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The Rising Concerns and Opposition to LGBTQ Political Extremism


The following report was written to address the rising opposition to municipalities and all government officials involvement with rainbow crosswalks, flags, “safe” stickers, conversion therapy bans, etc. There is a great deal of misinformation being provided by LGBTQ activists and it is the goal of this report to address these matters by providing evidence based resources and to re-direct elected officials and all government employees back to their original order of business which is good governance and away from institutionalizing ideological favouritism to minority groups.

Please keep the following statements in mind as you review this report;

  • The creator of the pride flag, Gilbert Baker, said, “That’s what flags are for, flags are about proclaiming power. That is the key to our success and to our justice.”

Long-time Canadian gay activist S. Bear Bergman confesses;

  • “I am here to tell you: All that time I said I wasn’t indoctrinating anyone with my beliefs about gay and lesbian and bi and trans and queer people? That was a lie,”

Pride Society executive director Andrea Arnot states,

This last statement is raising the legitimate question as to why are municipal, provincial and federal governments using taxpayer’s money to fund the LGBTQ’s political campaigns and programs? The Pride Society “should not be playing politics with the taxpayers’ money”. Tens of millions of dollars is going toward funding parades, crosswalks, public ads, etc… per province.

The LGBTQ community is comprised of socially supportive networks as well as militant political activist groups. The activists have an aggressive agenda which is heavily interfering with, and violating, the Charter Rights and Freedoms of Canadians. Specifically parental rights, individual rights and family rights.

The activist’s plan is a multifaceted and multi-layered one using self-victimization and soft language such as “safe, caring, and inclusive” as a means to effectively shut down opposition and advance their agenda. Through portraying the LGBTQ as vulnerable victims of prejudice and violence they gain sympathy which has mobilized supporters and marginalized and stigmatized opposition through the use of accusations of homophobia, transphobia, etc. The activists have effectively lobbied political institutions to both normalize and enforce “their” sexual values.

However, due to the activist’s overreaching campaign their reputation for being intolerant, violent and hateful is growing. Especially when confronted with the reality that not everyone is on the same page and may have differing views.

Business owners, parents, elected officials, law enforcement, teachers, school trustees, universities, libraries and random citizens are being targeted with great precision, anyone whose values do not align with their own radical ideology.

Here are some examples:

LGBTQ activists have strategically entered all levels of government and along with using soft language are using their trusted positions to advance their agenda to force all of humanity to accept their extreme views. From the education system to top Federal positions of government, as well as the UN, the LGBTQ are working to dismantle the natural family and individual rights and freedoms. From the radical sex education resources indoctrinating children and confusing them by teaching “they can be a boy, girl, neither or anything in between”, to amending the Human Rights Code adding “gender identity and gender expression” as a specially protected group, they are successfully deconstructing societal, tried and true, norms. (Report UN/Sex ed) Read Here

Bill C-16 is the amendment to the H/R code at the federal level and recently Ken Hardie, Liberal MP, admitted the amendment is being used in a vexatious manner by LGBTQ activist and therefore Mr. Hardie has committed to having the Bill reviewed in Ottawa. This is a very significant and noteworthy admission.

Other elected officials are also beginning to respond with wisdom and understanding. In Chilliwack, BC, the Mayor and City Council recently denied a rainbow crosswalk after they carefully reviewed 100’s of e-mails in opposition and the reasons behind the letters of concern. They acknowledged the crosswalk is divisive, political and does not unify the community. However, despite witnessing democracy in action, the media stepped in to undermine, shame and vilify the mayor, city council and the public and once again used the opportunity to ‘marginalize’ LGBTQ youth. How are these youth supposed to gain confidence within themselves if the activists and media are consistently victimizing them? The majority of kids are bullied, not just the LGBTQ, and they equally have to find a way to deal with it. The activists are doing more harm than good to this community of youth and the media are fuelling division and resentment.

An example at the municipal level of individuals who have used their position to facilitate activists would be the former Mayor of Surrey, Ms. Hepner, and activist Councillor Villeneuve. They deceptively had closed door meetings for months with the President of Surrey Pride discussing the installation of a rainbow crosswalk. Just prior to the installation, the public became aware and despite opposition, the Mayor not only went ahead with it but publicly claimed it was her idea and further dismissed the opposition as ‘hate’.

Surrey School District Superintendent Jordan Tinney is another example of a government employee reportedly using his position to install a crosswalk without the City, the Board of Education or the public’s knowledge of it. It is reported that he, and a privately formed (unelected) committee, not only took it upon themselves to make this decision but further intended to install crosswalks at every high school in the District… at a cost of $240,000.00. This is outside of Mr. Tinney’s job description, misuse of the handling of taxpayer funds (budgeted specifically for education) and a breach of trust. In addressing the media, Mr. Tinney used carefully crafted catch phrases (soft language) in an effort to justify his actions. In spite of it, an investigation has been requested.

This is transpiring in cities and school boards across the nation. There is a great need for school infrastructure, salary increases for teachers, funding for special needs children, funding for the homeless, elderly and our veterans and yet this is where Canadian tax dollars are being spent?

