Expel Chinese Police and Deport Their Agents Back to China!

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Majed El Shafie, Founder of One Free World International (OFWI), joins Tanya to discuss the Chinese police stations in Canada and the Canadian government’s failure to take swift action. A coalition led by OFWI has been calling for the Canadian government to take immediate action and expel CCP police and deport their agents back to China.

As for investigating foreign interference in elections, the Liberals are now contemplating a public inquiry after Trudeau’s failed attempt to appoint his close friend David Johnson to oversee the investigation. Johnson rightfully resigned due to backlash but what stunt will Trudeau pull next to avoid prosecution? The concerns over foreign interference in Canada elections is not a new issue but a systemic problem perpetuated by the Liberal government who, in 2016, did away with Liberal Party membership and replaced it with “registration.” This change allows non-permanent residents to vote, even if they are supported by communist regimes, and for the party to receive donations from bad foreign influencers. 

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Stop Foreign Interference From Threatening Canada’s Democracy!

OFWI is working hard to protect Canadians! OFWI and their coalition have been calling for the illegal Chinese police stations operating in Canada to be shut down. On November 30, 2022, they wrote to the Minister of Public Safety, Marco Mendocino, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Melanie Joly. Their coalition members and people like you who signed the petition, represent thousands of Canadians who are looking for the Chinese government to be held to account.

The OFWI team received a reply from the Minister of Public Safety’s Assistant Deputy Minister. The letter shows that there is no accountability or transparency on behalf of the Liberal government and there is still work to be done. Read the Ministries reply HERE 

OFWI is committed to their mission to expose the government corruption and protect Canadians. You can help by signing the petition HERE

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More About Our Guest:

Majed El Shafie is a human rights advocate and founder of One Free World International (OFWI). His human rights journey started in his native Egypt that he was later forced to flee after he was severely tortured and sentenced to death for his conversion from Islam to Christianity and bringing awareness to human rights violations related to religious persecution.

Belonging to a very prominent legal and political family in Egypt, Majed had tried to work within the Egyptian system to reform the country’s human rights regime. Between the challenges he faced in these efforts, his firsthand experience as a survivor of religious persecution, the work he has engaged in since by advocating for religious freedom, confronting governments that violate this fundamental right, and conducting fact-finding missions and humanitarian/rescue operations, he has obtained significant knowledge and insight into the dynamics of persecution of religious minorities by religious extremists and totalitarian governments alike.

El Shafie has established two effective human rights organizations including One Free World International, which is one of the leading organizations advocating for religious minorities globally and has 28 branches around the world. He has organized and led delegations of parliamentarians and religious leaders to address minority rights and humanitarian issues with government leaders, including several cabinet ministers and other high-level officials, opposition leaders, and religious leaders among others, in countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Cuba, India, and Bangladesh.

El Shafie has developed excellent relationships with members of the Canadian House of Commons, Senate, and Cabinet, and has built bridges with the US Congress in order to educate decision-makers about violations of religious freedom around the world. He has had the opportunity to testify numerous times before parliamentary bodies including the Subcommittee for International Human Rights, the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade, the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration, United States Congressional subcommittees and commissions, and the Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism in Canada. He has advocated on behalf of Christians, Falun Gong, Jews, Bahá’í’s, Ahmadiyya Muslims, and China’s Uyghur Muslims, among others. Leading North American and international news media have featured his work which has also been the subject of an award-winning feature-length documentary.


  • 2016 Raoul Wallenberg Citation for Moral Courage
  • 2012 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

Book: Freedom Fighter. The book is an account of Reverend El Shafie’s outreach—it follows his heroic work over a four-year period as he traveled to Pakistan and Afghanistan to investigate claims of abuse, persecution, and slavery and to speak truth to governments that neglect and violate the human rights of their citizens.

Website: https://ofwi.org

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/OFWI
Instagram: https://instagram.com/ofwidotorg
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TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@ofwidotorg

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