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On July 19, 2023, Robert, a forensic arborist, joined Tanya on the next Empower Hour to provide a thought provoking presentation that brings into question the origins of the massive fires that have been ignited in Canada and the USA. The mainstream media provides news reports that are crafted to make Climate Change out to be the culprit but Robert provides very compelling evidence that something else, very sinister, is afoot.

Robert is abounding in the knowledge of flora and fauna. He has studied the plant kingdom for the last 48 years and has been a certified arborist for 20 years. He has learnt all about the native wildflowers, ferns, shrubs, vines and trees in most of central California including the habitats in which they grow. He has taken one hundred and six trips to thirty-eight fire aftermaths, mostly in California, and determined that only three were natural wildfires. So what caused the other thirty-five fires? Below is the second interview with Robert on September 27, 2023 on Canadian Fires.

Based on Robert’s research what we are witnessing is a microwave affect wherein trees are burning from the inside out and metal is a huge convector of the fires, not wood or plastic. This defies physics, yet these anomalies are consistent throughout his investigations. 

In this photo of a neighborhood from the Santa Rosa fire in 2017, Robert noticed that the houses were not blackened heaps of rubble but piles of white ash, as if they had been cremated. The trees around them were somehow still standing. The trees look to be of the pine family, particularly the Ponderosa Pine, an extremely flammable type of tree, and yet they did not burn as they normally would. 

What kind of forest fire forgets the trees? What kind of flame would do that?


A Tree Burning From the Inside Out!

Kincade fire near Santa Rosa (2019)

Other unusual irregularities that Robert noted were that tree species like willows which have immense water holding capabilities were burning at much higher rates than their dry, fire-prone counterparts like pine trees.

Water itself has an odd link to these fires, as it was found that unlike normal forest fire behavior, fires followed the channels of rivers rather than spreading uphill as they usually would.

Robert also provides images of cars with their windows completely melted but the trees are still standing. Glass melts at 2500 degrees Fahrenheit but natural fires burn at 1427 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why Are Fires Igniting Underground?

In Oregon in 2021 the news reported about a “phenomenon” of raging 1200 degree fires that were unseen, underground, burning in the root systems of forests. The reporter notes that these fires are not in the middle of nowhere but near homes. Typically a fire that burns underground for long periods of time needs fuel such as you would find in a bog, not in the middle of a forest.

Another peculiar puzzle piece is that of the link between metal and fires. Things that were close to metal burnt, but those same non-metal materials were not affected when they were not near metal. Observe the images and note how the wood only burns in places where metal nails are present.

The Facts Don’t Lie, But Politicians Do!

In Canada, this time of year is often nicknamed “wildfire season” for the abundance of fires that pop up around the country during the summer months. Despite these past few years having lower fire rates on average than those before the 2000’s Trudeau alleges that climate change is the main driver. But the underlying agenda is to utilize these fires to their full potential in order to implement climate lockdowns and to force citizens into surveillance cities. 

As the Epoch Times’ Matthew Horwood puts it, “the federal government is looking at creating a new national disaster response agency to deal with extreme weather events”.  However, truth be known, there are no extreme weather events only extreme governments committing acts of terrorism against their citizens. 

Fires, Climate Change and Migrants?!

As the saying goes, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”… especially if you fabricated it yourself.

News Report:Air quality has plummeted during recent weeks because of wildfire smoke, made worse by the adverse effects of climate change in an “unprecedented” fire season. But as Canada battles environmental emergencies, advocates are asking if the country is ready to play its part in a global crisis of climate migrants. We know that people will try to reach here in perilous ways. That’s going to only increase with climate migration increasing,” … Canada needs a broader approach …It didn’t have climate migration as its focus,” … To be a refugee you have to be fleeing persecution….countries must think more broadly and bring in legislation that focuses on a definition of climate migrants.

If the matter wasn’t so serious it would be laughable! When you read the news report and see how transparent and pathetic the government is in using fearmongering and consistently throwing around the year 2050, could their plan be any more obvious? They want to destroy the west by flooding us with migrants who will not embrace our Christian values, to divide and conquer, and at the same time round us all up into controllable herds by way of 15 Minute Cities. But how can wolves and sheep exist together? 


Canadians need to strongly oppose every aspect of this agenda!

This is your opportunity to meet with your mayor and council, MLA/MPP and MP and provide them valuable information. It is also the right time to be proactive and serve them the 15 Minute City Notice of Liability advising them that this is an exercise in futility because we will not surrender our freedoms and rights to a globalist cabal, and that they could be held personally liable for participating in this act of treason!

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