Life is very difficult for the majority of people. The LGBTQ have not cornered the market on pain and suffering and therefore special privilege should not be given to any minority group as it devalues the worth of others. “Everyone” has the right to be treated equally with kindness and respect according to Section 15(1) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

To ensure equality is upheld, a Supreme Court Ruling stipulates there must be a “Duty of State Neutrality” wherein public spaces must remain neutral.

The Supreme Court of Canada addressed this issue in Mouvement laïque québécois v. Saguenay (City), 2015 SCC 16, [2015] 2 S.C.R. 3 (para 72 -74). states:

  • [73]…“When the state adheres to a belief, it is not merely expressing an opinion on the subject. It is creating a hierarchy of beliefs and casting doubt on the value of those it does not share. It is also ranking the individuals who hold such beliefs:
  • [74]”By expressing no preference, the state ensures that it preserves a neutral public space that is free of discrimination and in which true freedom to believe or not to believe is enjoyed by everyone equally, given that everyone is valued equally.

The LGBTQ activists are masquerading as social justice warriors but the following list exposes a much different reality. The consequences of submitting to the propaganda is having a devastating affect on individuals and society as a whole. Yet citizens are expected to remain silent.

Last but not least is the push for a Conversion Therapy Ban. Across the nation the LGBTQ activists, at all levels of government, are demanding a ban on so called “conversion” therapy. An antiquated form of therapy that no longer exists but once consisted of electric shock treatment (which was outlawed 50 yrs ago but that detail is not mentioned).

The current definition of Conversion Therapy is “the pseudoscientific practice of trying to change an individual’s sexual orientation from homosexual or bisexual to heterosexual using psychological or spiritual interventions”.

LGBTQ activists are using the term Conversion Therapy in an effort to demonize all therapy sought by those who are experiencing unwanted same sex attraction. More specifically, it targets parents in order to prohibit them from taking their child to therapy if questioning their gender.

A Guide for municipalities was recently developed to dictate “The Roles and Responsibilities of Municipalities” in relation to Conversion Therapy. As no surprise it was created by a group of LGBTQ activists and does not include any research or evidence to support the success of therapy or the health risks of promoting the LGBTQ lifestyle.

Many of the individuals who are so adamantly opposed to therapy are those who were unsuccessful themselves, or uninterested, in embracing a heterosexual life. Does this therefore give them the right to impose their outcome and resolve on others and prohibit them, especially parents, from pursuing counselling in order to address the deeper issues of potential abuse, anxiety or depression?

Many Bills to ban therapy, provincially and federally, have been put forth.  NDP MP, Sherri Benson, created an E-Petiton to prohibit parents from taking their child for therapy not only within Canada but it stipulates outside of Canada as well and then further calls for legislation to make it a criminal offence if they do. This means that children who have experienced childhood sexual abuse (which is a high percentage of children struggling with gender dysphoria and same sex attraction) will not be able to get the help they are in desperate need of in order to have the best possible chance to heal and live a healthy, well functioning life.

Studies show that 80-90% of children who express a discordant gender identity will come to identify with their bodily sex if natural development is not interfered with. Forty one percent of adults who identify as transgender attempts suicide at some point in their lives and those who have had sex reassignment surgery are 19 times more likely then the average person to die by suicide.

Regardless of these facts the activists and elected officials are pushing to ban therapy which, based on the statistics, would help the majority of children avoid the known health risks of an LGBTQ lifestyle.

Children are being mutilated through transitioning surgeries. In British Columbia a father paid for his daughter to have her breasts removed and a hysterectomy at the age of 14 yrs old and approved the hormone therapy. On the other extreme a father in BC is fighting to save his 14 year old daughter from doctors and judges who have removed his parental rights and instead the “State” has taken authority over her and is administering harmful puberty blockers.  One can only imagine this father’s plight to save his daughter?

It is a widely held consensus that the pre-frontal cortex, the decision-making part of the brain, does not fully form until people are into their mid 20’s.  So why aren’t Canadian politicians and lawmakers doing everything they can to stop this?

In the U.S. several States are proposing to make it a felony for doctors to perform gender transition procedures on minors, including mastectomy, vasectomy, castration, and other forms of genital mutilation, and ban the prescription of puberty-blocking drugs and cross-sex hormone therapy. Does this not make more sense than what the Liberals and NDP are proposing?

