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Tanya Gaw, Founder of Action4Canada, provides evidence that the SOGI 123 learning resources are 100% incrementally indoctrinating, sexualizing and grooming children. The SOGI 123 lesson plans provide a shocking look at how the education system is being used to break down societal norms and the natural family by confusing children, exploiting their innocence and destroying their natural barriers against predatory behaviour. Tanya reviews the SOGI Toolkit: Teaching Resource and updates to the A4C SOGI/Wynne notice of liability. Please share this video!

References from Tanya`s presentation: Review HERE

Tanya Gaw provides an in-depth report on SOGI123 (Sexual Orientation Gender Identity)/Wynne Sex Ed resources and curriculum. Tanya also provides overwhelming evidence that the LGBTQ activists’ infiltration into public (and private) schools is causing devastating harm to children, parents and society at large. All of which is being done without parents knowledge or permission.

What can you do? Tanya also provides you with effective resources, campaigns and solutions. Please watch and share this video and access the resources below. 

References from Tanya’s presentation: Review HERE.

The LGBTQ have been hijacked by radical activists who are attacking the core freedoms and rights of all Canadians. The political activists are not interested in equal rights, diversity, or inclusion. Their objective is forced compliance and acceptance of their adult sexual proclivities and ideologies.  The UN is involved in this agenda and they are targeting children as “Agents of Change”. The UN has mandated that all member nations implement the “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” resource. This “resource” sexualizes children at the earliest age possible. This is causing great harm to minors and is an attack against the traditional family unit. Silence is not an option. The very well-being of our children is at stake.

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Notice of Liability: STOP SOGI 123/Wynne/CSE

Drag Queens

Notice of Liability: Stop Drag Queen Story Hours and Pride Events

Petition: Ban Drag Queen Events for Children. This petition is to be signed by residents in your local community and delivered to your elected officials, library boards, principals, etc.

Flyers: Print and share to
arn parents and protect children 

• SOGI 123 (all other provinces and territories)

• Beyond the Basics (Nova Scotia)

• Wynne Sex Ed (Ontario)

Press release: in response to SOGI Flyers

Letter: Ban Non-Government and Special Interest Group Flags

Print the Petition: Ban Non-Government Flags. This petition is to be signed by residents in your local community and delivered to your elected officials, library boards, principals, etc.

2023 List  – Voted NO to Flying the Pride Flag. Send us your success stories so we can add them to last year’s campaign!

If you are considering homeschooling visit our Homeschooling Revolution page for information on how to get started. 

  • View the list of SOGI 123 Inclusive Books for K-12 Schools
    Quote from the SOGI website, “the following resources have been created in collaboration with educators to support integration of SOGI into the K-12 curriculum”. **They are openly condoning providing porn/explicit material, to minors.

Child Protection Facts and Resources Document: HERE
Criminal Code, Indemnification, Professional Standards, “Diverse Gender Offenders”, Pornography, Child Exploitation

SOGI 123/CSE Series: Safe and Inclusive for Whom?

Doctors perform double mastectomies on children and post the images to brag about it.

Sarah’s De-transition Story

The WHO has set this “standard” for ALL member nations as a framework for policy makers, educational and health authorities and specialists. The chart shows an example of one of the standards: teach children age 0-4 about masturbation.

The key points on the sexualization of children are summarized here

WPATH: World Professional Association for Transgender Health

April 2024: WPATH is responsible for the mass medical mutilation of children and the leaked report proves that, “Behind closed doors, WPATH-affiliated healthcare professionals confess that their practices are based on improvisation, that children cannot comprehend them, and that the consent process is not ethical.”

Shocking and Horrific” describes the leaked video and documents exposing the inner workings of the organization responsible for setting the so-called “standards of care” for gender transition treatments and surgeries on children. The leaked files reveal “widespread medical malpractice on children and vulnerable adults,” according to a 241-page report disclosing emails, documents, and an 82-minute video.

April 2024: The renowned British pediatrician, Dr. Hilary Cass, just submitted her Independent Review of Gender Identity Services for Children and Young People to the NHS, which commissioned the review. The leaked minutes of one of WPATH’s meetings revealed, these doctors know very well that true informed consent from pre-pubescents and adolescents is impossible.

