Part 2: Canadian Fires = Global Control

Also, watch interview on Geoengineering/Weather Modification with Mike Beckwith
Send questions to elected officials on climate change

Robert, a forensic arborist, joins Tanya once again on the Empower Hour to provide another thought provoking presentation that brings into question the origins of the massive fires that have been ignited in Canada. The government, with the help of the mainstream media, provide news reports that are crafted to make Climate Change out to be the culprit but Robert provides very compelling evidence that something else, very sinister, is afoot. See below for additional reports on the recent fires in BC, including the tragic Monte Lake fires of 2021.

As an arborist, Robert is abounding in knowledge of flora and fauna. He has studied the plant kingdom for the last 48 years and has been a certified arborist for 20 years. He has learnt all about the native wildflowers, ferns, shrubs, vines and trees in most of central California including the habitats in which they grow. He has taken one hundred and six trips to thirty-eight fire aftermaths, mostly in California, and determined that only three were natural wildfires. Robert has also reported on the recent fires in Maui and will be joining us on the upcoming Empower Hour to expose the anomalies associated with the Canadian fires. Be sure to Register in Advance and please share the link and invite others.

Part 1: Global Fires = Global Control

In July 2023, Robert was a guest on the Empower Hour and provided an in-depth report exposing the evidence and strange anomalies associated with ‘unnatural’ fires in the US and other parts of the world. The video has over 119,00 views and Action4Canada requests that you share this presentation widely with elected officials, those working in the forest industry, mainstream local media and environmental groups, as well as through your social media, and with friends, family and co-workers. Include the additional information found on A4C’s page: Global Fires = Global Control

Request that your local officials investigate and provide you with a response, in writing.

Shuswap, BC Fires Intentionally Lit by the Government

In this video, Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the Shuswap fires. Dan exposes the director of wildfire operations in BC, Cliff Chapman, admitting that they started the fires with a planned ignition and that they did this even though they knew strong winds were approaching.

The RCMP ordered local police to stop anyone from entering the area in an effort, they claim, to “prevent looting”.  They set up blockades and prohibited homeowners and others who wanted to help, from accessing much needed food, water, generators and fuel in their desperate effort to fight the fires to protect their property, as is their God-given right. The media painted a heroic picture of firefighters and the police acting in the best interest of homeowners but watch the video and see for yourselves that firefighters were told to stand down and the police refused to listen to the appeals of residents…stating firmly that they “were just following orders”. The government and police interference is reminiscent of what happened two years ago in Monte Lake and Paxton Valley, BC. See the documentary below.

Climate Change or…Arson and Land Grabs?

Homeowners and ranchers are equipped to put fires out at the early stages but when the government steps in and prohibits them from doing so, the consequences are devastating. Ranchers are being instructed not to fight the fires. However, they are more than qualified to successfully extinguish them with minimal damage to their land and property, if they act quickly. In these rural communities there were local residents armed with bulldozers and other equipment, but they were denied access.

The fire was small and easily containable but BC Wildfire Services would not let anyone in to fight that fire and let it burn for 48 hours because of red tape and bureaucracy that is useless.”

As one of the brave souls pointed out in the documentary, “Soft men make soft people.” Therefore, we need to stand strong and take action if we intend to win this war. 

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Arson Driven Wildfires Being Used as Catalyst for Canadian FEMA

Problem – Reaction – Solution

Throughout Canada many citizens believe that the government is behind the arson attacks and that their climate change propaganda has grown into a religious cult that consists of eco-terrorists working on their behalf.

There are also legitimate concerns that Directed Energy Technology is being used and when combined with 5G and geoengineering technology, is causing extreme ignitions and creating a perfect storm. The mainstream news and RCMP refuse to address this but, at the very least, they are reporting that the majority of fires were indeed set by arsonists. Regardless of this, Trudeau stands on his soap box and parrots the same rhetoric again and again, ad nauseam, pointing at climate change as the culprit. This of course is being done to create another government department in their incremental agenda to control and micro-manage Canadians at the local level.

Currently, the government has a National Emergency Response System, which interestingly consists of ‘international (aka globalist) stakeholders’ and are now claiming that it is necessary to also develop a national disaster response agency, to deal with ‘extreme weather events’. What they are developing is a Canadian version of the United States’ Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

FEMA was created in 1979 to prepare for, prevent, and respond to events like terrorist attacks and natural disasters. However, the world witnessed how they treated the residents of Maui and it was nothing short of shocking and inhumane and should be a huge red-flag warning to Canadians.


Canadians need to strongly oppose every aspect of this agenda which is designed to drive people off their land and into 15 Minute Cities!

This is your opportunity to meet with your mayor and council, MLA/MPP and MP and provide them valuable information. It is also the right time to be proactive and serve them the 15 Minute City Notice of Liability advising them that this is an exercise in futility because we will not surrender our freedoms and rights to a globalist cabal, and that they could be held personally liable for participating in this act of treason!

Additional Plan of ActionJOIN an Action4Canada Chapter or volunteer to be a leader, and become actively involved in your community. Also know who you are voting for in upcoming elections and where they stand on these critical issues.

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