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Second Annual Call to Action to Ban Non-Government and Special Interest Group Flags

June has arrived, and with it the LGBTQ+ demands for preferential treatment.

This action letter is in regards to the segregation, discrimination, inequality and discontent being created as a result of non-government flags, and those of political and special interest groups, being raised in/at government spaces such as schools, city halls, libraries, and on police uniforms.

For instance, organizers of Pride month are demanding and expecting their flag to be flown throughout the month of June and they have also lobbied the police to wear the Pride flag symbol on their uniforms.

To ban something is not censorship when the laws of the land, including the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, are being violated. If the law states that everyone is equal under the law and that public spaces are to be neutral, then it is a reasonable expectation for it to be so. 

Side question: Why is there only one day a year allotted to celebrate Canada Day and only one day for our Veterans, but a whole month to celebrate a highly political special interest group? Further, should we continue to permit the pride parades which have become a platform for public debauchery, nudity and lewd adult performances?

Are you aware that public spaces must remain neutral? The “Duty of State Neutrality” stipulates that neutrality must be adhered to and upheld by elected officials and must be done so without favour and in respect of the law. Giving special rights to any one group is divisive and unlawful.

The Supreme Court of Canada addressed this issue in Mouvement laïque québécois v. Saguenay (City), 2015 SCC 16, [2015] 2 S.C.R. 3 (para 72 -74)1. It states:

[73]…When the state adheres to a belief, it is not merely expressing an opinion on the subject. It is creating a hierarchy of beliefs and casting doubt on the value of those it does not share. It is also ranking the individuals who hold such beliefs.
[74] By expressing no preference, the state ensures that it preserves a neutral public space that is free of discrimination and in which true freedom to believe or not to believe is enjoyed by everyone equally, given that everyone is valued equally.

The RCMP/Municipal Police have two main responsibilities, to keep Canadians safe and to enforce the law and they must also be politically neutral.

Also, according to Section (15) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, citizens have the right to be treated equally under the law.

“Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination”.

Do you feel that your right to equal treatment is being trampled on in favour of special interest groups? If so, then please sign and send the letter to “Ban all Non-Government and Special Interest Group Flags” to your local politicians, school principals, libraries and your local police.

The letter also helps to educate citizens on critical facts that they should be aware of in regards to the individuals who are behind these flag campaigns. Such as:

The Pride flag is political and divisive in nature and the creator of the Pride flag, Gilbert Baker, did not mince words when he declared its meaning:

“That’s what flags are for. Flags are about proclaiming power… that visibility is Key to our success and to our justice.”

With this in mind…do we want the Pride flag being raised at our schools claiming power over our youth? …or our cities?

Here are some even more compelling reasons why these symbols should not be celebrated and why they are offensive to the majority of Canadians. For example, are you aware that some of the creators of the of these symbols have nefarious proclivities and deviant sexual fetishists, including a fixation on castrating children?

The creator of the trans flag, Robert Hogge (aka Monica Helms), forced his wife to participate in his fetishistic cross-dressing and wrote ‘forced feminization’ (a porn genre) stories, including one about young girls who never age. Hogge tells many stories but one in particular sexualizes a child, and in his memoir, Hogges said the concept of that story came to him in a dream.

After his divorce was finalized, Hogge began frequenting sex clubs which “afforded patrons the chance to watch people have sex in windowed rooms.” Helms says these clubs “enabled me to fulfill each and every fantasy I had concerning sex with men. This included orgies…”

In addition, as reported by Reduxx, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) is a top trans medical association that collaborates in castration and child abuse fetishists.

This international association, which sets guidelines for the medical ‘transitioning’ of children, has been collaborating with participants of a fetish forum that hosts and produces fictional child pornography and extreme sadomasochistic content. They are associated with the Eunuch Archives which hosts over 3,000 pieces of fictional child pornography that detail the rape, torture, and killing of children. In some narratives, children with stunted puberty are raped by doctors. In others, children are castrated by force as part of a sadistic sexual torture ritual. Professor Emeritus at California State University Chico, who goes by the pseudo name Jesus, is a member of the forum and works extensively with WPATH.

Another associate is Johnson who has published research based on surveys he has personally conducted with other members of the Archives. His academic interests advocate for expanding the concept of ‘gender identity’ to include men with sadomasochistic and even pedophilic castration fantasies — something that has now been included as a Male-to-Eunuch identity in the draft Standards of Care for the WPATH.

Genevieve Gluck, Co-founder of Reduxx, has done extensive research on these matters. Learn more about individuals who are behind this radical agenda, including WPATH, who created the Standard of Care for trans children.

According to Johnson’s own research, the majority of site members who participated in these surveys cited sexual fantasy as their main reason for interest in castration. Some surveys participants asserted that they became sexually aroused when witnessing animal castration. Additionally, group members have used the forum to request information regarding doctors willing to perform orchiectomies without a psychiatric evaluation. There are also personal ads where participants request partners for BDSM acts. “Seeking total body modification… Slave in search of Master that would like to take a boy and transform it into an exotic fetish toy,” wrote one site member.

EGALE, a Canadian 2SLGBTQ advocacy group, launched a campaign last year, calling on municipalities to raise the Pride flag claiming that there is a rise in hate toward this group. In reality, the majority of citizens are rightfully concerned about this political special interest group’s relentless demand to monopolize society and push their radical sexual ideologies on others, consuming tax dollars to implement and support their agenda and being permitted to influence and interfere with the safety and well-being of children, and parental rights.

It is clear by the comments on EGALE’s twitter page that support is waning due to the rising awareness of sexual deviancy, their overreach and public attacks of anyone who does not support their agenda.

It is time for elected officials and other individuals who have blindly supported the 2SLGBTQ agenda, possibly with good intentions, to do their research and cease and desist capitulating to their demands. The loud voice afforded to the 2SLGBTQ activists must be tempered and it is imperative that the voice of reason, rationale and common sense prevail.

Therefore, request that only the federal, provincial and municipal flags be permitted to be raised in all public spaces, to maintain unity and peace and to respect the equal rights of ALL citizens according to the rule of law and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Be sure to do your part and take ACTION!

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