The Rise of Political Islam in Canada – A Detail Report
— 2019 —

Political Islam is not a race or religion or a philosophy of life but a violent, totalitarian, political, legal, military, cultural, and social system, disguised as a religion, using subversive tactics and strategies.  It aims to destroy our democracy and replace our legal system with Islamic/Sharia law.

The following report has been created to address the growing concern of political Islam/Sharia in Canada and the refusal on the part of elected officials to address this National threat to Canada’s security.

A Liberal MP was forwarded several news reports of concern from a constituent.  The issues were in regards to the forming of the ‘Islamic Party of Ontario’ (Please Sign petition to stop this foreign political power from forming in Canada) and to address reports of the Salaheddin Islamic Centre’s consistent ties to extremist speakers and questionable activities.

The MP’s reply was as follows, “It’s possible to cherry-pick a lot of different data to try and prove a point.  Good and evil exist within all people…the people who come here and the people they find when they arrive”.  The MP’s response was concerning as he had been made consistently aware of the growing threats related to Islamist attacks and criminal activity associated with them.  The two articles were not isolated but part of an ongoing correspondence requesting action.

The reply is significant and it led to the forming of this resource to document just how serious the matter is.  Hardly cherry picking as one does not have to search the internet long to find evidence to support that, much like Europe and the UK, Canada is in trouble because its leadership is refusing to acknowledge our mutual enemy.  The Prime Minister and his caucus have been made well aware of the threat to Canadians.  Beginning with the implementation of Motion M-103 wherein the Liberals received the greatest backlash in Canadian history and along with it copious amounts of information to support Canadians concerns over the government deciding to give special privilege to Islamists, based on misleading and false data.

In spite of the evidence, the Liberals refused to take heed and as a result have strengthened the Islamist position when they passed M-103.  Thus the growing number of attacks against Canadians, perpetrated by less than 3% of the population, is significant.

Islam is rapidly advancing in the West and the Liberals have put a gag order in place, M-103, to silence opposition? Why?

Political Islamic ideology has, and always will be, incompatible with Western Society.  The strategy of self-victimization through so called “Islamophobia” is used to advance their agenda.  Islamists deploy ‘Islamophobia’ as a political and judicial shield to protect them and defame their critics.

Canadians valid concerns over the Rise of Political Islam are being ignored due to subjective reasoning in suggesting there is an equal plight amongst progressive Muslims due to extremism.  The conundrum of course is that there is no effective way to determine one from the other.  Western nations have yet to come up with a successful method of deciphering.

The consequence of failing to properly address this is facilitating the ultimate success of Islamic take over.  As is being witnessed throughout Europe and the UK.

The burden of proof can no longer be placed on Western Nations.  The only solution is to ban all manifestations of Islam in the West.  We are under siege by a crafty enemy and they have openly proclaimed their intentions.  Canadians are unwittingly being lulled into “Submission” and if we intend to survive we must rise up in defence of our sovereign nation.

Canada was founded on Judeo-Christian principles inherited through our British Commonwealth and embedded in the Magna Carta.  The Canadian Code of Arms bears witness to this and includes a Biblical Scripture, Psalm 72:8.  This is the foundation of our laws and values which clearly is a system of governance which sets us apart from totalitarian, communist, socialist and extremist regimes who oppress women and children, dictate thought and impoverish nations.  It is the core to Canada’s democracy which allows its citizens the freedom to believe, or not to believe, without fear of being persecuted.  We have a duty, a right and an obligation to protect our National Sovereignty, National Security and Rule of Law.

Alliance or support given to this foreign political movement is in violation of Canadian law under the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act, chapter 21, of the Statutes of Canada, 1984, which addresses threats to the security of Canada.  It is also in violation of the Criminal Code’s statutes on Acts of Treason.

Canadians should also be made aware of the UNPA Campaign.  The Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly is a global network that advocates democratic representation of the world’s citizens at the UN and the institutions of global governance.
Review list of Canadian MPs including the Prime Minister (and former mp’s) who support this agenda. (**special note…original link listing Trudeau has disappeared)

The UN has become heavily Sharia compliant and therefore a dangerous entity being given the power to dictate whom Canada should permit to enter this country.

Canada must pull out of the UN.

The following information was compiled through public information available on the internet.  The reader can therefore determine for themselves if this is indeed ‘cherry picking’ or evidence of a legitimate threat to this country, its people and those who fled totalitarian regimes to live in a free, safe and democratic society.

Please view Part 1 – Part 4 for a breakdown of information.

  • Part 1 – The Prime Minister’s/Liberal Government’s Role
  • Part 2 – The Consequences of Islam in Canada (news reports and videos)
  • Part 3 – The Threat Of Islam in Canada. Mosques/Islamic Schools/Islamic Centres/foreign funding and hate
  • Part 4 – Islamic/Sharia Ideology

Keep in mind these lists are incomplete due to limits in obtaining information through law enforcement, government officials and restrictions due to protection under the Youth Offenders Act. The evidence collected indicates Canadians have every reason to be concerned about our National Sovereignty and Security. Click Blue links to access articles.

PART 1 – The Prime Minister’s/Liberal Government’s Role


Nov. 24, 2015   Prime Minister Justin Trudeau repeatedly insists Islam is not incompatible with Western Secular Democracy.
Listen to interview with Matt Galloway.

Jan. 30, 2016 In another interview (7:32) Trudeau again states Islam is not incompatible with the west.

March 25, 2017 *** Canadian Imam contradicts Trudeau: “Islam will never become a part of liberal secularism”

Nov 23, 2018 Imam admits Justin Trudeau will allow Sharia Law in Canada if re-elected.

Mazin AbdulAdhim, a prominent Imam of Iraqi descent in London, Ontario who is reportedly affiliated with the radical Islamic global movement of Hizb ut-Tahrir, explains that “ Islam cannot and will not ever become a part of liberal secularism .”

Every elected official has been provided a copy of the Explanatory Memorandum (On the General Strategic Goal for the Group, Muslim Brotherhood, in North America).

The document was written May 22, 1991 by a member of the Board of Directors for the Muslim Brotherhood and senior Hamas leader named Mohamed Akram. It had been approved by the Brotherhood’s Shura Council and Organizational Conference and was meant for internal review by the Brothers’ 5 leadership in Egypt. It details the plans of the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate Canada and the US through silent jihad. Many of the Islamic Organizations listed in the document are actively operating in Canada today. Such as the ISNA, ICNA, Muslim Student Association and others.

The memo was never intended to be found. It lists the Muslim Brotherhood’s goals, modus operandi and infrastructure in America. “It is arguably the single most important vehicle for understanding a secretive organization and should, therefore, be considered required reading for policy-makers and the public, alike”.

The attack has been well laid out. The organizations listed in the Memorandum have been revealed yet government officials refer to the leaders as ‘partners ‘ in countering violent extremism.

In the Muslim Brotherhood’s own words;

  • “The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and god’s (allah’s) religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

Currently in Canada the advancements can be seen through the integration into political positions and using those positions to further the strategy of the Memorandum. Such as Muslim MP Iqra Khalid using her position to silence Canadians through Motion M-103 (calling Canadians racist and Islamophobic to silence opposition), Ahmed Hussen, Immigration Minister, and MP, Omar Algabra reportedly supporting Sharia Law. (to name a few). Further advancements… Halal (Sharia) banking, halal meats, the current application for the Islamic Party of Ontario, prayer in public spaces, prayer in schools, segregated swimming pools, allowing the Hijab (a symbol of oppression for women), Female genital mutilation, and much more. (listed in Part 4)

FBI Identified Terrorist Networks

***Justin Trudeau is currently under investigation for the alleged Criminal Act of funding terrorism. Along with five other Liberal officials. Iqra Khalid, Omar Alghabra, Ahmed Hussen. Marie Claude Bibeau and Chrystia Freeland. Ottawa RCMP File # 18-004212, Quiggin Report .

In July, 2018 Iqra Khalid made an announcement the government would be funding Islamic Relief and the NCCM. Both with reported ties to extremism. Funding terrorism? ** The Prime Minister attends Gay Pride Parades wearing/promoting the new line of “Halal Socks,” which includes socks adorned with the word “Islam” (socks dedicated to Islamic Relief Canada)

Canadian Law is clear on this matter. Why is the RCMP Commissioner’s office dragging their heals? And why isn’t’ the media reporting on this?

Facilitating terrorist activity

  • 83.19 (1) Every one who knowingly facilitates a terrorist activity is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.

