Testimonies of Successful NOL Campaigns, Individual and Collective

Personal Testimonies from People Serving the Notices of Liability

Action4Canada is receiving many success stories of serving the Notices of Liability both individually, and collectively through campaigns. If you have a personal success stories please email: [email protected] and specify “Testimony” in the subject line.

Every Act, Statute, Order and By-law MUST be consistent with the Constitution or it is of NO force or effect. Every citizen, no matter their position, must adhere to the highest law of the land.

As a result of serving the Notice of Liability to ALL School Board Superintendents in BC the BC School Trustee’s Association, BCSTA, responded by attempting to advise the trustees and superintendents that they are immune from liability.  However, we dug a little deeper into the School Act and found the sections wherein they most certainly can be held ‘personally’ liable. 

In British Columbia, we launched a campaign directed at the School Board trustees in response to the government directing School Boards to decide on whether to mandate vaccines for teachers. In response to being served the NOL’s two trustees have already decided to resign, as well as two School Board superintendents. Also, many districts have since voted against  mandating vaccine and other trustees and teachers are requesting to be served NOL’s because they are opposed to the government’s tyrannical measures and receiving the NOL’s gives them more power to stand up.

As a further result of serving the NOL’s the CUPE union is also misinforming their members AND the BC government has issued a new COVID-19 planning resource which informs people that both the Order and the Guidelines allow exceptions for masking for A person who cannot tolerate wearing a mask for health or behavioural reasons.” 

We do not need their permission to not wear a mask or not get vaccinated but I guess it makes them feel more powerful if they say it. 

November 2021

Our son is grade 1 and we served our son’s principal the notice of liability and his comment was is this a doctor’s notice and I said no its a notice of liability he opened it and started reading it then he walked away then said oh this garbage. but a few hours later he called and said if you guys don’t want your son not wear mask then said if you aren’t going to follow protocols then that’s up to you guys, then I said also no sanitization etc. He said this was ok – we want him in school.

November 2, 2021 – Surrey School Board Announcement

The Surrey School Board Trustees were served Notices of Liability on Oct 18, 2021. Today the Surrey School Board announced that they will not be mandating COVID-19 for school staff.

“We have an obligation to our community to keep our schools open and to continue providing a safe learning environment for our students. Schools are a low-risk setting for transmission and public health experts have assured us that our schools are safe and that we do not need 100% vaccination rates for safe operation.”

Read full statement: Surrey Board of Education Announcement

October 29, 2021 – A small victory – but still ….

I submitted liability forms to Overlander Ski Club in Kamloops (president and membership director) in Kamloops a month ago as you could not apply for membership this upcoming season unless you and your children took the clot shot.

All requirements or mention of C19 restrictions have been removed from their website as of this week.

I think these work. I will be submitting more forms next week.


October 25, 2021 – Good News! Mandates Tabled Indefinitely!

The NOLs were served to the Victoria, BC School Trustees in person on Oct 19th, 2021. Today, the School Board had a meeting and passed a motion to table vaccine mandates indefinitely! What’s even more amazing is that the Victoria School Board had a meeting on Oct 18 where they recommended a motion for the Superintendent to begin development and implementation of safety procedures on a COVID-19 vaccine mandate. And now today they’re tabling the decision indefinitely!

Yay and thank you Action4Canada!

October 19, 2021 – Trustee Voting Against the Province

North Vancouver, BC – I reached out to the trustee and she called me a few moments ago and said she will be voting against the things being proposed by the province.  I also asked how many emails she has gotten on this issue compared to past issues she has had to deal with.  She mentioned about 400 are in her inbox which she mentioned might be around 300 at a minimum or so compared to other issues like SOGI and catchment areas that might be around 50 at the maximum.

Also, she has not read one email yet that is in favour of what the province is doing and understands the biased nature of mainstream media … so we are on the right track!!!! It’s a win and there is hope.


October 19, 2021 – Trucking Business Serves Client

Trucking Business: We received a letter from one of our customers saying as a part of their commitment to health and safety of their employees and communities in which they operate they are currently exploring the mandating of proof of Covid 19 vaccines for all employees, contractors, suppliers and supply chain partners upon entering their facility. They said these are unprecedented times and in wake of the highly contagious Delta variant, they believe this is a prudent step that their organization must take in order to keep all their employees, contractors, supply chain partners safe and mitigate risk to their business. I responded by telling them that this is a breech of privacy especially that this isn’t even mandated by the Alberta government. I indicated that this would be a dangerous path to go down and would cause them more harm then good. I’m sure that  they would lose a lot of employees and suppliers especially with a shortage of good people, it would have a very negative impact. There is already a shortage of truck drivers, any disruption to this would cause huge delays in shipping their products to market. There are loads on the load board that sit on there for up to 3-4 weeks already without any disruptions so you can imagine if everyone requires a vax pass. There are many truck drivers that are against the vaccine mandate. This type of mandate would bring this economy to it’s knees as everything we touch has been hauled by a truck. I think many people forget how important the transport industry is. I sent this business a notice of liability and so far they have accepted us coming in to pickup their freight without a vax pass. Hopefully they understand the risk they are taking if they mandate this for their company. Thanks again for all the work you do, it’s really appreciated.


October 19, 2021 – Thank You!

I can’t begin to thank you enough for all the amazing work you are doing with Action4Canada to save our country from tyranny. Your dedication to this is literally heroic you are literally saving lives thanks so much you are truly a blessing.

October 25, 2021 – Nurse Serves her Manager

Nurse: I met with my manager today as they are putting nurses on unpaid leave if they do not get the jab. I served my manager the Notice of Liability and also made it very clear that I would hold her personally liable for any loss of income I suffer because of her decision to support the government’s unlawful measures. HR was present and interrupted saying that my comments should be directed at the Provincial Health Officer but I maintained my position. This led to the manager swiftly ending the meeting and cancelling any further meetings scheduled with my colleagues who had appointments after me. We are unhold and awaiting further directive. Thank you Action4Canada for your resources and work to protect Canadians and the workforce.

Nurse X

September 20, 2021 – Kindergarten Responds Positively

This is my personal testimony about my grandson in kindergarten who is not wearing a mask in school.

When the mask mandates came into affect, we knew right away that our little five-year-old would not be wearing a mask at school. I emailed my daughter your notice of liability for mask mandates for children. She drafted up her own letter with it to fit her sons needs, and attached your liability letter. She emailed his teacher and his principal. Within an hour and a half the principal wrote back and said that her son would be mask exempt. Half of his classroom is not wearing a mask at school, which is great because he doesn’t feel like the odd kid sticking out.

I’ve spoken out loud about this twice at rallies, and have had other parents ask me for your paperwork, which I gladly pass on. I also give out the action4Canada website. Thank you so much for the work you do.