February 2020

Dear Friends,

Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson posted a conversation she had with the father of the 14 year old girl in BC who is undergoing harmful hormone treatment therapy against the will of the father.   He revealed his painful journey of trying to protect his daughter from the harms of the State.  The court (the gov’t) put a gag order in effect to prohibit Canadians from knowing just how insidious their attack is against parental rights and multiple other Charter Rights.  Activist doctors, lawyers, judges and politicians are all in on it.

Now, three lawyers are coming after Laura Lynn and demanding she remove the video.  But Laura Lynn cannot comply.

Listen to Laura Lynn’s compelling and heartfelt response.   We can not afford to be silent.  View Here

Laura Lynn has been summoned to court tomorrow morning (Feb. 12) at 9:45am in Vancouver at 800 Smithe St.  If possible please come out and rally in support of her.

Please view and share the father’s story ( View Here).  The LGBTQ political mob must be exposed.

Contact politicians at every level of government and also share this report (Review Here) and demand they stop the politically correct virtue signalling and respond to science and facts…with common sense.

Contact Elected Officials: Click Here 
Please take the time to sign the letter below, copy and paste to e-mail and send en masse to Senators and MPs.

We have to rise up and challenge the new status quo.  They cannot be permitted to silence a Nation!

Thank you and God Bless Canada!

From the Team at,

Dear Senators and Members of Parliament,

What is going on in Canada?

The following is an appalling miscarriage of justice wherein a father has been muzzled and bound by a group of LGBTQ activist doctors, lawyers, judges and politicians who are forcing their will, their “adult” sexual proclivities, upon innocent children.  The “State” has taken control of this man’s 14 year old daughter, against his will, and are administering harmful and permanent hormone blockers.  They are ignoring the father’s plea for help to stop this abuse of his child.  The very establishments intended to serve and protect the innocent and vulnerable are instead exploiting them for personal gain.

Studies show that up to 90% of children who express a discordant gender identity will come to identify with their bodily sex if natural development is “not” interfered with.

Despite this, LGBTQ activists are using their trusted positions of authority and pushing an agenda to normalize something that is so vile, so radical, so totalitarian, and so unconstitutional, causing irreparable, permanent harm.  For more facts and details  Read Here

Bill S-202 will prohibit children from getting the help they need.

This whole agenda to sterilize and mutilate children is pure evil and in violation of Section 2, Section 7 and Section 15 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, as well as a physician’s ethical commitment promising to “First, do no harm”.

Every part of this grotesque agenda is fuelled by LGBTQ extremists who have infiltrated key positions and are working together to silence opposition.

This father’s story must be heard.   View Here  

I implore you to take immediate action and help expose and stop this deranged abuse of power and vote “NO” to Bill S-202.