Commission of offence for terrorist group

  • 83.2 Every one who commits an indictable offence under this or any other Act of Parliament for the benefit of, at the direction of or in association with a terrorist group is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for life.

Advocating or promoting commission of terrorism offences

  • 83.221(1) Every person who, by communicating statements, knowingly advocates or promotes the commission of terrorism offences in general — other than an offence under this section — while knowing that any of those offences will be committed or being reckless as to whether any of those offences may be committed, as a result of such communication, is guilty of an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than five years.

One of the Prime Ministers’s closest friends is Mohamad Abdallah Fakih. The founder and CEO of Paramount Fine Foods, a Middle Eastern Food chain of restaurants operating in Canada producing Halal food. Mr. Fakih has established close relationships with not only Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau, but also with other Liberal ministers, members of Parliament and local politicians. According to the following report Mr. Fakih allegedly funds Islamic Relief and the NCCM and has strongly influenced elections in support of Islamic leadership. Many of whom are listed in the RCMP investigation above.

Read Mohamad Fakih – Trudeau’s Most Valuable Political Asset

Is Justin Trudeau the Great Reformer of Islam?

Justin Trudeau believes terrorists should be able to keep their Canadian citizenship and therefore rejected Bill C-24 which was enacted by Stephen Harper and permitted revocation of Canadian citizenship from “a convicted terrorist” if that person were a dual citizen. In it’s place Trudeau supported the introduction and passing of Bill C-6.

As a consequence to this decision Zakaria Amara, a leader of the “Toronto 18” terror group, whose objectives included exploding truck bombs in downtown Toronto, qualified under that description. Amara was convicted of terrorism, and had his Canadian citizenship revoked in September 2015. This left Amara open to possible deportation to his now sole nation of citizenship, Jordan, were he to be released from prison.

However …. C-6 reversed the provisions of C-24, and federal Minister of Immigration Ahmed Hassen announced Amara’s Canadian citizenship would be returned.

July 18 2018 Justin Trudeau makes the statement A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian ,” he repeals C-24 on citizenship allowing convicted terrorists to maintain citizenship Introducing Bill C-6 shortly thereafter also making citizenship faster.

France has an explicit policy to kill militants in Syria. The U.K., likewise, works with Iraqi forces to kill ISIS terrorists before they can leave the region. Other countries strip citizenship or immediately arrest upon return…but Justin Trudeau’s reckless choices has made it a struggle for RCMP to lay charges on returning ISIS fighters…so instead, many are walking free in Canada.

Justin Trudeau believes returning terrorists can be integrated while the Minister of Public Safety, Ralph Goodale, said, ” the capacity to turn them around is pretty remote”.

Justin Trudeau has welcomed ISIS fighters back to Canada and says they will be an “extraordinary powerful voice for Canada” .

  • International security experts are predicting that a major Muslim terror attack against the US, based out of Canada, is only a matter of time due to returning ISIS fighters.
  • Justin Trudeau has said that if you are opposed to ISIS fighters returning to Canada it is because you “are Islamophobic”.
  • Justin Trudeau attends Islamic events even though he is advised they are linked to groups funding Hamas and extremism.

Dec. 1, 2017 Justin Trudeau, when faced with questions from Conservative leader Andrew Scheer on the government’s position on reintegrating Islamic State adherents from Canada who’ve since returned home from battle, resorted to name calling rather than give a legitimate answer to a legitimate question. Calling Canadians Islamophobic.

October 2018 The ‘UN’ insanely insists Canada has some sort of legal obligation to bring ISIS fighters back to Canada.

***In 2018 Justin Trudeau put forth a bill (C-75) which reduces terrorism offences from convictions of 5-14 years down to 6 months.

In 2002, the Canadian government added Hamas to a list of terrorist organizations . In April 2011, IRFAN’s (The International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy) charitable status was revoked by the Canada Revenue Agency after it concluded that, for the 2005-2009 period alone, it transferred $14.6 million to Hamas . In 2014, the Government of Canada listed IRFAN as a terrorist organization .

Dec. 12, 2012 Justin Trudeau defends decision to attend Islamic conference sponsored by organization linked to Hamas .

In 2017 IRFAN applied to remove terrorist designation . They were denied and have now applied to Federal Court for judicial review to set aside the denial.

Justin Trudeau restores funding to UNWRA (United Nations Relief and Work Agency) despite grave concerns and admitting ‘due diligence’ is needed.

Stephen Harper pulled funding due to UNWRA inciting hatred and support of Hamas.

***Jan. 10, 2019*** New report reveals UNRWA’s ties , once again, with front organization of Islamic Jihad.

2011 Justin Trudeau visited a Mosque in Montreal which was identified by U.S. intelligence officials as a site where “known al-Qaeda members were recruited, facilitated or trained.”

In 2014 Steven Blaney, Canada’s minister of public safety and emergency preparedness, declared: “It is completely unacceptable that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau would associate with a group that allegedly radicalizes Canadians to join al-Qaeda and engage in acts of unspeakable violent extremism. Now he is pandering for votes amongst religious extremists in our own communities. It is clear that Justin Trudeau cannot be trusted to keep Canadians safe.”

Sept. 12, 2016 Justin Trudeau visited a gender-segregated mosque whose imam is a member of a group considered a terrorist organization abroad.

Sept. 14, 2016   Justin Trudeau has reportedly been pandering to Islamists for some time.

Oct 2015 Justin Trudeau visited a Mosque and gave the keynote address. The conference was sponsored by IRFAN (listed in 2014 as a terrorist organization)

At the Wahabbi Mosque in Montreal Trudeau participated in a religious prayer ritual known as the Maghrib Salah. Part of the prayer is called the Shahadah, which in Arabic means to testify, to the truth that Allah is the one true God and Mohammed is the one true prophet. Saying the Shahadah in the presence of two or more Muslim men is the sole requirement in Islamic law to convert to Islam. The prayer is reserved for practising Muslims or those seeking admittance to the Islamic faith.

Noted terrorism expert, David B Harris, along with other experts have expressed concern over the ease by which terrorists are able to use the Canadian Immigration system. They also note the infiltration of Islamist into elected positions within the federal government.

Watch detailed report on further details.

2013, Justin Trudeau visits a mosque wearing traditional Islamic clothing. In his speech, he thanked worshippers for granting him the honour of praying with them, adding that the values of the “holy month of Ramadan were also Canadian values”.

Jan 2, 2019 Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration into Canada

1987 The Muslim Brotherhood devised a plan, the Explanatory Memorandum and set it to action. Many Islamic organizations operating in Canada today are listed in this document. They have been consistently connected to extremism and nefarious criminal activity but the Canadian government, and law enforcement, have been negligent in taking the necessary action to uphold Canadian law, ban these organizations, and individuals.

The Conquest of North America by the Muslim Brotherhood .

“Grand jihad”, or “Civilization Jihad” – the Brotherhood envisioned take over of Western Nations not as a violent one involving bombings and shootings, but rather a stealth (or “soft”) jihad aiming to impose Islamic law (Shariah) over every region of the earth by incremental, non-confrontational means, such as working to “expand the observant Muslim base”; to “unify and direct Muslims’ efforts”; and to “present Islam as a civilization alternative.”

“Many documents leaked from the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, showed that the number of organizations of the Muslim Brotherhood group inside Canada exceeds the ten institutions in addition to dozens of mosques, schools and small organizations that ruled over time to issue religious fatwas, and expanded its activity to include economic investment in small projects within Canada, as they control many labour institutions for more influence in the parliamentary elections”.

Why the Muslim Brotherhood is the most dangerous . … because they have chosen the smartest and most effective plan to destroy their enemies. They have chosen a stealthy warfare and have strong and growing operations throughout Europe and North America.

Jan 24, 2018 CSIS report states terror attacks will continue in Canada.

ISIS has claimed they would use the refugee crisis to enter the west and carry out their Caliphate.

May 30, 2018 Government of Canada website makes the following statement, “Terrorist groups are continuously forming, merging, and renaming themselves and are known to be strategically changing their names to operate under aliases”. They go on to say, Canada’s ‘Criminal Code listing regime’ is one of many tools for countering terrorism in Canada and globally, and is part of the Government’s commitment to keep Canadians safe”.

If this is indeed fact then why are organizations being permitted to operate in Canada who pose a threat. Many mosques, Islamic Centres and Islamic schools are known for their ties to extremism and foreign funding.

