Children are at Risk of Being Irreparably Harmed

For many years Action4Canada has been ringing the alarm on the dangers of government-funded education. A destructive Marxist agenda (from teaching Critical Race Theory and Climate Change alarmism to the aggressive agenda to sexualize our children) has been unleashed and is taking over. As a result, youth today are at great risk of harm and are suffering from extremely high levels of anxiety and depression and only their parents have the power to change it.

Action4Canada is committed to exposing and fighting this targeted attack against our children, who are the future of this country, but we are also focused on helping parents in whatever way we can. We have created a Homeschooling page that includes lists of vetted Homeschooling AssociationsParent Webinars and other resources to help assist parents in taking the next steps. There is a growing national movement wherein parents are pulling their children out of the education system and opting to homeschool, or register their children into newly developing independent schools that do not rely on government funding. This is the future of education!

The Solution is to Exit Publicly-Funded Education

Wednesday, January 24, 2024 4:30pm PST/7:30pm EST Register in Advance.
4:30pm PST – A4C Orientation; 4:45pm PST – Tanya’s update; 5pm PST/8pm EST – Empower Hour guest segment.

Alex Newman, founder of Liberty Sentinel, joins Tanya Gaw once again on the Empower Hour to talk about several issues (COP28, mass immigration and Davos) with a focus on his new book, Indoctrinating Our Children to Death: Government Schools’ War on Faith, Family, & Freedom – And How to Stop It. Alex’s latest book exposes with meticulous research, the origins of America’s public school system and how, through non-governmental educational alternatives such as home education, America (and Canada) can be saved. Although Alex is an American our current public education systems are very similar and therefore, the same solutions apply!

Are you aware that we had a wonderful and effective education system…before the government got involved?! Believe it or not, but it was based on good old-fashioned, traditional learning built on a biblical Christian worldview, and passing these values on to our children.

Learn more about our guest and Share the Empower HERE.

Proof: Students are Being Indoctrinated, Groomed and Sexualized

Tanya Gaw, Founder of Action4Canada, provides evidence that the SOGI 123 learning resources are 100% incrementally indoctrinating, sexualizing and grooming children. The SOGI 123 (aka CSE/Wynne Sex-Ed) lesson plans provide a shocking look at how government-funded education is being used to breakdown societal norms and the natural family by confusing children, exploiting their innocence and destroying their natural barriers against predatory behaviour. Tanya reviews the SOGI 123 Toolkit Binder: Teaching Resource, that was created specifically for children in kindergarten to grade 6. 

You will be appalled and horrified by the techniques they are using to indoctrinate, groom and turn children against their parents. This presentation will answer your questions as to how and why there is a mass social contagion of children who are identifying as lgbtq or the opposite sex. It is not by chance, but by design. Please view A4C’s Political LGBTQ Page to access further videos, the notices of liability, flyers, and other critical information and resources.

Tanya’s presentation has the power to save children’s lives so please share it and help warn parents, before it is too late. This truly is a 911 Call to do whatever is necessary to get children and youth out of government-funded institutions and into non-government educational alternatives, such as homeschooling.

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God bless you and God bless Canada!

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