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Warning: Businesses Do NOT Sign up for ESG/DEI or CEI!

There are those in power who believe they are global emperors and others, such as George Soros, who thinks he is God. These individuals are fixated on controlling everyone and everything, including the global economy. They are pushing a nefarious agendas that will destroy businesses if they refuse to comply. 

The ESG scoring system is the communist Chinese social credit system on steroids.

Resources to Prevent Government Interference with the Operation of a Business

Business Strategy Against Injection Passports:  English version | French version 

Protect your business! Business Notice of Liability

NEW: Include this vital notice with the above Notice of Liability Additional Vax Mandate Letter of Response

No Trespass Sign – English Version   French Version

Example letter of response to Government Officials who have been put on Notice.  Read Here

VaxPASS: NOL Against Business Owners Who Violate Citizen’s/Employee’s Rights*

*customers and employees who serve a business provide that business with an extra layer of protection if government officials come knocking, as the business can then show the officials the NOL and tell them that they are not prepared to be held personally liable for enforcing the illegal measures.

Elected Officials are going along with the destruction of small businesses and they must be held to account. Serve your mayor and city council, MLA/MPP, and Member of Parliament

The media need to be held personally liable for the deception and distortion of facts that they are reporting against businesses. In doing so they are promoting hate and division in communities. 

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Gym owners defying the governments unlawful orders

BC Health Official admits the “VaxPass is designed just to create an incentive to get people to vaccinate.”

BC Health Officer, Bonnie Henry, was an expert witness in the 2015  Ontario Nurses Arbitration against the vaccinate or mask mandate. The arbitrator in the case ruled that wearing masks “was not supported by science and was most likely an attempt to drive up vaccination rates among staff.” Henry agreed masks are punitive and discriminatory and on Dec. 4, 2019 signed an agreement supporting BC nurses. 

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Business Campaign Resources

Opening Small Businesses

Postcard, Letter and Poster – advising businesses of their rights and their duties:
Business Campaign Resources  

No Trespass Sign – English Version   French Version

Freedom & Rights Notice – Message to PHO and Premier

Interactions with Government Agents and Police  (Printable PDF)

How To Properly Handle Law Enforcement with Vincent Gircys, Retired OPP, February 2021

Filing a Complaint Against Law Enforcement

Charter Rights, Privacy Act, Etc.

Videos of Business Campaign in Action

Business Webinars

Business Survey

Businesses Who Respect Mask Exemptions

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