Nov. 18, 2018 Canada becoming a potential base for terrorists to attack the US.

Dec. 2018 The recent signing of the Global Compact on Migration has officially thrown the doors wide open to migration from countries with vastly different systems of belief and cultural practices.

The Compact for Migration is legalization of mass migration and the Prime Minister intends to control Canadians opposition to this by criminalizing migration speech.

August 2018 The Liberal government says we should use taxpayers dollars to ensure small businesses hire immigrants over Canadian citizens.

Dec. 2018 The Prime Minister commits to monitoring those who oppose Mass Migration .

The UN “non-binding” Compact on Migration is in violation of Canadian’s Rights and Freedoms under the Charter. Section 15.(1)

Dec. 15, 2018 The Prime Minister reportedly lied claiming the UN Compact on Migration is non-binding, German Chancelor Angela Merkel declares otherwise.

The highly controversial Motion M-103 was part of the plan to first silence Canadians, before opening the gates and flooding our country with mass migration. The liberals rejected expert’s warnings, evidence and testimonies. The motion was tabled by a Liberal, Muslim, MP who did so by falsely accusing Canadians of being racist and Islamophobic (a word which remains undefined). Islamophobia is part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan, listed in the Explanatory Memorandum, to self-victimize in order to manipulate, and silence opposition, by using psychological warfare…guilt and shaming Westerners and using their virtues as a Nation (tolerance, kindness, generosity) against them.

The Canadian Liberal government delegation met with Islamist lobby NCCM / CAIR-CAN, Islamic Relief and Haroun Bouazzi

Feb. 21, 2017 Iqra Khalid reportedly has connections and close ties to the NCCM and Islamic Relief.  Khalid is responsible for tabling Motion M-103

Since 1990 the OIC (Organization Islamic Corporation) has been lobbying the Int’l Community to embed Sharia blasphemy and slander laws within their Muslim, and “non-Muslim”, legislative organizaions. The OIC had great success in 2011 when it helped engineer United Nations resolution 1618 obliging Canada to accommodate policies which are anti-Canadian.

Retired Major, Russ Cooper, explains further .

Despite the greatest backlash in Canadian history, against this motion, the Liberals voted in favour of it and ‘refused’ to remove the term Islamophobia, or define it.

Liberal MP, Ken Hardie, made the following statement and despite his clear awareness, voted in favour of Motion M-103. He states, ” In addition to your points: we don’t single out a specific group for protection and we already have hate crime legislation on the books, I have a fundamental problem with the term ‘Islamophobia’. Strictly defined, it means ‘fear of Islam’, and in my mind it is impossible to legislate against fear.”

Over 91,000 Canadians signed a petition against Motion M-103.

March 23, 2017 Find out how your MP voted on Motion M-103.

In 2017 Justin Trudeau fired Christine Douglass-Williams , director of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, for speaking out about the dangers of Political Islam.

Douglass-Williams said, “I make a distinction between those who practice Islam in peace and harmony with others, and those with an agenda to usurp democratic constitutions, demand special privileges over other creeds and who advocate the abuse of women and innocents as a supremacist entitlement.”

The push for unofficial acceptance of Sharia Law in Canada and the newly forming Islamic Party Of Ontario are further reasons Canadians should be very alarmed at the rapid advancements of Islamic ideology.

Jan. 1, 2019 announcement of the Islamic Party of Ontario .

Jan. 2, 2019 The leader of the Islamic Party says Liberals “are killing Islam” and hopes to start party based on Qur’an values.

August 29, 2018 The leader of the Islamic Party is Syed Jawed Anwar who believes blasphemy of the “prophet” should be made a punishable crime, a felony and are calling on the UN…which is ‘heavily’ Sharia compliant, to demand ‘all’ member Nations comply.

May 29, 2004 There has been a consisted push for Islamic/Sharia law .

2005 Ontario Report Affirms Right to Use Islamic Principles in Arbitration. Muslim women are said to be given the ‘choice’ to participate. What guarantee do they have? Why should any woman, living in Canada, be subjected to oppressive totalitarianism.

Islam is reported as the fastest growing ‘religion’ currently in Canada. Therefore, we have reason to be concerned if an Islamic Political Party is forming in Ontario and asking how, or if, they have achieved Party Status…The Party webpage maligns the Canadian Charter and suggests that Islam is the native deen (religion) of Canada. This Islamist group dares to use the “Supremacy of God” from the ‘ Canadian’ Charter of Rights and Freedoms’ and suggest it refers to Allah.

Please Sign petition to stop this Party from forming.
The “Canadian” Charter was written by ‘Canadians’, for ‘Canadians’ to support ‘Canadian’ values and beliefs which are founded on Judeo Christian principles inherited through our British Commonwealth and embedded in the Magna Carta.

Islam is not a race and it is not a religion. Islam is a set of dangerous “foreign political ideologies” incompatible with Western civilized society. It is an authoritarian, political doctrine which imposes itself by force.

Feb. 4, 2018 Sharia Law is currently not only being practised in Canada but also encouraged. ( click here )

“The Canadian government wanted the Muslims to be able to regulate their own issues of marriage and divorce and set up a system of mediation and arbitration to solve their problems amongst themselves [according] to Sharia Law, so it is not a burden on the court system which is already so bogged down”.
Sept. 25, 2017 “Back in 2003, the Islamic Institute of Civil Justice proposed that Muslims have their own tribunals and a parallel legal system – Sharia law – in Ontario”.“Sharia law replaces Canadian law, it doesn’t live alongside it”

Omar Alghabra, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minster of Foreign Affairs . In charge of all Consulates around the world. Saudi-born Alghabra” has already attempted, three times, to bring Sharia Law into Canada, working to bootleg Sharia courts in, under Ontario’s Arbitration Act. But he was defeated three times, because a strong opposition to Sharia was raised by Muslim women—they know what they don’t want to be subjected under again!”

Feb. 16, 2017 Omar Alghabra pushed for Motion M-103.

Information on Omar Alghabra a voice in the Prime Minister’s ear.

Justin Trudeau praises totalitarian dictators and communist leaders both in China and Cuba. We have every reason to be very concerned about his actions.

Justin Trudeau has given over 17 billion dollars to the UN in the past 3 years as well as billions more in foreign aid . Where has the money gone? Have we seen any improvement in the lives of those suffering throughout Islamic nations?

Nov. 8, 2018 – More UN overreach and why we must cease providing funds to the UN and the “World Bank” who are wasting our hard earned tax dollars. “There is anecdotal evidence some aid money ended up in the pockets of the Taliban ”

In 2006 he held a secret , he just couldn’t contain, and admits his plan, well in advance. Where was this video during his campaign?

Canada was never intended to be a multicultural society. It was never voted on and Canadians were never asked their opinion.

A little History lesson in how it came to be. Due to the rise of Francophone Nationalism in the 60’s Quebec was met with sweeping changes that would attempt to amend the divide via bilingualism and biculturalism. This was implemented in 1969 by then PM, Pierre Trudeau, and by 1971 – a system that was to develop the Canadian Confederation of the basis of an equal partnership between the two founding races – went full blown into a state of multiculturalism. Canada is a European Nation by culture and tradition. It was not the intention to entertain multiple cultures and diverse cultural backgrounds.

Post-National Country: Canada has NO Core Identity .

Multiculturalism has become known worldwide as a failure if the ‘host’ country’s values are not being embraced. Naturally the result is Nations being built within nations creating division as immigrants transplant here what they left there. Different political views and cultural practices vying for control and leadership. Western nations around the world are recognizing this failed social experiment and committing to protecting their National sovereignty.

Oct 9, 2017 Multiculturalism is Splintering the West.

Jan. 12, 2019 Canada’s Identity Crisis “Canadians are heading down a dangerous road of multiculturalism. American children say the Pledge of Allegiance. In Canada, some students recite a “land acknowledgement.“ Find out about the latest liberal indoctrination in Canada”.

A must watch to put a proper perspective on The facts about immigration and world poverty. The UN global Agenda will not put a dent in world poverty, and they know it. The UN Compact on Migration is about power and Globalism.

In four years  Justin Trudeau has effectively eroded our borders, given foreign powers (the UN) control to dictate our future and rapidly advance his personal goal to finish what his father began, in making Canada the first ‘Post National State’ with no core identity.

Time to vote the Liberals out of office and pull out of the UN.  John G. Diefenbaker had it right…

We shall be Canadians first, foremost, and always and our policies will be decided in
Canada and not dictated by any other country.”

