Filing Human Rights Complaints

Filing Human Rights Complaints

by Province/Territory

Important Notice: Employee Rights and the Covid-19 Vaccine
A Message from Rocco Galati, Top Constitutional Lawyer

In response to the emergency measures and the unprecedented increase in human rights violations, Action4Canada has created the following resource page to file human rights complaints by province/territory. If your human rights are being violated than we encourage you to file a complaint with your Provincial Human Rights Commission.

Eg: If a business has denied you service for not wearing a mask or requested proof of vaccination, they could be held liable for a fine up to $75,000 (as it varies in each province) if you file a human rights complaint. Further, no one has the right to request you show them your medical exemption, this is a violation of the Federal Privacy Act. Your private medical information is between you and your physician.

A business is not “private.”  When a business obtains a business license they are open to the “public” and they are not permitted to request proof of vaccination or discriminate against anyone who decides not to wear a mask. No exemption required as you have the right to choose.

Businesses are not being paid by the government to police citizens and they have no authority to do so. Masks are not legislated in Canada. There is no law stating you must wear a mask.  They cannot make it a law…to do so would be illegal by nature as any just law cannot supersede the Canadian Charter of Rights and Constitutional protections.

If you have been quarantined, fined, or denied access to a loved one…file a complaint. The government’s emergency measures are in violation of your guaranteed human rights. The Federal Emergency Act states clearly that no Order supersedes the Charter of Rights or the Bill of Rights.

Constitutionally Protected Privacy Rights pdf 

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