Up until 2016, euthanasia was rightly considered an act of murder under Canadian Law. However, with the support of a radical Supreme Court ruling, the Trudeau government decreed doctors and nurses could murder their terminally ill patients, if their patients “consent”.

This initial class of “candidates for killing” – the terminally ill – was soon expanded to include those who are not even dying. Disabled Canadians were added to the “eligibility list” in 2021. Those experiencing depression or other forms of mental illness will be added, beginning March 17, 2023.

Canadians need to know the truth about “legal” euthanasia  who it is killing and how it is corrupting our healthcare system. We need to recognize the evil our government has unleashed. Read More

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David Cooke joins Tanya this week to discuss his new book, “Trudeau’s MAiD Service: A Euthanasia Program for Canada.” In his book, David explains and critiques the Trudeau government’s killing protocol for the diseased, disabled, and depressed. Concealed under the newly-invented “right to die”, the government has actually created a “right to kill”, putting everyone at risk and corrupting our healthcare system in the process. David reveals how the Trudeau Liberals are using the sweet-sounding euphemism of “Medical Assistance in Dying” (MAiD) to unleash a murderous scheme, in which more and more groups of vulnerable Canadians are being deemed “killable” and treated as “lives unworthy of life”.

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MAiD Killings in Canada

This chart represents MAiD deaths received by Health Canada and the jurisdictions (by January 31, 2022) for a total of 10,064 MAiD deaths in 2021.

30,000 Canadians were euthanized, in total, over the first five years of the program. That’s roughly equal to the population of Stratford, Ontario. Imagine the entire city of Stratford wiped off the map without any major political fuss or outrage!

The catastrophic, unnecessary Covid-19 mandates, lockdowns and restrictions, led to a frightening increase in suicides. For those currently standing on the ledge, will MAiD provide too easy an option in taking that final jump?

Euthanizing Veterans?

It is shocking how open and transparent the government is when discussing all the possibilities of euthanasia. Such as the Millions in Healthcare Costs it could save and combining euthanasia with organ donation … “an excellent idea which could yield top-quality organs for needy patients.” In the news article from 2017 they report that the “health system could save up to up to $139 million every year.” On August 16, 2022 Global News reported that Veterans Affairs discussed medically assisted death with a veteran suffering from PTSD. 

Are you getting a clear picture of just how serious this is?

The Slippery Slope of Euthanasia Continues in Canada

The government believes they have the power to mandate that doctors and nurses must participate in euthanasia and assisted suicide. They are being asked to do so directly – by administering the lethal injection themselves – or indirectly – by providing an “effective referral” to someone else who will do the deed. Conservative MP Kelly Block tabled Bill C-230  “An Act to amend the Criminal Code (intimidation of health care professionals)”, which will penalize anyone who tries to compel doctors, nurses, pharmacists, or other health care workers to participate in euthanasia – whether directly or indirectly.

On October 10, 2022 this Bill was defeated in the House, Yeas: 115 Nays: 208.  

According to the Canadian Constitution, “freedom of conscience and religion” is a “fundamental freedom.” Therefore, why are we even having to entertain an amendment to protect these guaranteed rights? Trudeau and the liberal caucus are running roughshod over our rights when in reality they have no authority to do so. 

We must unite and together take a stand against this cabal, defend one another, and vote out the tyrants and evil doers in the land!

You Can Help Make a Difference

Mental health supports should never include assisted suicide. People struggling with depression could include a new mom with post-partum, a student with the burden of paying loans, or a dear loved one who has experienced trauma and is unsure on how to cope.

In March 2023, the government will open up assisted suicide to Canadians with mental illness. Please help stop this!

Take Action: Go to ARPA Canada’s Website, Care Not Kill, to find out what you can do about it. Order pamphlets, contact your MP, write a letter and/or sign a petition to the House of Commons. 

Solution: Help candidates who align with your values run for office, and then get out and VOTE!

Join an Action4Canada Chapter or apply to become a Chapter Leader. We MUST remove and replace every elected official who has been complicit with this death culture campaign. Action4Canada’s goal is to be in every town and city across Canada. Together we CAN take back every level of government.

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