Overview: Comprehensive Sexuality Education
AKA: SOGI 123/Wynne Sex Ed

NEW STUDY June 11, 2024: German Study Desistance Rate is Above 50%

  • A ground-breaking German study looks at longitudinal data over five years which point to desistance rates from “gender identity disorder” above 50% ranging from 72.7% in 15- to 19-year-old females to 50.3% in 20- to 24-year-old males.

Study 2018: According to this study there has been a 4515% increase in girls seeking to ‘transition’ to the opposite sex. “Some educationalists have previously warned that the promotion of transgender issues in schools has ‘sown confusion’ in children’s minds and that encouraging children to question gender has ‘become an industry.’

Individuals who have undergone sex reassignment surgery have a 20 times greater rate of committing suicide than the general population.

Twin studies demonstrate that Gender Dysphoria is not an innate trait. Moreover, barring pre-pubertal affirmation and hormone intervention for GD, 80 percent to 95 percent of children with GD will accept the reality of their biological sex by late adolescence.

Transgender Research: Five Things Every Parent and Policy-Maker Should Know
Here is a compilation of research evidence on five key questions about these issues, shared in the hope of helping gender-confused young people receive the best care. Read more.

A Follow-Up Study of Boys With Gender Identity Disorder
Of the 139 male participants (age range: 3.33–12.99), 17 (12.2%) were classified as persisters and the remaining 122 (87.8%) were classified as desisters. View study.

Gender dysphoria (GD) in children is a term used to describe a psychological condition in which a child experiences marked incongruence between his or her experienced gender and the gender associated with the child’s biological sex. Twin studies demonstrate that GD is not an innate trait. Moreover, barring pre-pubertal affirmation and hormone intervention for GD, 80 percent to 95 percent of children with GD will accept the reality of their biological sex by late adolescence.

I Thought I Was Saving Trans Kids. Now I’m Blowing the Whistle
The doctors privately recognized these false self-diagnoses as a manifestation of social contagion. They even acknowledged that suicide has an element of social contagion. But when I said the clusters of girls streaming into our service looked as if their gender issues might be a manifestation of social contagion, the doctors said gender identity reflected something innate. Read more.

Mom has major regrets about transing her young son
A mother who transitioned her 4-year-old son to live as a girl, and then realized her mistake and transitioned him back to live as himself has spoken out, describing the realization that her child was not trans as being like “leaving a cult”. Read more.

The Real Story Behind Drag Queen Story Hour
Aimed at children, the phenomenon is far more subversive than its defenders claim. When parents, voters, and political leaders understand the true nature of Drag Queen Story Hour and the ideology that drives it, they will work quickly to restore the limits that have been temporarily—and recklessly—abandoned. They will draw a bright line between adult sexuality and childhood innocence, and send the perversions of “genderf*ck,” “primitivism,” and “degeneracy” back to the margins, where they belong. Read more.

Corrections Canada Report: Gender Diverse Offenders with a History of Sexual Offending
Almost two-thirds (64%) of these offenders committed a current sexual offence while 88% were convicted for prior sex offences…The majority (85%) committed offences that caused death or serious harm to their victim(s) while 70% inflicted psychological harm on their victim(s). Examination of the victimology shows that over half were children (58%) or female (55%). One-third (33%) of the offences committed had multiple victims. See the Research Stats at a Glance.

Over 80% of gender diverse offenders with sexual offence histories were trans-women. Sexual offending indicators showed that the majority of these offences were committed while living as their
biological sex, and that the highest proportion of victims were children or female. In addition, a majority of this sub-group caused death or serious harm to their victim(s). 
Read more. 

April 14, 2023Planned Parenthood director commits suicide. Police raid his home in child porn case. The abortion chain also has a long history of ignoring or helping to cover up sexual abuse, especially involving underage girls.

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Annual Back to School Call to Action

Annual Back to School Call to Action

Action4Canada is encouraging men* (fathers/grandfathers/step-dads/uncles) to accompany their children on the first day of school, to remind teachers and principals just whose children they are!

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‘Historic’ census data sheds light on number of trans and non-binary people for first time
Of the more than 30.5 million Canadians aged 15 and over who were counted on the census, 100,815 of them identify as transgender or non-binary. That’s 0.33 per cent of the total population.  Recent Stats Can census report (April 27th 2022) confirms that only 0.33% of the population are trans or non-binary.

Notice of Liability to Remove Pornographic Books and Radical LGBTQ School Learning Resource
June 11, 2022