Euthanasia: A Murderous Scheme 

When: Wednesday, October 12th, 2022. 

David Cooke, National Campaign Manager for Campaign Life Coalition, joined Tanya to discuss his book, “Trudeau’s MAiD Service: A Euthanasia Program for Canada.” David has been on the frontline fighting the good fight for life, from conception to natural death.  Advocating for the unborn, the elderly, the terminally ill and now anyone who is depressed and unable to cope. The “Culture of Death” in Canada is a very real and serious matter that requires immediate evaluation and action, to overturn current diabolical policies implemented by the Liberal government.

In his book, David explains and critiques the Trudeau government’s killing protocol for the diseased, disabled, and depressed. Concealed under the newly-invented “right to die”, the government has actually created a “right to kill”, putting everyone at risk and corrupting our healthcare system in the process. David reveals how the Trudeau Liberals are using the sweet-sounding euphemism of “Medical Assistance in Dying” (MAiD) to unleash a murderous scheme, in which more and more groups of vulnerable Canadians are being deemed “killable” and treated as “lives unworthy of life”.

Who can say, when the next big crisis hits, if MAiD might even be mandated – perhaps for those “unacceptable” Canadians? Connections to Hitler’s killing protocol (T4) are also revealed in this book, giving us more pause for thought!

Do you want to know why our doctors and nurses are being encouraged to forsake their oath to “do no harm” and take up the job of killing instead of caring, then join us on the next  Empower Hour. Register in Advance

To Order David’s book: Trudeau’s MAiD Service: A Euthanasia Program for Canada“, also available in French.

Please donate to David’s campaign to get this book into the hands of every single Member of Parliament – all 337. Elected officials need to know the truth about MAiD and to be held to account for making a ‘right to kill’ an option.

Book Overview

David Cooke was born and raised in Brampton, Ontario. He graduated from Queens University and worked as an Internet Programmer for five years. David went on to study the Bible at Toronto Baptist Seminary, where he graduated with a Master’s of Divinity. He served in pastoral ministry across Ontario for twenty years, and spent six months as a missionary in Honduras. David is the former Executive Director of CitizenGO Canada, an organization defending pro-life and pro-family values. He currently serves with Campaign Life Coalition as National Campaigns Manager, focusing on pro-life and pro-family initiatives. David is married to Heather, his wife of 20 years. They now reside in Baker Brook, New Brunswick together with their two children.

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