Shocking Revelations about Sex Education!

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Audrey Werner, Dean of Life Issues for Masters Int’l University of Divinity, Founder of The Matthew XVIII Group, International speaker, author, and nurse, will be joining Tanya Gaw on the Empower Hour, to reveal the deep lies that premised the sexual revolution which has grown to cyclonic proportions and threatens to decimate the natural family and societal norms. Audrey will provide a history of who the deviants were behind the sexual revolution and how they have, and are, impacting our children and society today. Audrey will expose the heinous pedophilic “research” that the sexual revolution is founded on and the ramifications for today’s children who are being perpetually preyed upon and sexualized.

Audrey has spoken across the USA and internationally, on radio broadcasts and in legislatures, sharing God’s plan for relationships, marriage, sexuality, and parenting. Audrey encourages parents and faith leaders to return to the message of Biblical purity so their children and communities can more fully experience God’s peace, grace, and protection from sexual disease, destruction, and death.

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It’s Time for Sex Education Reformation!

In order for the sexual revolution to continue…they need our kids.

It’s time to remove “sexual health” education based on Alfred Kinsey’s research, out of the church and education system. Alfred Kinsey was a child abuser and known pedophile who declared that children are sexual from birth and need to be taught how to handle their sexuality. Kinsey sexually experimented on infants and children and then published his findings in 1948. As part of his research he interviewed pedophiles who had raped children and determined that children wanted this. From his research Kinsey proudly stated:

“We have now reported observation on such specifically sexual activities as erection, pelvic thrusts, and several other characteristics of true orgasm in a list of 317 pre-adolescent boys ranging between infants of five months and adolescence in age.” 

Kinsey openly expressed the intent of his research was to strip morality and “Victorian” repression from America’s view of human life focusing on man’s animal nature. The Kinsey Institute was founded over 70 years ago at the Indiana State University and the plan to sexualize children en masse began, using “sexual health education” as a means to do so. Planned Parenthood and those from the pornography industry, including Hugh Hefner, and adults who believed in the LGBTQ and Pro-pedophile causes, worked together to form the sex education used today. Despite these facts sexual health education continues to be taught to children based on Kinsey’s research. However, now that citizens and elected representatives are becoming aware of this, positive change is taking place. 

Good news report: The Kinsey Institute was defunded

More about our guest:

Audrey is a former sex educator and nurse that worked in a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), who at one time thought she was doing the right thing by teaching sex-ed programs to youth. That changed when she had a child of her own and realized that sex education was doing more harm than good. Audrey recognized that the more sex educators talked to kids about sex, the earlier these children were becoming sexually active. As Audrey studied the subject she found out that sex-ed curriculum, even ‘Christian’ sex-ed, is based on the fraudulent Kinseyan premise that “children are sexual from birth’. As a result, Audrey has been working since 1997 to educate parents, pastors and administrators on the debauchery of Alfred Kinsey’s “science”, to expose how his deceitful deductions are still being used today and to put an end to sexual health education that is rooted in this evil agenda.



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