PART 2 – The Consequences of Islam in Canada

When considering the heinous crimes perpetrated by Islamist, it is important to take into consideration they currently make up only 3.2% of the population (expected to rise to 6.6% by 2030). Meanwhile Justin Trudeau continues to support the false narrative that Islamophobia is an actual thing in Canada. How will he address the attacks against Canadians?

Sadly the following is not a complete list as the Government does not want the crimes reported as it doesn’t align with the Prime Minister’s narrative of orderly and peaceful migration. Also, the media are unable to report on crimes committed by youth due to the “Youth Offenders Act” which means the serious rise in stabbing assaults leaves the public uniformed as no descriptions of assailants can be provided. Youth committing vicious adult crimes should not be protected.

April 3, 2023 – Abdul Aziz Kawam was initially charged with attempted murder for allegedly slashing a bus passenger’s throat, but prosecutors added four counts of terrorism. According to court records, the stabbing was carried out “for the benefit of, at the direction of, or in association with a terrorist group, to wit: the Islamic State.”

December 2, 2019 – Sahi Sadi Deilamsofia of Toronto arrested and charged with sexual assault.

December 2, 2019   Two men arrested in Whitehorse.  Serious shooting

November 20, 2019  protesters, rallied by the group Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA) York, chanted, “Viva, viva intifada!”
The term intifada, in the Israeli context, refers to two historical waves of Palestinian terrorist attacks targeting Israeli civilians.

Among the protesters present was Holocaust-denying newspaper editor Nazih Khatatba, who glorified a 2014 massacre at a Jerusalem synagogue and has described Judaism as a “terrorist religion.”

November 20, 2019  Two suspected ISIS returnees back in Ontario

November 18, 2019   Charges laid in stabbing at Ottawa IKEA,  Abdel Arab

November 8, 2019  footage of a hostage-taking at an Edmonton border services office shows a man holding a knife to a three-year-old boy’s throat.  “If you don’t want to see the blood – and it’s not a joke – take me right now in your office.”

November 8, 2019  Mohammed Naufal Hadi Mohamed charged with 54 sexual assaults involving children: police

November 8, 2019  Totally incompetent security guard and supermarket employees treat arrogant Somali Muslim shoplifter with kid gloves

November 8, 2019  Islamist women in Islamic attire shoplifting

November 3, 2016 – Ten Drug Dealers Caught in Brooks Bust

October 28, 2019  Umair Ahmad Qurashim, Muslim hits gay man in what police call a ‘hate-motivated assault’

Oct. 25, 2019  Three Islamic Ottawa men charged with Sex Offences

Oct. 16, 2019  Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada: All Candidates In Upcoming Elections Are Evil, Filthy Non-Muslims Who Support Homosexuality, Zionism

October 11, 2019  Canada: Human Rights Tribunal awards $120,000 to Muslim who lied on job application and didn’t get the job

September 27, 2019   Iqra Khalid Reappears with Radical Activist Despite Past Apology

September 12, 2019  Canada: Muslim teen forced to wear hijab, marry much older man

September 3, 2019 Muslim resident of Canada tortures his sister to death in honor killing

August 27, 2019   Raed Jaser and Chiheb Esseghaier – Men found guilty in Via Rail terror plot win new trial over improper jury selection.

August 13, 2019   Frej Haj Messaoud Quebec man charged with setting ex-wife on fire to remain detained

August 19, 2019   Silva Koshwal, South Sudan, has admitted to stabbing his ex-girlfriend 101 times and mutilating her body

July 4, 2019  12-year-old girl touched inappropriately 
July 2, 2019  Immigrant sexually and physically harassing young woman in Saskatoon.
June 19, 2019  New York terror crime trial showed Pearson Airport was a target
June 18, 2019  Six men charged after downtown Toronto shooting.  Abdulrahman Abdullahi, is charged with attempted murder.  Also facing multiple charges are Kamal Hassan, Ilyas Riyaleh, Jovane Watson, Zachary Cust and Nathaniel Campbell, all from Toronto.

June 12, 2019  20 year-old female victim from Brampton sexually assaulted

June 7, 2019 Calgary gang rapist gets 9 years for assaulting teen.
June 1, 2019   Iranian-Canadian participants at Toronto Al Quds Day Rally, I don’t consider myself Canadian, Canada is a racist colonialist project like Israel; Israel will be destroyed within 25 years. I  Calling for the destruction of this state.
May 27, 2019  honouring killing?  Calgary house fire. 

May 21, 2019  More terrorists will be walking the streets as the Liberals consider the return of 30 ISIS fighters. The RCMP state they will, “lay charges when possible or seek peace bonds to restrict their actions”.

May 16, 2019 Illegal border crosser convicted of rape, crossed into Canada from the US. Owolabi Adejojo, 40, raped a 57-year old patient.

May 15, 2019 Islamic extremist says he arrived in Canada to kill Asia Bibi

May 14, 2019 Police arrested two men, Reza Mohammadiasl, 47, and Mahyar Mohammadiasl, 18, and both were charged with possession of an explosive device and” both released on bail!”

May 10, 2019 Registered sex offender slipped into Canada through illegal Quebec crossing

May 4, 2019 Ahmed Hassan Iltire, 32, has been charged with sexually assaulting an 81 year old woman and break and enter.

April 28, 2019 “Religious liberty, the core value of western civilization, is being destroyed across large parts of the world. Annihilation of Christian Life and People: Where is the Outrage in the West?

April 17, 2019 Canada: Muslim politician says Notre Dame fire was divine retribution, firefighters should sleep in local church

April 13, 2019 . Shortly before slashing a police officer’s throat in Flint, Michigan, Canadian terrorist Amor Ftouhi searched for the location of “gay club” on his phone,

April 29, 2019 Rashida Tlaib’s, Member of US Congress, brother praises terrorists. States, “Soon Canada will be majority Muslim just wait we will see if they then stand with zionism”. He calls Hamas terrorists heros. Rashida’s sister was on a no fly list.

April 9, 2019 Deadly export: Canadians responsible for hundreds of terrorism deaths and injuries overseas

April 4, 2019 London, Ontario. Muslim harasses anti-jihad protesters, is awarded $11,000

April 2, 2019 Abdullahi Adan, and three other men, kidnap Chinese International student

April 2, 2019 Nasradin Abdusamad Ali, 23, was arrested shortly after officers found a number of “improvised incendiary devices.” The student was charged for placing explosives throughout Langara college.

April 2019 Regardless of consistent opposition by Canadians who are against a National Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia, Islamists have relentlessly pursued special treatment to set themselves above and apart from the rest of Canadians citizens and are deceptively pushing for legislation. Bill 83 is a strategic step in building on the foundation already laid by Motion M-103 (the Islamophobia motion with no clear definition).

March 28, 2019 ISIS claims it kidnapped, killed Halifax geologist in Burkina Faso

March 25, 2019 “Calgary Muslims” slam Trudeau, suggest Islamic self-reliance

March 22, 2019 Syrian Refugees Busted With Over 220 Grams of Fentanyl

March 17, 2019 Media Silence Surrounds Muslim Massacre of Christians

March 17, 2019 Trudeau visits mosque that hosted imam who prayed for killing Jews, Christians and Shiites

March 1, 2019 Toronto Masjid is hosting a recruitment presentation by RCMP Constable Imran Saeed.

Feb. 28, 2019 Toronto ISIS supporter. Will be walking free after negligible imprisonment. Pamir Hakimzadah told a witness “all non-Muslims should be killed” and Canada should be under Islamic law. Hakimzadah, 29, said he wanted “four wives and several female slaves” and “he would be fulfilling the wishes of God to kill non-Muslims.”

February 21, 2019 Three arrested following drug investigations in Brooks. AB

February 20, 2019 Roopesh Rajkumar — charged with first-degree murder of his 11-year-old daughter, Riya

Feb. 16, 2019 Liberal bill removes “advocating terrorism offences” from Criminal Code

Feb. 14, 2019 Ayanle Hassan Ali attacked officials at a military recruitment centre with a knife, and was later acquitted due to ‘mental illness’, wants the

privilege to attend college.

Feb. 7, 2019 Toronto Mayor John Tory & His Islamist Police Chaplain

Feb. 4, 2019 Former ISIS sex slaves who find shelter in Canada are being threatened

Feb 1, 2019 Gatineau, Que., mayor wants deputy mayor removed over Islamophobia comments

Jan. 25, 2019 youth charged with terrorism-related offence following a national security investigation that uncovered materials for a homemade improvised explosive device in a Kingston, Ont.