Unfortunately, despite all of this information the Liberal/NDP government are continuing their pursuit to ban conversion therapy and is targeting the municipalities to assist them.  Why? Well, according to Randy Boissonnault, MP, LGBTQ adviser to the Liberal Party of Canada:

  • “Your order of government is closest to the people”. “The approach to changing your bylaws to introduce a fine, prevent or pull licensing should conversion therapy activity take place is not only powerful, it is imperative to protect youth. We need your help because if the underground nature of these groups, organizations and individuals that subject people to the harms of conversion therapy they have long operated beyond basic jurisdictions and we should not leave any gaps in protecting our citizens and certainly our youth”.
  • Boissonnault goes on to say; “Now, the minister of justice, minister of health and I issued a letter to all of the ministers of health and ministers of justice across the country asking for their support at the provincial level and encouraging municipal councils to get involved in this and last week, when the minster of justice David Lametti, he indicated his personal and professional commitment to further criminalize this in the criminal code so that if this is happening in the margins, if this is happening in the basements, when this is happening in homes, that people now are practising conversion therapy know that the full weight of the criminal code and the law of Canada is against them and that they should go to jail. And we will work on that together.”
  • Kristopher Wells, the Canada Research Chair for the Public Understanding of Sexual and Gender Minority Youth, adds; “The ultimate goal is to ensure that conversion therapy is put into the Criminal Code of Canada, so no matter where you practise it, and if you are practising it, whether that’s in a basement or in a church, you’re going to go to jail because of this.
  • Senator Serge Joyal introduced Bill S-260. The Bill forbids “any practice, treatment or service designed to change an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity or to eliminate or reduce sexual attraction or sexual behaviour between persons of the same sex”.

In reality there is no evidence to support what they are saying due to the historical version of “Conversion Therapy” being obsolete but it certainly pulls on the heartstrings of the average person who is opposed to injustices.  We must not be so easily manipulated because much is at stake, not only lives but also our Constitutional freedoms.

Churches specifically are being targeted with the intention to remove charitable status.  As mentioned, the activists are using conversion therapy as a catalyst to demonize “all” therapy.

According to the “Guide for Municipalities” (pg4)

  • “opposing gender affirmative care and treatment is tantamount to a form of conversion therapy”

If they succeed could this not mean that anyone supporting or giving counsel to someone who wants to talk about their sexuality could potentially be imprisoned?  Would clergy, psychotherapists, counsellors and even teachers therefore be deemed to be practising Conversion Therapy if they were not giving counsel in a gender affirming manner?

It is interesting to note that no one in government is talking about the rising number of people who are de-transitioning and have transition regret.  They are left to deal with bodies permanently mutilated due to surgeries, removing perfectly good body parts, and the permanent damage caused by hormone therapy, such as reduced bone density and reduced fertility. (67.8% claimed they did not receive proper counselling prior to transitioning).  Also, why isn’t anyone talking about the health hazards of living an LGBTQ lifestyle…drug abuse, diseases, anal cancer, cardiovascular risk, etc. Never mind the doctors and big pharma’s profiteering from the enormous costs associated with surgeries and a lifetime of drugs.

Wouldn’t it be most beneficial to actually promote therapy/counselling in an effort to try and avoid this?

Walt Heyer is an author and public speaker who formerly identified as transgender.  He is the author of several books and through his website, SexChangeRegret.com, Heyer raises public awareness about those who regret gender change and the tragic consequences suffered as a result.

Mr. Heyer shares his story and warns against implementing radical hormonal and surgical interventions for gender dysphoric children. Heyer confirms the vast majority of children struggling with their gender identity have been sexually abused. He emphasizes the harm of affirming young children and speaks with authority based on his own personal experience and that of many others. Mr. Heyer confirms that affirming children in their confusion manifests further dysphoria and is tragically destroying children’s lives and that of their families.

The reality is that “Reparative Therapy” or Re-integrative Therapy is critical, and successful, for those who have experienced childhood abuse and anyone who is struggling with unwanted same sex attraction. Legislating against a person’s freedom to choose and punishing those who have the capacity to support people in their choices is neither compassionate nor compatible with a free and open society. To deprive anyone of this is a reflection of an oppressive and totalitarian system.

As for the controversial rainbow crosswalks, the Transportation Association of Canada, which was created to assess and recommend best practice, unequivocally prescribes unified crosswalks to ensure pedestrian safety, as does provincial policy. As for public spaces the Duty of State Neutrality ruling ensures that it “preserves a neutral public space that is free of discrimination and in which true freedom to believe or not to believe is enjoyed by everyone equally, given that everyone is valued equally”.

The symbol of the rainbow crosswalk and flag has come to represent all of the above and it has also become a sign of discrimination as it is exposing those who find the rainbow pride symbol offensive, to hatred and contempt.

When the Pride flag is elevated in public places or the rainbow crosswalk installed on our streets it is a political statement claiming territory over our schools, government facilities, cities and towns. As the creator of the flag, Gilbert Baker, said;

  • “That’s what flags are for, flags are about proclaiming power. That is the key to our success and to our justice.

This report was created to bring balance to the LGBTQ conversation. We all believe that everyone has the right to be treated equally under the law. However, the LGBTQ activists are focused on advancing solely the LGBTQ community at the cost of the equality and rights of others. They no longer want equal treatment, which they have achieved by the way, they want everyone to accept and embrace their ideologies and that is a violation of Canadian’s rights according to the Charter; the freedoms of religion, belief, thought, conscience, opinion and expression.

Citizens appeal to Elected Officials to focus on the duties they were appointed to uphold and to reject any further appeals to support the LGBTQ’s political propaganda. In so doing upholding and respecting the equality of all Canadians.

Thank you.