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Join Dan Vachon, A4C’s pastor lead as he interviews Steven Merrill, owner of Sun City Silver & Gold Exchange, Kelowna, BC, to discuss the instability of Canada’s financial system and the alternative options for your investments, and to secure your assets. Steven will address the controversy over the price of silver and how it has been grossly under valued as a result of a complex racketeering scheme, and that a correction in price per ounce is anticipated in the near future (read below for more info).

Steven became infamous when in the Spring of 2021, during the height of the COVID hysteria, Steven posted signs on the front door of his business that said masked and vaccinated people DO NOT ENTER, and had a few choice words for Bonnie Henry, BC Health Officer. The ‘fake’ news media (Global, Castanet, Kelowna Now) all ran stories on the signage, causing thousands of people to call and email their support, and subsequently launch conversations about silver and gold that resulted in a substantial increase in orders. Steven has consulted with people across Canada on why and how to own investment-grade gold and silver. To learn more and to place an order go HERE.

Racketeering: Silver/Gold Market Manipulation

Are you aware that over the past 600 years 1oz of gold was equivalent to approx. 15 oz of silver? Would you be shocked to find out that today 1oz of gold is worth “75” oz of silver? 

A complex racketeering scheme to trade precious metals in a way that negatively affects the natural balance of supply-and-demand is the reason silver is being grossly under-valued. This is a manipulative futures trading tactic known as spoofing. Spoofing involves placing and then quickly canceling orders to falsely create the impression of high demand or supply. This was exposed in 2019 when JP Morgan employees/executives were indicted on charges related to making fake orders of gold, silver and other metals to trick the market. Unbelievably, in 2022, the executives were acquitted of racketeering although two were found guilty on other charges including fraud. While the convictions may give the appearance that Wall Street executives are not above the law, justice was not served as JP Morgan and other financial institutions continue to manipulate the precious metals market. 

However, there are steady rumours that there could be a correction to the market in the near future which may cause the price of silver to soar and if it does, the price per oz could peak to its historical value of a 15-to-1 ratio with gold. Be sure to register for this Empower Hour to learn more and see the information below if you are considering investing in precious metals.  

During this time of financial uncertainty, many Canadians are looking for ways to secure their assets. One strategy may be to place a portion of your portfolio into the precious metals – silver and gold coins and bars. Historically, silver and gold have retained their value during times of economic turmoil.

To better assist our A4C members in securing precious metals, we are pleased to announce an affiliation with Steven Merrill. Steven is offering A4C members some of the best pricing in Canada by leveraging his client volumes (many millions last year) with an Alberta company called Silver Gold Bull. Indicate that you are an A4C member as Steven is offering a BONUS PURE silver ‘bullet’ to A4C members on all orders over $5,000.

When you purchase through Steven, you are also helping support Action4Canada as Steven is giving us a small percentage as a contribution on each sale made. For more information or to place an order go HERE.

Uniting With Our Allies

Peter Mcilvenna, Co-founder and Host of Hearts of Oak, joined Tanya Gaw to discuss the state of politics in Europe and the UK. The recent election wins reflect a long overdue change in public opinion and there is a real sense of patriotism rising up! It is evidence that the ‘left’s’ pendulum has swung too far and their agenda is collapsing along with the Red/Green axis between Cultural Marxism and Islam, because the only thing they all have in common is a deep hatred for the West.

We hope that you will be encouraged by this interview and understand that your full participation is required if we expect to also win this war in Canada, to preserve our freedoms and democracy. 

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