Jan. 24, 2019 For weeks leading up to a terrorist arrest a ‘mystery plane’ was flying at night over a Kingston, Ont. neighbourhood. RCMP were aware of the threat to the public’s safety since December 2018. Two men arrested.

Jan. 23, 2019 ISIS video allegedly shows doctor from Canada urging ‘jihad’

Jan. 20, 2019 This is who Justin Trudeau wants to allow back in our country. The jihadi, Abu Ridwan, is believed to be the ‘voice of ISIS’ and behind several sick propaganda videos. From Toronto, he claims he is Ethiopian.

Jan. 18, 2019 An Etobicoke, Ont. man, from Somalia, has been arrested in Kenya in connection with a terror attack at a hotel that killed 21 people.

Jan. 16, 2019 Person considered ‘national security concern’ gets permanent residency in error. It is suspected this may not be the first time.

Jan. 15, 2019 Mohammed Zuraibi Alzoabi, 28, residing in Nova Scotia, was charged with a litany of crimes including sexual assault, forcible confinement, assault with a weapon uttering threats, and criminal harassment and has fled the country with suspected help from Saudi Arabia.

Jan. 13, 2019 Rampant, Polygamy in Canada . Women being forced to accept this as Muslim men follow Islamic/Sharia Law despite the fact that polygamy is punishable in Canada by up to 5 years.

Imam HIndy from the Salaheddin Islamic Centre, conducts unregistered second marriages and makes no apologies. Rather he states, ” So, sue me, let them sue me. And then we’ll go to Supreme Court and we’ll see who’s going to win”. ( 11:45 on video )

Salaheddin Islamic Centre (see Part 3) is the focus of consistent controversy but the government refuses to shut them down. Why?

Jan. 8, 2019 Two suspects in brazen beating of a 74 year old senior citizen in Ottawa.

January 1, 2019  RCMP Integrated National Security Enforcement Team lays terrorism charge in Ontario.  Individual responsible protected under the youth act.

2013-2019 Warsama Youssouf , along with 3 others, ganged raped a 15 year old girl. He and 2 others were were acquitted. The only man convicted of sex crimes, Mayer Fafayi, had his DNA found on the victim. In 2014, Youssouf was convicted of failing to comply with court-imposed conditions. In 2015, he was also convicted of obstructing a peace officer. And in 2016, he was convicted of the unauthorized possession of a gun. In 2019 he was stabbed but survived.

April 2018 – Canadian Terrorists by the Numbers: An Assessment of Canadians Joining and Supporting Terrorist Groups 

Dec. 18, 2018 Muslim from Canada convicted of jihad mass murder plot in New York City, sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Dec. 15, 2018 / Oct. 8, 2017 – Windsor, Ont, Sara Anne Widholm, a 76 year old Christian woman was viciously murdered.

While out for a walk, Widholm was the victim of a “vicious” and “unprovoked” attack by Habibullah Ahmadi. If you can kill a disbelieving American or European,” Adnani’s order stated, “especially the spiteful and filthy French – or an Australian, or a Canadian, or any other disbeliever from the disbelievers waging war, including the citizens of the countries that entered into a coalition against the Islamic State, then rely upon Allah, and kill him in any manner or way however it may be.”

Dec. 8, 2018 , 14 year old, Riley Driver-Martin, stabbed to death

Dec. 2018 A church in Edmonton removes their cross so as not to offend Muslims and Sikhs, basically turning the Church into just another community centre.

Nov. 27, 2018 Ottawa man, Musab A-Noor, who stabbed his two sisters to death found not criminally responsible

Nov. 23, 2018 stabbed mother and daughter

Nov. 23, 2018 Woman in critical condition after shooting in Mississauga

Nov. 18, 2018 Ahmad Zafar, a Muslim who slashed 78 car tires now makes profane threats against Catholic and public school boards.

Nov. 20, 2018 Muslim cab driver, Muhammad Nadeem Irshad, convicted of sexual assault absconds to Pakistan before sentencing.

November 5, 2018  Suliman Mohamed in court on terrorism charges

Oct. 27, 2018 Othman Ayed Hamdan, Arrested in July 2015, held in custody, not convicted but when released was turned immediately over to the CBSA for deportation. Hamdan published lists of Canadian sites he thought were good targets for jihad massacres..

Oct. 15, 2018 Jihadi Jack wants to come to Canada. Also… high-profile Canadian ISIS member Muhammad Ali had been captured by Kurdish forces. His wife, former Vancouver resident Rida Jabbar, and their two kids were also detained, along with women from Toronto and Montreal who married ISIS foreign fighters, and their five children. Letts and a Montreal man are also being held.

Oct. 10, 2018 Mohamad Abdulgani Elkadri of Edmonton is charged with six firearms related offences,

Oct. 10, 2018 Alleged ISIS fighter John Maguire, left Canada in 2014 to join ISIS. Called for death of Canadians..capture in Syria they are now wanting Canada to take him back…along with 13 other terrorists.

Oct. 9, 2018 Toronto Jewish Day School Vandalized with Palestinian Terror Slogans.

Oct. 8, 2018 Muhammad Ali , 28, left Toronto in 2014 to join ISIS, caught, he now wants to return to Canada.
Sept. 3, 2018 Zakaria Amara , jihad terror leader, serving a life sentence for plotting Al Qaeda-inspired truck bombings in Toronto, but was still on social media.

Sept. 16, 2018 Muslim woman throws hot coffee in woman’s face.

August 22, 2018 ISIS leader calls for attack against Canadians by carrying out bombings, stabbings and vehicular attacks (see Part 2 for more details)

August 21, 2018 Toronto based Islamic newspaper inciting hate, author has ties to MB.

August 20, 2018 Stabbing . ..3 stabbed, one boy dead.

August 1, 2018 Canadian Postal Union Aligned with Palestinian postal Union.

July 26, 2018 Al Quds Day event.  Indoctrinating Children into the hatefest

July 23, 2018 Somali Gang Rob Innocent and Unprovoked Man of Shoes in Calgary

July 22, 2018 Danforth Shooting

July 18, 2018 Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism: Four-in-ten say radicalized individuals live in their communities

July 13, 2018 Student whose throat was slashed in UBC dormitory alleges negligence in lawsuit

July 6, 2018 Edmonton – 6 girls sexually assaulted

June 10, 2018   Al Quds day… Hezbollah flag and hatred.

May 23, 2018 Two boys walking home from school, boy stabbed and the other throat slashed.

May 21, 2018 RCMP searching for suspect after woman groped in Surrey

April 23, 2018 10 dead, 15 injured Van attack
March 2018 Canada’s Terrorist Ties.

March 3, 2018 Abuldrahman El Bahnasawy, 20, of Mississauga, Ont., faces life in prison in the U.S. after being convicted of terrorism charges, and has asked the judge for a second chance.

March 21, 2018 Edmonton Somali gangs terrorize the city

January 2018 Hijab Hoax . The PM refused to apologize for his suspicious and speedy reply to an event that was suspected to be staged in order to help the PM build a platform around the victimization of Islamists to support Motion M-103. However, the truth revealed it was all lies. The PM’s decision not to set the record straight put the Asian community at risk of retaliation.

Jan. 31, 2018 Muslim website and facebook page, anti-Semitic hatred

January 18, 2018  Ali Omer MohamedWanted on Canada-wide warrant for second degree murder.

Nov. 1, 2017 Abdullahi Hashi Farah, Somali citizen, used eight aliases, two different birth dates and had convictions in four states, including a felony gun conviction…yet the Canadian Border Patrol allowed him into Canada. In June 2018 Police arrested him in Edmonton.

Oct. 31, 2017 Ontario ISIS terrorist, Kevin Omar Mohamad

Oct. 8, 2017 An Islamic State flag found in the vehicle of terrorist in Edmonton

Oct. 6, 2017 Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy of Mississauga has pleaded guilty to terrorism charges

Oct. 2, 2017 Edmonton attack , Terrorist Somali refugee stabs police officer and charged with 5 counts of attempted murder.

Sept. 7, 2017 Farah Mohamed Shirdon , a Somali-Canadian who left Calgary in 2014 to join ISIS, is wanted by the RCMP on six terrorism charges, killed in Iraq.

