Critical Race Theory (CRT) is an existential threat to our freedom and democracy as its ultimate goal is to eliminate the white race. CRT is being pushed in academia and throughout society and is a sinister agenda intended to twist and distort facts and reality in order to divide and conquer. CRT was created by racists who claim to be anti-racists fighting a noble cause against racism. They purport to support freedom and equality while at the same time make accusations that Canada is a nation founded on white supremacy and oppression, and that these forces are still at the root of our society today and need to be plucked out. White, Christian males are, in their opinion, the most detestable of all. Is it of any consequence that the racist bigots pushing this agenda, happen to be predominantly white? Here are some questions to consider:

  • What is Justin Trudeau and the global cabal up to? Is mass immigration a part of the plan to destroy the west?
  • Will they succeed in convincing Canadians that we need to be eternally repentant for developing a nation in which others have been able to richly enjoy the benefits?
  • Will they succeed in demonizing our forefathers or will Canadians realize we should be forever grateful for our rich inheritance?
  • Are we going to succumb to this attack and willingly step aside and allow our country to be taken over by people who have not invested in it, based on the insidious lie of white privilege?

Those who built this country came here risking all, often with nothing but the shirts on their backs. The Natives had not developed a commonwealth. In fact there were many tribes that were infighting and it is reported that they continue to do so to this day. This country was built by hardworking Europeans who sacrificially gave so much for us and we should be damned if a corrupt global cabal are going to waltz in and allow foreign entities to take it over. Canadians are, and have been, exceedingly generous in providing funding to the Natives and to anyone coming to Canada seeking refuge from totalitarian regimes.

Here are some other questions to ponder:

  • Are the UN and globalist cabal demanding that Islamists, who invaded many Christian nations by murdering, raping and pillaging prior to the Crusades, apologize and pay retribution for what they did?
  • Europeans were civil and signed treaties with the natives and were not brutal invaders taking Canada by storm. So why are Canadians expected to continue to sacrifice their hard earned dollars to indefinitely fund the Natives?
  • Isn’t it time that ALL Canadians be treated equally and do their part? 

Canadians need to realize that our freedom came at a cost and we therefore have a duty to vigilantly defend it. As Ronald Reagan so accurately said: 

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” 

The following indepth report provides evidence into just one faction of immigration wherein the government is using CRT to silence Canadians. A minority of the population, committing the majority of the crime. But don’t acknowledge these facts, or you will be called a racist.

Do not allow the CRT propaganda to cause you to put down your weapons (values, principles and patriotism) and shame you into walking away from defending this great nation.

When: Wednesday, April 26, 2023 4:30pm PST/7:30pm EST Register in Advance. The zoom doors open at 4:30pm PST and the Empower Hour begins at 5pm PST/8pm EST

On the next Empower Hour professor David Millard Haskell joins Tanya to discuss the damage Critical Race Theory and “Anti-Racism Education” is doing in our public education system. CRT is an ideology rooted in Marxist notions and teaches that whites are perpetual oppressors and people of colour are perpetual victims. “Anti-racism Education” takes the ideas of CRT and packages them into classroom curriculum and diversity training instruction. 

CRT is part of a dangerous and harmful Marxist agenda intended to destroy the foundation of our nation which is built on Judeo-Christian principles. We must protect our children so that they too will embrace our rich inheritance. Learn more about our guest and share the Empower Hour invite HERE.

The Major Battle is in our Schools and Universities

The biggest battle regarding CRT is on the frontline in our schools. Christopher Rufo wrote the following Parent Guidebook on how to fight Critical Race Theory in the schools. Read HERE.

Example of CRT propaganda in Ontario: The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) has unveiled white privilege lesson plans for students. 

Visit Action4Canada’s Critical Race Theory page for more resources and information about CRT HERE.

Christopher Rufo is an amazing individual on the front line of the Anti-CRT movement bringing awareness and solutions. This video-essay explores the intellectual history of Critical Race Theory, how it’s devouring America’s public institutions, and what you can do to fight back. Since the video was created, seven States have banned CRT, and sixteen more States have bans in progress.

Rufo says, “In simple terms, critical race theory reformulates the old Marxist dichotomy of oppressor and oppressed, replacing the class categories of bourgeoisie and proletariat with the identity categories of White and Black. But the basic conclusion is the same: in order to liberate man, society must be fundamentally transformed through moral, economic, and political revolution”.

Key terms: Whiteness, white privilege, white fragility, oppressor/oppressed, intersectionality, systemic racism, spirit murder, equity, antiracism, collective guilt, affinity spaces. 

Talk Truth: Without Apology

Corri and Allan Hunsperger from Talk Truth engage in conversation with Tanya Gaw, founder of Action4Canada, about the underlying agenda of Critical Race Theory and the threat it poses to the security and sovereignty of our nation. 


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