Parental rights are under attack and our children
are being abused by the State

Action4Canada is working closely with Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson and many others in bringing awareness to the BC father who is fighting to save his daughter from the clutches of the LGBTQ Mafia (consisting of corrupt doctors, lawyers, judges and politicians).  Against the father’s wishes the State has empowered the daughter using the Infants Act and are injecting her with harmful hormone blockers, to “transition” her to a male

Laura Lynn became involved in this case when she interviewed the father and than posted it to social media which ended up violating a court ordered publication ban.  Because of this Laura Lynn and the father were summoned to court twice in February and there is a third court date set for March 9th.  Click Here for a quick overview of this case to bring you up to date.

There is no way we should be silenced from exposing the corruption and criminal elements of this case. 

Especially, when at least one of the doctors involved should be investigated for malpractice.  He is a Trans activist who oversees a gender dysphoria clinic in BC.  He was reported instructing parents to say their child is suicidal in order to expedite a child’s appointment to his clinic. Read Here   And, he has over 1000 children attending his clinic, “500″ of which are foster children.  Astoundingly, the BC Attorney General has involved himself and rather than investigate the doctor, he is looking to bring criminal charges against the father.

We request you show up at Court on March 9th AT 10 am, to support the father, Laura Lynn and Jenn Smith.  Sending a clear message, we will not permit the State to take control of our children and we are done with the LGBTQ militant agenda! 

Therefore, please share this Call To Action with anyone you know living in the Greater Vancouver area.

  • BC Superior Court @ 10am in Vancouver @ 800 Smithe St.   Directions

If you want the latest updates on this case, Subscribe here to Laura Lynn’s YouTube Channel.  For articles and resources exposing the LGBTQ agenda please visit our webpage…  Action4Canada