August 24, 2017 Shojaadin Mohammad Zadeh rapes 90-year-old grandmother in hospital and assaults others.

July 28, 2017 Palestinian flags flying at a large anti-Israel rally in Ont. Children present being indoctrinated into Islamic hatred.

July 18, 2017 Marissa Shen was brutally raped and murdered.

June 3, 2017 – 14 terror laid charges against woman pledging allegiance to ISIS.

August 26, 2016 Twins Ashton and Carlos Larmond conspired to commit terrorism

Aug. 10, 2016 ISIS supporter gunned down , planning bomb terrorist attack Strathroy, Ont.

July 1, 2016   Syrian refugees at a New Brunswick high school bullied young students, ignored teachers, and harassed a Jewish student,

May 31, 2016  RCMP Integrated National Security Enforcement Team lays terrorism charge against Ayanle Hassan Ali
January 6, 2016  Muslim man facing 48 charges of sexual assault including pimping and kidnapping.  Accused of assaulting 10 minors.

Dec. 7, 2015 four female students who sought to join ISIS attend Mississauga school.

Oct. 2015 honour killing – 4 woman dead…

August 25, 2015  Discrimination against Toronto man. Denied subsidized housing because he’s not Muslim

August 13, 2015   Silva Koshwal – Nadine Skow’s accused killer not deported despite breaching refugee board conditions

August 5, 2015 Ahmed Waseem travelled to and from Canada as a terrorist fighting in Syria.  

June 12, 2015 Somali national, Ali Omar Ader, arrested in Ottawa for kidnap, rape and torture.

May 2015 Whistler BC , 19 year old stabbed to death by Islamist

March 13, 2015 Muslims in Canada: Anti-Islamic sentiment a growing concern

February 4, 2015 Awso Peshdary of Ottawa was arrested and charged with conspiracy to facilitate a terrorist act, among other counts.
February 4, 2015  Man facing ISIS-related terror charges has criminal history in Calgary
January 13, 2015  Suliman Mohamed in court on terrorism charges

November 16, 2014 List of groups designated terrorist organizations by the UAE. What other ‘Religion’ is associated with this kind of terrorist activity?

We have to be very calculated about making America Muslim …ALL of America Muslim.

Nov. 25, 2014 Canadians with alleged terrorist links.

October 29, 2014 The RCMP’s Integrated National Security arrested Luqman Abdunnur, 39 as he posed a national security threat.   Radicalized by a group of Islamist men in Ottawa.
July 23, 2014  Hasibullah Yusufzai, of Burnaby, B.C., faces terror-related charge
July 15, 2014 Andre Poulin converted to Islam, died in Syria and lives on as pitchman for Jihadis
April 14, 2014 Syrian extremists threaten to ‘destroy’ Canada in online video
January 15, 2014  Canadian born Muslim convert Damian Clairmont (changed name to Mustafa al-Gharib) left Calgary in 2012 to fight for Al Qaeda affiliated rebel group.
September 25, 2013  Ali Mohamed Dirie, convicted member of Toronto 18, left Canada for Syria after 2011 prison release.  While in prison he was trying to convert inmates and after only 2 years served was released even though he was considered a flight risk as well as risk of further engaging in terrorist activities.
August 28, 2013  Brampton Muslim cleric preaches adulterers, gays can benefit from being stoned to death.
August 27, 2013  Dogan Akkaya was arrested and charged with committing a hoax regarding terrorist activity as well as assault, threats and criminal harassment. 
May 22, 2013  Three brothers, Nazeef, Hewad and Omeed Ahmadzai charged with gang sex assault 
April 22, 2013  Canada: Islamic jihad terrorists planned to blow up U.S.-Canada rail line — “It was meant to be spectacular and there would have been a lot of carnage.”
July 24, 2012 Liquor Board serves underage boy wearing burka, face veil
March 15, 2011 Terrorist charges against Ferid Ahmed Imam and Maiwand Yar

Canadians charged by the RCMP but still at large;
Ferid Ahmed ImamAhmad WaseemMaiwand YarHasibullah Yusufzai

Canadians reported to be fighting or supporting extremists abroad, but not charged;
Mohammed Ali,Sami Elabi, Collin Gordon, Gregory Gordon, Umm Haritha, Omar Hassan, Mohammad Ibrahim, John Maguire, AbuDujanaal-Muhajir, Farah Mohamed Shirdon

Canadians accused of possible terrorist links by other countries;  
Faker Boussora, Abderraouf Jdey, Amer El-Maati, Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

Oct. 22, 2014 Parliament Hill Shooting of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo(terrorism attack)

Oct. 20, 2014 – fatal hit and run attack. Canadian Veteran killed. Terrorist attack.

June 19, 2014 Radicalized Calgarians 

Terrorism-related cases with Canadian connections;

  • July 2, 2013 two B.C. residents were charged with plotting an attack on the B.C. Legislature in Victoria on Canada Day. Each charged with conspiracy to commit an indictable offense, knowingly facilitating a terrorist activity and possession of an explosive substance.
  • Three men were arrested April 22, 2013, accused in a plot to derail a passenger train in the Toronto area. Charged with conspiracy to carry out a terrorist attack and “conspiring to murder persons unknown for the benefit of, at the direction of, or in association with a terrorist group.
  • 2012 Ali Medlej (A former London, Ont., high school student linked to al-Qaeda), Mujahid Enderi (Libyan-Canadian from London, Ont)Xrix Katsiroubas (22-year-old from London, Ont), Aaron Yoon ( former high school classmate of Medlej and Katsiroubas), all linked to al-Qaeda attack on an Algerian gas plant.
  • 2012 Canadian suicide bomber in Bulgaria. Born in Lebanon and had dual citizenship living in Vanc, BC.
  • 2012 William Plotnikov emigrated, age 15, from Russia to Toronto in 2005, converted to Islam in 2009. left Canada in 2010. became an insurgent. killed in 2012
  • 2010 Misbahuddin Ahmed and Hiva Alizadeh…charged with conspiracy to knowingly facilitate a terrorist activity, as well as other offences.
  • 2012 Mouna Diab, a Quebec Muslim who has fought against the stereotyping of Muslims, became the first woman in Canada to face charges related to a foreign terrorist organization.

2010 mother charged w/attempting to kill her daughter 

June 16, 2010 Muhammad Parvez kills his 16 year old daughter for not wearing hijab

2012, Afghan-born Mohammad Shafia , his wife and their son were found guilty for honor killing of the Shafia’s three daughters – Zainab,19, Sahar,17,and Geeti, 13 — as well as Mohammad’s second wife, Rona Mohammad Amir, 50. All four women were murdered by their own family for refusing to wear a hijab and preferring Western clothing.

Jan. 4, 2012 Son of alleged terrorist Mahmoud Jaballah deported

2007 honour killing – 16 year old girl.

Elected Officials Questionable Conduct…..

June 15, 2013 Maryam Monsef , Minister of the Status of Women, states….”Sharia Fascinates me”

July 2018 Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, using his position to advance his own personal mission. Favouring Somalia and calling Canadians racist. Pardon for crimes of Somalian’s in Toronto.

Dec. 2017 , Ahmed Hussen, refused to acknowledge FGM as a legitimate concern and that it should remain in the Immigration Policy.

April 19, 2018 Liberal MP Iqra Khalid participated in Land Day which “symbolizes the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) determination to ‘liberate’ ‘Palestine’ by wiping Israel off the map.” Ms. Khalid introduces Archbishop Atallah Hanna who is also a known Palestinian activist who supports jihad suicide bombings.

Iqra Khalid, Liberal MP, former president of the Muslim Student Association . The MSA is directly tied to the Muslim Brotherhood yet permitted to be actively operating at Universities across Canada.

Liberal leader Omar Alghabra, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, headed the Canadian Arab Federation from 2004 to 2005. The CAF lost federal funding due to its support of terror groups. A Federal Court judge wrote, “All of the [CAF] statements and actions raised by the [then-immigration minister Jason Kenney] can, in my view, reasonably lead one to the view that CAF appears to support organizations that Canada has declared to be terrorist organizations and which are arguably anti-Semitic.”

In a 2006 interview with B’nai Brith’s Jewish Tribune newspaper, he declined to condemn suicide bombers; he said he didn’t believe Hamas was dedicated to Israel’s destruction; and he claimed UN Resolution 242 required Israeli withdrawal from all captured territories, which the clause itself leaves indeterminate, and that he’d criticized Toronto’s police chief for taking part in a charity walk for Israel. He also said he mourned the death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. And when Ontario declined to permit the use of sharia law in Ontario, Alghabra said he was disappointed.

