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Political Islam is a threat to the sovereignty and security of the Western world. Progressive Muslims, Christians, and other non-Islamists are fleeing Islamic nations. This is due to the threat associated with the radical and violent nature of Islamic ideology which forms the foundation of their tyrannical and intolerant political system. Western nations are challenged with the task of finding a way to separate radical extremists from the modern Muslim. The problem is that no matter what country moderate, or progressive, Muslims enter…the Radicals always follow. And they have the power, money, and intent to bring the destruction. Their goal is world domination…one nation at a time.

In order for Canada to remain a beacon of hope for those who are fleeing death and persecution, we must be willing to not only face the threat but expose it and eradicate it.

ReportThe Rise of Political Islam in Canada – A Detailed Report – February 2019: This report outlines the threat of Islam in Canada and how the government has facilitated this threat from within. 

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Canada MUST Pull out of the UN


April 17, 2023 – Islamic Countries are Buying out UN Agencies
Their goal is world domination and they are using the UN to shut down dissent and infiltrate western nations.

Listen to the Testimony of a Former Muslim who Converted to Christianity

Al Quds Day/Palestinian Rallies Should be Banned in Canada

Palestinians have been spewing hate for years in Canada, in their mosques and on the streets. Speakers at events, such as Al Quds day, are often reported to have ties to violent Islamic organizations and suspected and alleged links to terrorism. Their recent Pro-Hamas/Pro-terrorist rallies in cities across Canada is not a new sentiment from this community.

So why is Trudeau allowing it and why has he just agreed to import more Palestinians into Canada? The answer is votes. He is despised by the majority of true Canadians so he needs to import voters to keep his reign of terror going. However, Trudeau has a duty to put the safety and security of Canadians first and foremost. Rising anti-Semitism and attacks against Canadian citizens is directly related to the increase in the Islamic population, as a result of Trudeau’s reckless decisions.

The Jewish community has always lived at peace with Canadians so the answer to this growing problem is to stop allowing immigrants in from third world violent nations who hate the West and who have no intention on embracing Canadian culture or our values that are founded on Judeo Christian biblical principles.

Countering Hamas/Israel War Propaganda and Fake News

Genocide in Gaza? The truth you won’t hear on mainstream media. Click on image below to watch video.

Tunnels Under UNWRA

Palestinians: The “Uninvolved Citizens” are VERY much involved.

Tunnels From Rafah to Egypt!

The United Nations and the Media have supported Hamas by spreading propaganda and misinformation about the deaths of women and children in Gaza. The UN recently admitted that the numbers of deaths are much lower than reported. Hamas planned the war placing its military resources in homes, schools, mosques, and hospitals and thus ensuring that once it started a war civilians would suffer greatly. Its gigantic tunnel network is meant to protect its fighters, not one single civilian. Hamas wants the world to believe that the main casualties and fatalities have been women and children, an argument almost universally accepted until very recently. 

Another false and misleading narrative was that Israel ordered that no electricity, food or fuel would be provided for the Palesitinians. The truth is that Israel did not “close” Gaza to food, electricity or the like. In fact, more food trucks are entering Gaza each and every day now than were entering the coastal territory before Hamas’ genocidal mass killings on October 7. Video footage shows market stalls teeming in Gaza, hardly in line with the hysterical and entirely unsupported claims made by some commentators that minimal aid is entering Gaza.

If you are an individual who is pro-Palestinian, Pro-Islam, and anti-Israel we recommend that you watch this documentary and then tell us again how you think Israel is in the wrong for the actions they are taking to destroy Hamas and do whatever is necessary to eliminate the threat and get the hostages returned to their families.
This is not a war where Islam plays by any rules of engagement. They never do. Their motus operandi is to massacre and cause as much pain and suffering as possible. 
If you don’t take the time to watch this video and if you can’t actually name the River and the Sea…without looking it up…you should keep your uneducated opinions to yourself.
Multiculturalism: Tearing at the Fabric of our Nation

Multiculturalism: Tearing at the Fabric of our Nation

Multiculturalism Part 2: Tearing at the fabric of our nation. Canadians have been strategically and psychologically conditioned to accept the slow takeover of our nation. The plan has been in the works for nearly 80 years and is directly tied to the UN/WEF Global 2030/2050 Agenda. Canadians need to understand that they have not only a right but a duty, to preserve Canada’s Christian heritage that underpins our democracy and freedoms.

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CAHN Attacks ACT! for Canada – November 18, 2021 – CAHN suggests that there is something deeply sinister in the desire to protect one’s country’s traditional values against those who, often with contempt and derision, seek to radically alter them.
Political Entryism – Legal Action Commences
Please Help, Donate to Daniel Bordman’s Legal Fund – Sept. 9, 2020
Political Entryism – A National Security Threat – Part 2
E-mail Ontario MPPs and Andrew Scheer – August 11, 2020
Trudeau Continues to Deny Asylum to Persecuted, Nigerian, Christian Family. July 6, 2020  Deportation ordered in November 2019. The family is currently living in hiding … in “Canada!”