C

Bless Each One and remember the power of numbers and the power of prayer.

Thank you!!! Amazing session.

Tanya for premier!

You are awesome! Truly amazing people!


YES. Amazing! So grateful for your hard work!

Thanks all for excellent information!