Sept. 12, 2016 Prime Minister Trudeau visits Mosque with terror connections ignoring the warnings of his security advisers.
Dec. 19, 2017 The Prime Minister met with Joshua Boyle who was arrested two weeks later for multiple crimes. (Boyle is former brother-in-law of Omar Khadr)

Dec. 2018 Prime Minister reacts to beheading of two Canadians in the Philippines in 2016

Trudeau claims the protection of Canadians is of paramount importance and that Canada will not pay ransoms, to keep money out of the hands of terrorists…..Yet, the Prime Minister:

  • July 2017 paid a convicted terrorist, Omar Khadar 10.5 million dollars The U.S. alleges Khadr, Guantanamo inmate Omar Khadr’s brother, procured weapons on behalf of al-Qaeda, and it has been seeking to try him on terrorism-related charges.
  • Oct. 26, 2017 paid 31.25 million (with Canadian taxpayers money) to 3 Isalmist Canadians who willingly travelled to Countries in conflict and were detained and tortured in the Middle East. Trudeau isn’t willing to defend or care for our own veterans suffering at the hands of extremists but is willing to payout under questionable circumstances
  • Oct. 12, 2018 paid 50 million to UN Palestinian refugee fund (despite Palestinian leader, President Mamoud Abas, “pays to slay”) UN organization deemed “flawed”.
  • June 2018 openly funds Islamic Relief (IR) and the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM). Both organizations have known, reported, ties to extremism.
  • 2017 works closely with IR wishing them a happy ramadan as “we” celebrate this holy month and then speaks of “our shared values as Canadians” in this photo op in 2017.
  • July 30, 2018 Islamic Relief – an international Islamist charity franchise connected to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and which subsidizes Hamas.
  • Nov. 16, 2016 Liberals give $25 million to controversial Palestinian aid agency.
  • April 20, 2018 Another payment in the works….Abousfian Abdelrazik
  • Jan. 7, 2019 And another …. Mahmoud Jaballah
  • refuses to retract his statement inviting false, economic, migrants to illegally cross the Canadian Border….costing taxpayers 1 billion dollars to date…and growing.
  • has paid the UN 17 billion dollars and we have nothing to show for it. The world is not a safer better place and it has done nothing to ease suffering in the middle east. So…where did the money go?

PART 3 – The Threat Of Islam in Canada.

Mosques/Islamic Schools/Islamic Centres/foreign funding and Imams preaching hate.

Mosques, Islamic schools and the MSA . FBI Identified Terrorist Networks

Oct. 16, 2019  Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada: All Candidates In Upcoming Elections Are Evil, Filthy Non-Muslims Who Support Homosexuality, Zionism

August 6, 2019 Sheikh Shaban Sherif Mady, who claims to be licensed by the prestigious al-Azhar University in Egypt, preaches hate.

June 19, 2019 Islamic Charity Suspended

May 16, 2019 Al Qaeda-linked Charity reportedly helps Canadian Mosque fundraising. The Revival of Islamic Heritage Society has supported the activities of the Toronto area Abu Huraira Center

April 19, 2019   Ahead of federal election, imams at 69 Canadian mosques deliver message that every vote counts

April 14, 2019 Alberta mosques host Egyptian Imam who prayed for the killing of Jews

April 8, 2019 New Muslim task force (bringing together 22 Muslim organizations and sects) aims to halt spread of racism, xenophobia.

The article makes false statements suggesting a ‘prolific’ rise of hate, violence and racism toward Muslims. The Islamists are intent on self-victimizing and creating a false narrative that Canadians are racist rather than acknowledging the legitimate concerns surrounding the ‘prolific’ rise of hate and crimes against Canadians at the hands of Islamists, as evidenced in this article.

March 25, 2019 “Calgary Muslims” slam Trudeau, suggest Islamic self-reliance…

We can’t rely on Justin Trudeau or the Liberals to protect us forever. The reality is, we are a racialized minority and the majority and [sic] may very likely elect an anti-Muslim conservative government [sic] soon.We “could” run to politicians who help us here temporarily while they support the Israeli regime, tyrants, and tyrannical policies domestically or we could “assemble a coalition of unified Muslims”. When we’re unified, our voice will be louder, we’ll be braver, and we’ll have more financial resources to build our own schools. This should be part of our next steps, not solely relying on flimsy politicians.

March 14, 2019 Canadian Islamic Circle posts book on website featuring “prophecy” about Jews being slaughtered by Muslims

March 26, 2019 York University Professor calls for teaching Islam in public schools, universities

February 2, 2019 Islamic Relief Canada’s senior official: “Long Live the Intifada” against Israel

Jan 24, 2019 Hizb ut-Tahrir to hold its Annual Khilafah Conference in Mississauga, Ontario

Jan. 23, 2019 Egyptian-Canadian writer Said Shoaib: “Western Imams who praise Islamic Caliphate are terrorists. Imams are deceiving Canadians. They talk about Islamic Caliphate. Canadians do not understand that this is terrorism. When you embrace the notion of a colonialist Islam, that raids nations, takes them over and controls them, you are a terrorist. An unarmed terrorist until the opportunity presents itself. There are no alternative forms of Islam.

” Justin Trudeau is naive as is the rest of government who support Islam”.

“The main plan of the Islamists is to destroy Western civilization”.

Jan. 20, 2019 Abu Ubaydah Islamic Centre in Toronto has initiated a petition calling on the authorities to create prayer spaces in Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway stations.

Jan. 18, 2019 US Imam taught a book calling for jihad against Jews at Salaheddin Islamic Centre.
Jan. 13, 2019 Toronto Imam is issuing religious marriage certificates for polygamous relationships

Jan.2, 2019 where is the anti-hate group ANTIHATE.CA Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN), and its chairperson, Bernie Farber in response to all of this?

Jan 2, 2019 Jawed Anwer, founder of the Islamic Party of Ontario Calls on Christians to join hands with Muslims yet in mosques throughout Canada, imams regularly call for annihilation of Jews and Christians.

Jan. 2019 Imam could run for federal Liberals in Montreal byelection

Dec. 26, 2018, Victoria, BC – Imam speaking to youth, asserted that Muslims “must be offended” by Christians’ beliefs…:to wish Merry Christmas is worse than murder or adultery”

Dec. 18, 2018 Arabic newspaper publishes calls for Muslims to kill Jews.

In 2005 this same Imam was under investigation over racial slurs against Jews and has been under investigation for other hate crimes since.

Despite his grotesque remarks, this controversial Imam continues to preach . He states he is a community and ‘youth’ activist”. How will the youth, who are subjected to his intolerance of Canadians, function in Western society if this is what their heads are being filled with?

2018 Fort McMurray …largest mosque in Canada, under surveillance, concern to Ottawa…
“2018” Fort McMurray Islamic School ” Quran and Islamic Studies are taught as a subject area. Islamic principles are evident in all other subject areas. Facilitating a high level of educational achievement based on Quran. Providing a curriculum, which in its basis, direction, and structure, gives manifestation to the Islamic way of life as explained in Quran. Promoting Islamic principles, practices and beliefs. With faith in Allah and determination, we will accomplish a healthy, clean, Islamic climate conducive to learning, leveraging on all possible means that are available to us”

An RCMP report refers to Imam Hindy from the Salaheddin Islamic Centre as a “focal point for Toronto area Islamic radicals,” and a New York Police Department report calls Salaheddin “a known radical mosque” .

The Muslim Association of Canada ( MAC ) appears to be one of the only organizations in the world that has acknowledged its ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. In addition, a 2007 MAC webpage lists US Muslim Brotherhood leader and Canadian National Jamal Badawi as a director of the organization.

Dec. 24/25, 2018 Toronto Salaheddin Islamic Centre invites speaker who said killing Jews is the solution – Imam Tawfeeq As-Sayegh

Dec. 24/25, 2018 Salaheddin Islamic Centre American imam to speak in Toronto: Muslims will fight/kill Jews –

Imam Karim AbuZaid

Imam AbuZaid

November 22, 2018 the NCCM…open letter to the federal government urging them to designate January 29 as a National Day of Action against Hate and Intolerance.

Oct 10, 2018 Linda Sarsour, guest speaker, and Imam Yasir Qadhi that preaches Theft, Murder and Rape of Christians and Jews at Toronto Convention sponsored by ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America).

