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During this time of financial uncertainty, many Canadians are looking for ways to secure their assets. One strategy may be to place a portion of your portfolio into the precious metals – silver and gold coins and bars. Historically, silver and gold have retained their value during times of economic turmoil.

To better assist our A4C members in all Provinces in Canada, in securing precious metals, we are pleased to announce an affiliation with Steve Merrill of Sun City Silver in Kelowna. Steve is a friend of the freedom movement and is offering A4C members some of the best pricing in Canada by leveraging his client volumes (many millions last year) with an Alberta company called Silver Gold Bull. SGB is a Canadian market leader with an interactive website that reveals live pricing 24 hours a day and just under 400,000 5 Star reviews on Trustpilot from paying customers. When you purchase through Steve, you are also helping support Action4Canada as Steve is giving us a small percentage contribution on each sale made using the email below.

Bonus: Indicate that you are an A4C member as Steve is offering a BONUS PURE silver ‘bullet’ to A4C members on all orders over $5,000

Please note that we are not financial planners, nor is Steve Merrill. Your decisions are your own and your future dealings are with the parties mentioned in this guidance document. For directions on purchasing precious metal with Steve’s guidance, see below.

Directions for Purchasing Precious Metals Via Sun City Silver

Please read carefully as these directions are specific to A4C members.

1. Visit the website at, here you will see the Canadian dollar “spot” (futures market) pricing near the top of the site, and then below the various links to a large variety of silver and gold coins and bars. Note there is considerable premium above the futures market price for physical investment-grade silver and gold.

2. Steve suggests acquiring more silver than gold as the 75-to-1 ratio has never been more favorable towards silver (search an article “600 Year Silver Bear Market”), and then weighting your order with 25% in 1 ounce sovereign coins (Canadian Maple Leafs, Perth Mint Kangaroos, or The Royal Mint Britannias), 25% in generic 1 ounce rounds (Sunshine or Silvertowne), and the balance in 10 ounce or 1000 gram (32.15 ounces) bars which come cheaper by the ounce.

3. The website reveals discounted pricing for larger quantities. A4C members will receive the very best published price, regardless of quantity (i.e. one silver maple is the same price to you as 1500, etc.) and often even better.

4. When you are ready to proceed, use the shopping cart on the website to gather your desired order (add the items and enter the quantity) and see the retail pricing. Next, do not proceed to checkout, instead take a screenshot or photo of the cart, and then send that image to Steve by email ( [email protected] ). If you cannot enable a screenshot or photo, simply list the various items and quantities in your email. Please include your name, address, and telephone number. Steve will then contact you to discuss any revisions or recommendations to your order and perhaps offer something similar that you may have missed or that might be on sale.

5. Indicate that you are a A4C member as Steve is offering a BONUS PURE silver ‘bullet’ to A4C members on all orders over $5,000.

IMPORTANT — Use the website to browse and identify your preferences only. Steve will establish the final price and create the new order number with SGB on your behalf. Payments on confirmed orders must be made within 48 hours. Silver Gold Bull accepts online bill payments, bank wires, and e-transfers.

Insured shipping is included on all A4C member orders. Sales taxes do not apply on pure silver and gold coins and bars.

Steve is happy to speak over the phone and answer any questions but asks that you reach out via email initially and include your phone number so he can set a time to return your call. If you are in the Okanagan area, his office is located near downtown Kelowna.

Contact Information:

Steve Merrill


Email: [email protected]

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