Are you aware that you can teach your child more in just two hours than they will learn in a five hour school day


they will NOT be at risk of indoctrination?

Public School Exit!

Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2023 4:30pm PST/7:30pm EST Register in Advance.
4:30pm PST – A4C Orientation; 4:45pm PST – Tanya’s update; 5pm PST/8pm EST – Empower Hour guest segment

Alex Newman, founder of Liberty Sentinel, joins Tanya Gaw once again on the Empower Hour to talk about the advantages of Homeschooling and the success of the Public School Exit campaign in the United States that began in 2019. Over two million children have left the public school system in the USA with a reported 5-6 million homeschooling currently and another 8-10 million in private school. This is in response to the government’s decision to abandon tried-and-true traditional learning and replace it with a radical, ideologically driven, agenda that is using the education system and our children, to destroy western culture as we know it.

Alex and a coalition of amazing, high-profile Christian leaders formed “Public School Exit,” the nation’s premier ministry working to rescue American children from the horrors of government “education.” The organization exists to facilitate a massive exodus from public schools by raising awareness and knocking down barriers for parents, pastors, and children. Watch Video.

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‘Inclusion Calendars’: Implementing Deviant Sexuality and Cultural Marxism

Do you know the details of your child’s ‘secret’ yearly school calendar? The Prince George, BC School District provides a prime example of what is going on behind parent’s backs.

This calendar was formed by School District 57’s Equity, Diversity, Belonging and Inclusion (EDBI) Committee which was established without the majority of parent’s knowledge. The calendar is hyper-focused on deviant sexual behaviour and a ‘woke’ agenda. The Committee’s core mission sounds benign but the calendar is evidence of a nefarious agenda.

Mission: “to promote environments where our school communities feel valued and welcomed. Part of our work was to create a calendar that reflects the diverse populations where we live and work. This calendar is not part of the school curriculum but a suggested way to support our diverse school communities.”

The following message was recently posted on the School District’s website, “The calendar was in a consultation phase and was prematurely released on school district calendars before the consultation phase was completed. Subsequently, the Inclusion Calendar has been removed from school websites. Further public consultation will occur later this school year.”

This calendar is not an isolated event. They are being developed throughout the nation by LGBTQ and globalist activists who are being given permission to push their adult sexual proclivities and woke agenda on our children all under the façade of safe spaces, diversity and inclusion. It is critical that parents demand answers as to why these ‘secret’ committees are being given the power to influence our children by implementing non-curriculum events and then demand that the “Inclusion Calendars” and the scheduled events be permanently cancelled

This is What Training Someone at a Young Age Looks Like

There IS Something You Can do to Protect Your Children!

Action4Canada’s goal is to assist parents, grandparents and guardians by providing educational and informative webinars, resources, support, and solutions to counter the growing assault against our children, that is being implemented via the education system. 

There is a growing national movement wherein parents are pulling their children out of public and private schools and opting to homeschool. Action4Canada is hearing from more and more Canadians who are seeing the value in good old fashioned, traditional learning and passing these values on to their children. Children are the future and what goes in is what comes out! Therefore, parents need to champion the outcome.

If you are considering homeschooling and haven’t yet committed because you just don’t know where to begin, then please visit Action4Canada’s Homeschool Revolution Page for help on how to get started!

A Youth’s Perspective on Homeschooling

Meet Geneviève. A beautiful young woman, inside and out. Geneviève participated in the Action4Canada Youth Leadership and Speaker Program and part of the program included choosing a topic and giving a speech on it. Geneviève provided an intelligent perspective of the pros and cons of homeschooling. As some parents are struggling with the idea as to whether or not they should homeschool, we believe this video will help encourage you to make the best possible choice for your child. 

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