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Brett Oland, CEO of Bow Valley Credit Union in Alberta, will be joining Tanya Gaw for Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Part 2. Rob Anders was previously on the show to discuss CBDCs  (see interview below) and Mr. Oland will be continuing the conversation and providing additional information, such as Open Banking and the B15 Guidelines for climate risk, in his presentation. Open Banking is a proposed system that will gather all your bank accounts and financial information in one place, ostensibly to make it easier to apply for mortgages, etc. There are however, a number of serious risks with Open Banking, including liability, operational issues and cyber threats, although the government claims its objectives are to help streamline banking for your convenience and protect your savings and investments.

The government is good at marketing their bad ideas, by cloaking them in a shroud of benevolent good, whilst hiding the true, sinister agenda. In this case it involves an obscene wealth transfer, hand-in-hand with a plan to control ‘every’ aspect of our lives.

Although Open Banking is not yet available in Canada, it is included in Trudeau’s 2024 budget and the federal government is speedily crafting legislation to provide a framework for it. They hope to have legislation in place by the fall of 2024!

What does Climate Change and Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) have to do with finance? The answer should be absolutely nothing, but for the globalist’s who are working to implement “Scope 3 emissions accounting” it is yet another means to gain control – it will negatively effect financial institutions, insurers, pension plans and obviously citizens – and will have ZERO impact on the B15 Guidelines for climate risk. Read Tom Harris, Executive Director of ICSC’s, article to learn more: Woke climate activist financial institutions are about to screw us all!

Brett Oland, who has 20 years experience working in the banking industry, has grave concerns about Open Banking, B15’s, CBDC’s, and the lack of banking stability in Canada. Brett has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calgary, and is a chartered accountant with expertise in corporate finance. He has served on the Board of Directors for the Credit Union Central of Alberta and chaired the Board of Directors for Bow Valley Credit Union.

Action4Canada would like to take this opportunity to extend our deepest gratitude to Bow Valley Credit Union as they were the only bank that did not close its member’s accounts for supporting the trucker convoy, in response to Trudeau’s unconstitutional and unlawful dictate. You will not want to miss this Empower Hour so be sure to register in advance and invite others.

CBDC = Government Surveillance and Control! (Part 1)

Former Conservative MP Rob Anders joined Tanya Gaw on a recent Empower Hour to discuss the looming threat of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in Canada. Substantial steps are being taken by the government and the Bank of Canada to issue a digital form of the Canadian dollar, known as a CBDC, or in reality, implementing financial surveillance. Unlike cryptocurrencies which are decentralized and private, CBDCs are the total opposite. CBDCs are completely owned and controlled by governments. There would no longer be a ‘middle man’ (aka the banks) who must adhere to strict privacy regulations. Instead, the government would hold your wallet, your money, and have access to all of your private banking information. This would include information on every transaction connected to your daily life.

Central Bank Digital Currency 101

In order to understand CBDC, it’s important to understand how today’s banking system works. Currently there is separation between the Central Bank of Canada and YOU. This separation happens via the commercial banking sector, through financial institutions like banks and credit unions. CBDC would eliminate the “middle man” and give the government direct control over your deposits and lending, since your account would be directly with the Central Bank of Canada (learn more HERE). 

Since CBDC is a digital currency, it can be programmed by the government to control you and your money. The government could:

1. Freeze access to your bank accounts at will;
2. Dictate to whom you are allowed to give currency to, e.g., charities and political donations;
3. Tax you daily or even hourly;
4. Dictate how quickly or slowly you can spend your money;
5. Dictate what you are allowed to buy, e.g., if you spend too much or create a large carbon footprint, they could freeze your accounts;
6. Apply a social credit score, e.g., if you say or do something unfavorable to the current government, you could be penalized financially.

CBDC will be a disaster for Canada. Therefore, it is critical that you oppose the implementation of CBDC. Visit Action4Canada’s Weekly Action page on this topic to see what steps you can take to put a stop to CBDC!

Good News Report: On May 23, 2024 the U.S. House of Representatives voted largely along party lines to prevent the Federal Reserve from issuing a Central Bank Digital Currency. The CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act seeks to block the U.S. central bank from continuing efforts toward the development of a digital dollar. Republicans expressed concerns that a U.S. CBDC could be used to control Americans. It still needs to go through the Senate but this is definite progress! Noteworthy! Rep. Dusty Johnson (R-S.D.) voted for the bill, citing how the Canadian government used bank accounts to shut down the trucker protest as one of his reasons.

Action4Canada Chapters Working Hard for Canadians!

Kim McBride, Action4Canada’s National Chapter Leader Coordinator, joined Tanya Gaw on last week’s Empower Hour to discuss how A4C’s Chapters across this nation are working hard in their communities for Canadians, to protect our inalienable God-given rights and freedoms. A4Chapter Leaders are addressing the evil ideologies so prevalent in our societies, and speaking truth into places full of lies, like school boards and governments. They boldly help educate and lobby all levels of government and school boards, and stand in public places to bring deputations that question the prevailing UN-inspired agendas regarding: gender ideology, 15-minute cities, climate change, mass immigration, and more. Several Chapter Leaders also joined Kim and Tanya to give their personal testimonies. Learn more about how you can become involved in Chapter leadership…HEREYou will be encouraged and motivated by this Empower Hour. Please watch and share this video with others. 

Action4Canada has and is having a great impact nationwide, helping to save lives, save jobs, get masks off children, effectively opposing SOGI 123/CSE and the radical LGBQ/Trans agenda, protecting our borders, informing and educating the public, and so much more. Please help Action4Canada continue our good work by becoming a monthly donor or provide a one time gift. Thank you!

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