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Special Guest Dr. Ann Gillies joins Tanya Gaw to have a frank conversation about the “Damage Done by the Predators Among Us.” The world has gone mad as citizens fall prey to the rising normalization of perversion in our society, grooming our children to accept pedophilic interests. The predators among us are no longer hidden, they are in plain view. They are in our schools, public libraries, and on social media, always ready with a funny story, silly dance, a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to cry on. 

Dr. Gillies works to help people recognize and become vigilant to such evil, which is already running so deeply in our society, including our homes.

More About our Guest:

Dr. Gillies is trained jointly in professional counseling and theology and retired from private practice after 25 years of clinical counselling focused primarily on individuals struggling with complex traumatic stress. Her research is in the area of child and adult attachment; trauma; same-sex attraction, gender dysphoria, and the current transgender phenomenon.

She is an ordained pastor; an international speaker, author and founder of www.restoringthemosaic.ca, a ministry which seeks to educate and inform politicians, community leaders and pastors across Canada to Restore the Mosaic of our God given identity: individually and nationally.

Ann served for 15 years as a chaplain co-ordinator with The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team, in Canada, leading chaplaincy teams into places of disaster and teaching Sharing Hope in Crisis for Billy Graham Rapid Response Team training. She has also taught a variety of college courses such as: counselling skills; counselling theories; individual counselling developmental psychology; marriage & family; divorce and remarriage, etc.

Dr. Gillies is the author of several books:   (available on Amazon or www.restoringthemosaic.ca)

Deep Impact: Integrating Theology & Psychology in the treatment of Complex Trauma;

Closing the Floodgates:  Setting the Record Straight on Gender & Sexuality.

Damaged by the Predators Among Us:   an autobiographical work revealing the depravity of pedophilia.

Her next two books are at the publishing stage:

Implosion: an expose of the crumbling of the LGBTQ agenda

Whatever Happened to Emily: the story of a traumatized young girl who decides to transition

Ann is currently completing:  Walking Free from the Stronghold of Rejection and expects to finish Overcoming the Spirit of this Age by the summer of 2023.

She is a married to her wonderful and supportive husband Bob. They are parents of six children and 12 grandchildren.

Ann’s missive is to:  Stand Firm   Walk Cautiously  &   Live Courageously

You can reach Dr. Gillies through her website by email at [email protected]

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