Notices of Liability Covid Related - Business, Mask, Jab, PCR Testing, etc

Notices of Liability

Business, Mask, Jab, Testing etc

All things COVID Related: Protect yourself, your job and your children

Personal liability is a critical weapon in this war against individual rights and freedoms. Canadians have inalienable rights. We have a Constitution and a Charter of Rights and Freedoms, plus the Rule of Law. If you do not want to lose your rights then you need to take action to protect them by holding those who are violating your rights, personally liable.

No Order or government mandates supersede YOUR guaranteed right to work; assemble; worship; or see your family or loved ones; nor to force you to have anything stuck into any part of your body without your 100% consent. If you do not want to lose your rights then you must not concede, comply or give in to this tyranny.

To assist you, Action4Canada has created the following Notices of Liability and non-consent form to protect you and your family from a government that is out of control.

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NOTE: You do not need a lawyer to serve a Notice of Liability.
Fill in the top of the NOL with the name of the person you are serving, sign and date the bottom, keep a copy, and either deliver personally or send by registered mail. 

Watch the video below for help with finding and using the Action4Canada Resources:

Mask NOL – Adults, Youth and Children

NEW: Mask Notice of Liability – Adults, Children, & Youth

COVID Advance Medical Directive

Print off and attach to your medical card to advise medical professionals of your wishes should you need hospital care.

COVID Testing

Right to REFUSE Covid Testing. The Genetic Non-Discrimination Act, Bill S201, It is an indictable offence to force anyone to take an DNA/RNA test or deny any service, employment, or education opportunity. The PCR test and the Rapid Test measure the “genetic” material in a sample. 

Vaccine NOLs

PROTECT MINORS – **Do not give the NOL to your child to serve. Follow the instructions provided.

Student Mask/Covid Notice Non-Consent NOL to Educators

If anyone is disregarding the Notice of Liability and interfering with education, extra-curricular activities or essential or non-essential services then use the following letter to inform them they will be held ‘personally’ liable for any loss of income, damages and/or injury you suffer as a result of their actions. You are not addressing them in their capacity as an educator, business owner or coach but as a citizen who is committing indictable offenses. Any post-secondary student being prohibited from attending school is missing out on future income and should be included in your claim.

NEW: Drop the Mic Letter – Include with the Notices of Liability
Additional Vax Mandate Letter of Response 


If your employer or union is disregarding the NOL then use the following letter to inform the ‘individual’ that they will be held ‘personally’ liable for any loss of income or damages you suffer as a result of their actions. You are not addressing them in their capacity as employer or union rep but as a citizen who is committing indictable offenses.

NEW: Drop the Mic Letter. Include with Notices of Liability
Employee Further Letter of Response 

If all else fails…it is time to file criminal charges. Remember, you are not going after anyone in their capacity as an employer or union rep but as a citizen who is in violation of the criminal code and your guaranteed protected Constitutional rights.

David Lindsay’s E-book on how to file criminal charges against other citizens, “The Annotated Criminal Code Procedure in Canada,” is available by emailing David at [email protected]

Go to the Empower Hour page and listen to Oct. 13 and Oct. 27, 2021 for further instructions.



We have a duty to protect the public and minors from this harmful, deadly, injection.

Healthcare Professionals

Letter for healthcare professionals to send to their professional college’s registrar.





The media need to be held personally liable for the deception and distortion of facts, that they have perpetrated on the public regarding the withholding of information and/or promotion of hate speech including but not limited to, the harms of masking, lockdowns, social distancing, PCR testing, the experimental injections (“vaccines”) as well as the targeted attacks against any dissenting voice, including medical professionals.

Premiers & Health Officials

If you are a church leader, business owner, educator, medical professional, law enforcement or firefighter…. Sign and send one of the following notices to your Premier and Provincial Health Officer advising them that you will no longer comply with Orders that are unlawful, irrational, causing harm, and in violation of the Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Mobility Rights

Every citizen has the Guaranteed right to travel in Canada. The right to enter, remain and leave Canada.

Further Response Letter Templates

Have you served a Notice of Liability and are now engaging in follow up conversation with Elected Officials, government officials, unions, educators or employers and wondering how to write a letter?

Then this page is for you. Action4Canada has also been engaging in letter writing and we have creative templates as examples for you to use to craft your own letter.

Notice of Liability Flyers

I Care Card

NEW: Occupational Health & Safety Legislation: In relation to Workplace Violence and Harassment Canada.

Fill out this I Care Card to report potential hazards or events of objectionable or unwelcome conduct, comments, threats, bullying, physical and psychological harm.

BC Medical Section 9 Representation Agreement

NEW: Hospitals across Canada have been prohibiting access to loved ones after being admitted. The Section 9 Representation Agreement allows you to be physically present and help make decisions and oversee the care of your loved one. Applies in BC only.

NOLs in Action

Notice of Liability (Elected/Appointed Official) Served to Mayor and Council (Kamloops, BC)

Action4Canada accepts no responsibility or liability for any harms or losses that occur as result of delivering this notice. If you do not agree to these terms then please do not use this notice. We do not make any representations or warranties about the potential consequences of delivering this Notice of Exemption/Non-Consent (eg. removal of child from a private school). A parent/legal guardian must decide what is in the best interest of their child.

Vax Victims

Notices of Liability

Mask Notice of Liability

Advance Medical Directive

Charter Rights

Calls to Action

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