Linda Sarsour is an extremist Muslim who preaches hate and defiance of the West.

Yasir Qadhi American Muslim Scholar who preached on the filth of Jews and Christians to speak at fundraising tour in Toronto

August 24, 2018 Toronto imam explains Mohammad’s relationship with his 9-year-old wife Aisha
June 2018 Sheikh Shafiq Hudda spewed hate and death to fellow Canadians on the streets of Toronto at the controversial Al Quds Day event.

May/June 2018 Arabic Newspaper in Windsor, Ont. ‘The Hour will not begin until the Muslims fight the Jews and the Muslims will kill them.’

April 15, 2018 Mazin Abdul-Adhim explains the importance and the benefits of reestablishing the Caliphate or the Islamic State that will unite all Muslims under rule of Islam.

April 9,2018   A Compilation of Imams throughout Canada who are not shy about declaring their plans for a Sharia dominated world.

March 20-April 1st, 2018 Toronto Mosque “Slay them one by one”

May 15, 2018 (originally published July 1, 2015) Saudi government funding private Islamic schools in Canada, documents show.

Feb 18, 2018 Imam preaching hate.

January 19, 2018 Imams across Canada teaching stoning homosexuals to death or throwing them from buildings.  

January, 19, 2018  Canadian Imam, “Jihad is a very noble principle where we exert energy to effect goodness”.
Definition of Jihad…struggle or fight against the enemies of Islam. 

Oct. 5, 2017 Islamic Society of BC website/mosque anti-Semitic content that urges an “Islamic jihad” against Jews, denounces democracy and approves the killing of ex-Muslims.

July 17, 2017 Imam charged with hate

May 17, 2017 Islamic Society of BC – audit of BC mosque alleges personal spending relationship with Qatar group accused of supporting terror.

March 2017 Islam prescribes chopping off the hands of the convicted robber Salaheddin Islamic Centre

Feb. 28, 2017 and 2014 Montreal mosque, calls for investigation

Feb 15, 2017 Imam/ Mosque calls for Jew’s death

January 2017 Islamic Speaker…”Allah doesn’t own 20 guns, Allah owns hellfire, so you better be careful”.

Publicly condones honour killing.

November 30, 2017  Al Quds Day…. ‘anti-Semitic’ music video played at Al Quds Day rally

Nov. 2017 Port Co. BC…Mosque tied to Hamas
Nov. 2017 Vancouver Imam urges sending money, weapons and expertise to Palestinians

July 28, 2017 Imam preaching hate.

March 2017 Calgary Mosque to close doors due to radicalization

2016, 2017 Imams in various mosques preaching hate…. calling to ‘slay’ fellow Canadians. Referring to ‘Justin Trudeau as the Jajashi of Muslims because of his support for Islam.

November 28, 2016 Muslims Demand Right to Preach in Public Schools: Canada

Aug. 22, 2016 Islamic Schools/Mosques filled with extremist literature in Canada

July 8,2016  Shaykh Abdool Hamid’s prayer at Masjid Toronto mosque

“O Allah! Give victory to our oppressed and deprived Muslim brothers and the mujahideen [those who engage in jihad] everywhere”

April 23, 2016 ‘Undercover Mosque: The Return’ explores further the terrifying beliefs of a rising ideology within the UK. Is this going on in Canadian mosques as well? “A true Muslim should not associate with infidels (non-believers)”. The possibility for interfaith religions getting along is impossible.
Feb. 2009 Hire Only Muslims/Do business only with Muslims. Imam, Scarborough, Ont.

Jun 12, 2016 UK Imam hosted by Salaheddin Islamic Centre in Scarborough, Ont.– implies Jews are corrupt by nature.

2016 ICNA Annual Convention , Partnered with CAIR, Black Lives Matters, MAS, Etc. Ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

June 14, 2015 Warning to watch mosques/ Islamic schools for radicalization, expert tells key committee
May 30, 2015 Ten young Quebec Muslims who were detained for allegedly trying to join jihadist groups in Syria received precise travel instructions, financing advice and moral support from individuals they met at a Montreal mosque.

December 2015 The ICNA openly supports the Muslim Brotherhood. “At a conference in December 2015 convened by two of the Muslim Brotherhood’s most virulent fronts, the Muslim American Society and Islamic Circle of North America, leading USCMO figures publicly discussed how they could impart lessons to African-Americans by holding up the Brotherhood as the community that staged revolutions across the world”.

Jan. 28, 2015 Muslim Association of Canada funnelled $300K to Hamas-linked charity. MAC owns or operates at least 20 Islamic schools and 15 mosques in Ontario, Alberta and Quebec.

Jan. 9, 2015 Muslim group linked to terror organization buying buildings across Canada

Oct. 2014 Burnaby Mosque… under surveillance, two terrorists attended.

In December 2014 and April 2012 Ahsan Hanif delivered sermons at Salaheddin Islamic Centre in Scarborough, Ontario. Huston’s AlMaghrib Institute’s Imam hosted by Salaheddin Islamic Centre said Jews “incurred the wrath of Allah”

Sept. 12, 2013 Imam of Port Coquitlam mosque charged with sexual assault

August 4, 2013  Al Quds Day – Speaker Calls for Israelis to be killed.

August 5, 2007 Dean of the Islamic Online University (US & Canada) said the Jews are cursed by Allah, hosted by Salaheddin Islamic Centre.

April 1, 1996  Canadian Imam Zafar Bangash declares,
“It is time to pick up the stones, stone homosexuals to death; Muslims cannot coexist with the Jews and the West”.


PART 4 – Islamic/Sharia Ideology

“The aim of Islam is to create a supreme worldview, whereby all other laws come under Islamic law. Halal food markets, Islamic dress markets, Sharia-compliant finance and banking, Islamic education, Sharia courts, etc., are all part and parcel of a unified, multifaceted socio-political-religious process deployed to transform the existing society from a civil/liberal/secular/pluralistic society into an Islamic society”. Read Here

Oct. 8-9 2019 – Halal Expo Canada – Halal Lifestyle Industry! HALAL EXPO CANADA 2019.  North Americas only B2B event dedicated to the Halal lifestyle ‘industry’.
June 11, 2019   Shariah law makes a comeback in Ontario

Jan. 18, 2019 creeping sharia is well under way throughout the West, and halal foods are in fact a part of all this.

2019 Halal food is Sharia and is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and indirectly funds terrorism.

Sept. 25, 2018 Islamic Ritual in the streets of Canada.

Sept. 9, 2018 “a cow butchered the halal way on Eid-al-Adha as a sacrifice,”

May 21, 2018 Mayor and city Council of Victoria, BC, fast for Ramadan and ask the city to join them.

**We are being deceived as Ramadan happens to be the most blood-thirsty month in the Islamic calendar, with violent jihad escalating during this period. That has been the case for 1400 years now. Read here to learn more.

Dec 21, 2018 Benefits of a Halal Interest-Free Employer Matched RRSP
Oct. 20, 2017 Judge rules in favour of Sharia Law over Canadian Law – Man rapes wife and gets away with it.

Oct. 10, 2017 “The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) issued a guidebook for ‘Islamic Heritage Month’.

August 21, 2017 FGM (female genital mutilation) is being performed in Canada as per passages from the Da’aim al-Islamt.

June 25, 2017 Demand for Muslim prayer in public schools/Muslim students removed from music classes.

April 26, 2016 Canada is poised to become the North American hub for Islamic finance.

Sept. 19 2016 Islamic Financing in Toronto: Halal Mortgages.

Feb. 25, 2016 the city of Ottawa – public event ‘celebrating the hijab’, Islam’s physical repression of women.

Oct. 26, 2014 Beheadings taught to children in a Canadian mosque.

April 6, 2013 Segregation of boys and girls at ‘public pools’. Father unable to view his daughter’s swim class.

March 15 2011 Honour Killings Justin Trudeau drew controversy for response to an element of the new citizenship guide and its description of honour killings as a “barbaric” cultural practice. Trudeau argued that the government should have qualified violence against women as “absolutely unacceptable” instead of belittling other cultures with the word “barbaric.”

“Austria guarantees freedom of belief and religion but fights political Islam. By political Islam we mean groups and organizations whose ideological foundation is Islam, and which seek to change the basic political and social order by rejecting our constitution and Islamizing society. Political Islam, which can lead to radicalization, antisemitism, hatred and attacks on non Muslims, violence, terrorism, slavery and genocide has no place in our society.”