Political, Radical, Islam

Political Islam is a threat to the sovereignty and security of the Western world. Progressive Muslims, Christians, and other non-Islamists are fleeing Islamic nations. This is due to the threat associated with the radical and violent nature of Islamic ideology which forms the foundation of their tyrannical and intolerant political system. Western nations are challenged with the task of finding a way to separate radical extremists from the modern Muslim. The problem is that no matter what country moderate, or progressive, Muslims enter…the Radicals always follow. And they have the power, money, and intent to bring the destruction. Their goal is world domination…one nation at a time.

In order for Canada to remain a beacon of hope for those who are fleeing death and persecution, we must be willing to not only face the threat but expose it and eradicate it.


The Rise of Political Islam in Canada – A Detailed Report – February 2019: This report outlines the threat of Islam in Canada and how the government has facilitated this threat from within.


Multiculturalism: Tearing at the Fabric of our Nation

Multiculturalism: Tearing at the Fabric of our Nation

Multiculturalism Part 2: Tearing at the fabric of our nation. Canadians have been strategically and psychologically conditioned to accept the slow takeover of our nation. The plan has been in the works for nearly 80 years and is directly tied to the UN/WEF Global 2030/2050 Agenda. Canadians need to understand that they have not only a right but a duty, to preserve Canada’s Christian heritage that underpins our democracy and freedoms.

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Al Quds Day Should be Banned in Canada

Israel is a close ally of Canada.

The Palestinians for years have spewed hatred on the streets in cities across Canada. There has been multiple calls to have Al Quds day banned. The speakers at these events often are reported to have ties to violent Islamic organizations and suspected and alleged links to terrorism. Rear article for more information HERE

Palestinians have no right to fill our streets with hate or bring their war here. If they immigrated to Canada they should reasonably be expected to integrated and assimilate and embrace Canadian values.

Canada MUST Pull out of the UN

April 17, 2023 – Islamic Countries are Buying out UN Agencies
Their goal is world domination and they are using the UN to shut down dissent and infilitrate western nations.

CAHN Attacks ACT! for Canada – November 18, 2021 – CAHN suggests that there is something deeply sinister in the desire to protect one’s country’s traditional values against those who, often with contempt and derision, seek to radically alter them.

Political Entryism – Legal Action Commences
Please Help, Donate to Daniel Bordman’s Legal Fund – Sept. 9, 2020

Political Entryism – A National Security Threat – Part 2
E-mail Ontario MPPs and Andrew Scheer – August 11, 2020

Trudeau Continues to Deny Asylum to Persecuted, Nigerian, Christian Family. July 6, 2020  Deportation ordered in November 2019. The family is currently living in hiding … in “Canada!”