Discussion: Protecting Employment and Small Businesses

How Do Business Owners Lawfully Keep Their Business Open
in Non-Compliance to Illegal Orders?

It is simple, do NOT comply with the government’s unlawful Orders. Watch the video (below) on “Empowering Businesses to Stay Open” to learn about your 100% guaranteed right to employment. The webinar provides resources and step by step instructions on how to deal with government officials who are unlawfully interfering with your protected right to operate your business. Visit Action4Canada’s Business page to access the resources and learn more.

Security of the person is guaranteed!

It includes: The right to work and the right to say what goes into your body. 

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Join Tanya with special guests Jeff Rath, Constitutional lawyer, and business owner Brian Mark.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 fraud the government has been working diligently to destroy small businesses in favour of large Corporations and to keep people unhealthy. Action4Canada has worked consistently since the onset to bring awareness and provide business owners with effective resources. However, many business owners were too concerned about being in defiance of the Orders and as a result hundreds of thousands permanently closed their doors, without a fight. But times have changed and, thankfully, business owners are ready to to throw their hat in the arena and take on big bad government in defense of what was their Right all along.  Read More

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Gym Owner Serves Notice of Liability to BC Interior Health Official
and Tears Down Illegal Closure Order

The government’s actions are unlawful and they are counting on regular people (business owners/employees/union reps, etc) to do their dirty work for them. But what will happen when these citizens realize the risk of liability they are opening themselves up to by implementing and attempting to enforce the illegal orders? Coercion, extortion and intimidation are serious indictable offenses.

Action4Canada volunteers are out in force by the tens of thousands across Canada Serving individuals and elected/appointed officials, bringing awareness and effectively dismantling the government’s agenda by empowering the people.

Health official admits there is no transmission in gyms:

“closing down businesses is meant to create an incentive to vaccinate”

Take Heart: Justice is on the Move

The Court concluded that, in the face of these common issues, certification of the class action was appropriate. The claim will now proceed as a certified class action and marks one of the first class actions in Canada which deals with terminations arising from the COVID-19 pandemic to be certified. It is very unlikely that it will be the last. Read More

The Title Speaks for Itself

Jabless Jobs Inc. is a new job recruitment platform that aims to help unvaccinated Canadians find work with employers who don’t require the jab.

As more employers require COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment, new websites have emerged to help the unvaccinated find jobs. The federal, provinicial, and municipal governments have introduced similar unlawful policies for current staff and future hires to vaccinate. The mandate has meant that thousands of Canadians who refused vaccination have lost their jobs or been placed on leave. Now, some are turning to social media platforms such as Telegram, where channels have been created to help connect those who are unvaccinated with non-discriminatory employers.

Be sure to also join an Action4Canada Chapter and help support one another in finding and creating jobs in your own community. 

Ronald McDonald House Evicts Family Due to Being UnJabbed

Call to Action!

A Kelowna family, the Furgasons, recieved a letter on January 11th evicting them from the Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver where their four year old son, Jack, was receiving treatment for leukemia. They were evicted due to being unvaccinated. A look at the RMH donor page reveals they are funded by pfizer.

As a result of major public backlash, including a Call to Action from A4C, the Ronald McDonald House relocated the family to the Easter Seals House in VancouverThe Easter Seals House is welcoming families with open arms regardless of their vaccination status. Let’s show them our support and thank them for accommodating these families!

Email: [email protected]

Please consider making a donation to the Easter Seals:

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Remember: Freedom of speech, thought, belief and the right to life, liberty and security of the person are guaranteed. We do not need to beg, barter or ask for them…they are ours for the taking.

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