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Special Guest Dr. Ann Gillies, Trauma Specialist, Author and Speaker, joins Tanya to discuss the results of her most recent study in her newest book, The Ultimate Deception: Learning the Truth About Gender-Affirming Care. Dr. Ann is passionate about putting her research to work for the well-being of children and parents who are being assaulted and victimized by radical sex activists who have infiltrated the education system at all levels, and are teaching the destructive and unscientific gender ideology.

Children are being indoctrinated and conditioned to embrace gender ideology which is confusing them and causing them to question their identity. This is resulting in a mass social contagion wherein children are self-identifying as the opposite sex and ‘Gender Affirmation’ is being forced on vulnerable children as the only solution which is leading them down a path of destruction; mentally, emotionally and physically. The poison of ‘affirming care’ sets a child’s mind on things that ‘ought not be’ and propitiates the ultimate deception. The only antidote is truth.

Ann will also share her experience of how compassionate understanding and patient love can bring healing and restoration to relationships affected by this pernicious agenda. Canadians need to get involved in their communities and say NO more to the Gender Ideology cult!

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More About our Guest:

Dr. Gillies is trained jointly in professional counseling and theology and retired from private practice after 25 years of clinical counselling focused primarily on individuals struggling with complex traumatic stress. Her research is in the area of child and adult attachment; trauma; same-sex attraction, gender dysphoria, and the current transgender phenomenon.

She is an ordained pastor; an international speaker, author and founder of, a ministry which seeks to educate and inform politicians, community leaders and pastors across Canada to Restore the Mosaic of our God given identity: individually and nationally.

Ann served for 15 years as a chaplain co-ordinator with The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team, in Canada, leading chaplaincy teams into places of disaster and teaching Sharing Hope in Crisis for Billy Graham Rapid Response Team training. She has also taught a variety of college courses such as: counselling skills; counselling theories; individual counselling developmental psychology; marriage & family; divorce and remarriage, etc.

Dr. Gillies is the author of numerous books:   (available on Amazon or

For a selection of Ann’s recent lectures, visit her YouTube Channel

Dr. Ann is married to her wonderful and supportive husband Bob. They are parents of six children and twelve grandchildren.

Ann’s missive is to:  Stand Firm, Walk Cautiously & Live Courageously

You can reach Dr. Gillies through her website by email at [email protected]

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