Dear Kelowna Mayor Dyas and City Council,

Questions… These are not rhetorical. I await your responses to each question:

1) Would the municipality promote someone painting their face and limbs black, and have him/her come perform “story hour” under the guise of “inclusion and tolerance?”

2) What about “performers” taping the corners of their eyes in an offensive attempt to mimic Asian features? Aren’t they entitled to “self-expression” and “acceptance,” too?

3) Would you label and smear those who’d rightfully protest such derision of ethnicity as “hateful?”

4) So, why is Kelowna library promoting a man (regardless of his sexual orientation) — primped and made up in a fashion to mock, demean and objectify women — for story hour?

5) Does Kelowna suffer a shortage of real women of enormous diversity in the community to serve as healthy role models to children? Mothers, grandmothers, veterinarians, police officers, chefs, classical pianists, firefighters, athletes, bus drivers, architects, tailors and on and on?

I, myself, am a highly qualified, retired ___ teacher who happens to be the first of my ethnicity — one of the world’s smallest minorities — born in BC. Yet, would the municipality ever think to pay me or any of the diverse community members above to come and give story hour?

Let’s be clear, whether or not, individual drag queens deploy sexually suggestive movements, language or behavior during story time presentations — and many do so aggressively — why would you normalize and condition children to view this “profession” as friendly and harmless, when drag queens were clearly conceived to be “adult entertainment?”

6) Would you endorse any of the following for story hour, if they feigned non-sexual, kiddie-friendly

* Strippers
* Prostitutes
* Pimps
* Drug traffickers
* Jail Inmates

Have a good look at the vile centre section of this video clip…

7) Why would any decent citizen want to promote, let alone pay, someone so sick,
so perverse, as to gleefully glorify torture, cannibalism and murder?

I eagerly await all your responses to my specific questions. In the meantime, I trust Council will do what is legally and ethically right and cancel this debacle paraded as “inclusive” by vacant virtue-signallers.

Yours sincerely,