“I Am A Woman”

Don’t disgrace me, erase me or try to replace me.
You see, I was crafted in my mother’s womb. Not a tomb, not a surgical room.
But within the safe and miraculous walls of my mother’s nurturing womb.
You try to fabricate, impersonate, replicate, denigrate and eliminate what a woman is.

Give your head a shake, you’re a fake…
they/them and zi/zer woman?

God the Creator
He is our Maker
…the final authority
To Him be the Glory.

He designed you
He breathed life into you
Before life began…
He had you and I in His perfect plan.

A word to the men…the enemies’ agenda is to emasculate, castrate, neuter and effeminate.
But you were made to be strong and courageous. So set aside the lies of the enemy, the gender non-conforming identity.
God created you special, as the provider, the supporter, the protector, the warrior.

We need you desperately to stand up and be counted, unquestionably.

God bless you all my brothers and sisters.

© 2022 Tanya Gaw. All Rights Reserved