Dear Parents and Concerned Citizens of New Brunswick,

Recently, a Montreal based company that promotes LGBTQ ideology made its way into several New Brunswick schools to give a presentation called “Thirsty for the Talk”, under the guise of “health” promotions. Students (and some teachers) were shocked by the sexually explicit and highly inappropriate content of the presentation.

Parents were not informed in advance that their children would be exposed to this graphic material. In response, many letters of concern were written to school principals and the office of Premier Higgs. As a result, Premier Higgs, who is committed to defend the rights of parents and safeguard children in the province, has created a survey. Please take action, see below.

Here is what the Premier had to say about the survey.

“About a week ago I posted online my grave concerns about a presentation made at a local high school. Since then I have been mocked by political opponents and media commentators alike. But YOU are proof that there are many New Brunswickers who are not happy with what happened.

Over 3200 people responded to the survey I posted online last week. And out of that group, over 82% of New Brunswickers said they were “very concerned” about this presentation.

Thank you for making your voice heard. I had promised that if you provided your email address, I would send you an update. Here’s a summary of developments over the past week:

– Largest survey response this year. We regularly survey the public via social media, and this was our strongest response so far this year.

The survey is still open, if you know others who might want to chime in. Just copy this link and post it on your social media channels or send it via message to people in your network.

– Evaluating current content vetting and parental notification policies.

We recognize that different parents will feel differently as to what content they want their children to be exposed to at different ages.

One of the biggest concerns about this presentation is that it does not appear that proper vetting took place, or that parents were notified about the content.

If these things happen, then parents can make informed decisions, and inappropriate content can be questioned or removed in advance.

We are evaluating whether this was simply a breakdown in the system, or if changes need to be made. We will update as we know more.

– Viewing the presentation. One of the criticisms in the media was that I had not viewed the presentation.

The reality is, both government officials and a member of my Office has requested the slides from the Montreal-based company that ran the presentation, and these requests have been refused.

The company says that sharing the slides would violate their copyright, and that they are concerned we would review them “without context”.

So while the owner of the company tells the media that our government is not portraying her work correctly, they also won’t share the slides with us.

A member of my team is tentatively scheduled to meet with the company this week, on the condition they provide the slides. We can update on that meeting after it happens.

I know this is a long update, but I believe it’s important that you have access to the facts.

I am in the midst of reviewing the literal thousands of responses that were received in our survey, and I will have more to share about those soon, too.

Suffice to say for the moment, it was very encouraging to hear from parents, teachers and students who all share concerns.

I hope you find this information helpful. I will continue to stand with you, and work hard to make sure the role of parents in education is respected.

As I have said before: I believe children must be protected and parents must be respected.”

Blaine Higgs

Call To ActionThe survey is still open, if you have not already filled out this survey, please do so and share it with others and post it on your social media channels. Respond to survey HERE.

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