Interviews and Rally Speeches

Knowledge is Power

How To Fight The Lockdown in BC & Across Canada: Action4Canada Exclusive Interview
November  23, 2020

The Reset” – How One Canadian Activist is Fighting Tyranny
November 17,2020

November 8, 2020 – Freedom Rally…Tanya Gaw
Message for businesses, the  RCMP, and Church leaders in response to the Covid Fraud.

BC’s COVID Related Measures Act “is a step toward tyranny”
October 30, 2020

Freedom Rally – Secularism is one small step away from Tyranny

Foreign Interference Activities…Message to The Government

“You are not taking this seriously enough”



Live with Laura-Lynn and Tanya on Conversion Therapy


Laura-Lynn & Tanya Gew Interview – Conversion Therapy


This is a perfect image of the failure of multiculturalism…. 


Brampton’s Failure of Multiculturalism

Students Against Bigotry showing up in masks, violent and prohibiting people from attending an event on Oct. 9, 2019 who came to hear Prof. Ricardo Duchesne and Prof Marc Hecht speak


The movement of Political Islam and the trans agenda in Canada
Alex Newman, Laura Lynn and Tanya Gaw

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