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The LGBTQ have been hijacked by radical activists who are attacking the core freedoms and rights of all Canadians. The political activists are not interested in equal rights, diversity, or inclusion. Their objective is forced compliance and acceptance of their adult sexual proclivities and ideologies.  The UN is involved in this agenda and they are targeting children. The UN has mandated that all member nations implement the “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” resource. This “resource” sexualizes children at the earliest age possible. This is causing great harm to minors and is an attack against the traditional family unit. Silence is not an option. The very well-being of our children is at stake.

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Notice of Liability: STOP SOGI 123/CSE

Flyer: Print and Share SOGI 123

SOGI 123/CSE Series: Safe and Inclusive for Whom?

Quote from the SOGI website, “the following resources have been created in collaboration with educators to support integration of SOGI into the K-12 curriculum”. **They are openly condoning providing porn/explicit material, to minors.

Sarah’s De-transition Story

ARC Foundation

ARC Foundation

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‘Historic’ census data sheds light on number of trans and non-binary people for first time
Of the more than 30.5 million Canadians aged 15 and over who were counted on the census, 100,815 of them identify as transgender or non-binary. That’s 0.33 per cent of the total population.  Recent Stats Can census report (April 27th 2022) confirms that only 0.33% of the population are trans or non-binary.

Notice of Liability to Remove Pornographic Books and Radical LGBTQ School Learning Resource
June 11, 2022