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On September 28, 2022 Castanet reported about a flyer, created by Action4Canada, that addresses our concerns about the SOGI 123 resource being taught in public schools in British Columbia. The story was posted without the reporter, Rob Gibson, having properly done his research, nor obtaining information from Action4Canada on our position. A link was readily made available on the flyer providing more information. Action4Canada has received a great deal of support with regards to this issue, especially from local parents of children in our schools. One person’s complaint is far removed from the true level of public opposition to this resource.

Castanet article:


Citizens are not only very concerned, but are justifiably outraged by what is going on in the public education system in British Columbia.  The SOGI 123 resource is not in reality an anti-bullying program as those who promote it have tried to position it. It is a resource that has been intertwined throughout the curriculum that is grooming children, by teaching non-age appropriate material and exposing pre-puberty children to explicit and pornographic books. Radical LGBTQ activists (NGO’s) are involved in pushing this agenda and also creating clubs at schools where children who attend are specifically instructed to not tell their parents. Through these NGO’s students are also being exposed to websites which often provide access to sites containing gay porn.

It has been reasonably pointed out that the encouragement and facilitation of sex of underaged minors, the sexualization of our children, and making pornographic books available to them, is a form of grooming seen in cases of pedophilia.

Kevin Kaardal falsely refers to the flyer as spreading misinformation, yet he is deceiving the public by making this situation out about how the district “employs specially trained expert teachers to teach sexual health education according to the provincial curriculum, using age-appropriate lessons and resources.”

This is a misleading statement because this issue has nothing to do with “sexual health education.” This matter is specifically addressing the SOGI 123 resource that was purposely intertwined into every subject and course so that parents cannot opt their child out of it. Secondly, “SOGI leads” have been appointed who go to every class to ensure that teachers are complying with teaching SOGI 123 to their students. Thirdly, teachers are also given the liberty to choose whatever resources they wish to incorporate as part of “their” individual, personal curriculum. In a growing number of instances, the resources are not age appropriate and the SOGI approved books being made available to students contain pornographic images, vulgar language and promote rape and incest. You can view a few examples of the books here:

Here is further evidence that School District 23 was advised on May 11, 2022 that inappropriate books are available at several elemenatry schools.

In schools throughout BC, and Canada, kindergartners are being taught how to masturbate, and primary students are being instructed to draw body parts and then taught how to touch these body parts in a way to make them feel tingly. This is sexually grooming children. It is not age appropriate. Children of this age group have not yet even reached puberty and would have no concept of the acts they are being encouraged to perform.

Children are being taught that there are many genders and that they can be “a boy, girl, neither, or anything in between.” The terms mother and father are being removed from the school system as they are considered offensive and teachers are instructed to refer to children by impersonal pronouns such as “they” to conform to SOGI’s non-binary ideology. This devalues a child and is an attack against their personal identity. This resource is factually and scientifically incorrect. There are two genders, male and female.

On the school district Frequently Asked Questions page, which Mr. Kaardal is in charge of as Superintendent, it makes the claim that “Informing people about the experience of someone else will not make them gay or straight, since these are not choices. As children mature, they will self-identify on their own terms about whether they are gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, or transgender.”

Mr. Kaardal needs to be challenged on this because once again this statement is utterly false and the district is misleading citizens. SOGI 123 is not merely informing children, it is indoctrinating and inundating them with messaging to question their very own existence as a biological male or female. It is filling children’s heads with “information” that is definitely causing a mass social contagion and rapid-onset dysphoria wherein minors are now identifying as the opposite sex or transgender.

SOGI 123 is proving to be catastrophically harmful as a shocking number of girls (+4000% increase – stats from 2018) “self-identify” as trans and are medically transitioning without the benefit of a thorough psychological assessment. Medically transitioning involves surgery that removes perfectly healthy breasts, having a hysterectomy and receiving harmful hormone blockers, such as Lupron. These procedures are permanently sterilizing young women. This is mutilation, this is abuse, and this is criminal. The sexual exploitation of children is illegal in Canada.

Irreversible butchery on a mass scale:

On the basis of the aforementioned, it is the position of Action4Canada that the SOGI 123 program, in whole or in material parts, is a violation of s. 152, 163.1(1)-(4.3) of the Criminal Code, and is not saved by s. 163.1(6), as there are no legitimate purposes relating to education as these are minors who have not even reached puberty, of this type of activity, and false gender information.

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection also defines encouraging a child to masturbate, exposing a child to individuals engaging in sexually explicit acts and exposing a child, to child sexual abuse material, as a non-contact sexual abuse.

How can this be ignored by the media and the individuals in our education system in British Columbia who are responsible for ensuring the health and welfare of our children?

In addition, where are the parents in this? Parents are supposed to be fully involved in their child’s education. The Ministry purposely implemented SOGI 123 in 2016 without consulting parents, or child psychologists to determine the long-term effects.

Action4Canada is concerned that many parents cannot voice their opposition because they are unaware of what is being taught to their children as these little ones are being instructed not to tell them what is going on.

Action4Canada is strongly opposed to SOGI 123 and the sexualization of children and we will continue to expose these adult sexual proclivities that are being projected onto our children.

Action4Canada is committed to upholding the rule of law, the Constitution, the Charter of Rights and to protecting Faith, Family and Freedom. 

Tanya Gaw
Founder and CEO