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Action4Canada Inc
102 – 15910 Fraser Hwy, Suite #453
Surrey, BC V4N 0X9

E-mail:  [email protected]

Media Enquiries, Interview or Appearance Requests

Please email [email protected] regarding media, press and publicity related enquiries or requests for comment, interviews, and appearance bookings. Do not send general enquiries or FYI informational emails to this address.

Thank you or your interest in Action4Canada, Protecting Faith, Family and Freedom!


Website Enquiries

If you spot any errors on the Web site please contact us specifying the error and page that the error is on.

Thank you!

Prayer Requests

We welcome anyone that needs prayer to reach out to us with your specific prayer request and let us know how you prefer that we reach you. Your prayer requests will be prayed over and we make ourselves available to call you to pray with you over the phone. Please Submit your prayer request. Your requests will remain in strict confidence. Our policy if personal connections are requested (over the phone for example) that women to pray with women and men to pray with men.