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On the next Empower Hour, Kirk Cameron joins Tanya Gaw to discuss his mission to positively nurture children’s innocence and counter the ‘woke’ agenda to pollute children’s minds and hearts. Kirk’s book, As You Grow, is about teaching “biblical wisdom and the value of producing the fruit[s] of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control”.  

Doesn’t this sound a whole lot nicer than the sexually deviant drag queens reading to children in public libraries and performing for them in schools? The drag queen’s objective is to teach queer theory, confuse children, break down their natural defenses against predatory behaviour and undermine the natural family.

Kirk will also talk about his documentary, The Homeschool Awakening, that delves into the lives of homeschooling families around the US and is directed towards those who are sitting on the fence about homeschooling. It provides a look into how parents balance work and life, and it combats the stigma around the qualifications required for a parent to homeschool their child.

As parent’s en masse are exiting the public and private school systems this is an Empower Hour you won’t want to miss. Be sure to Register in Advance!

More about our guest: 

Kirk Cameron is a Christian, producer, actor, loving husband, and father, and is an icon in the television and film industry. Additionally, Kirk has had a big impact in our society through films like Fireproof, Lifemark, and Homeschool Awakening. He and his wife, Chelsea, live in California and have six children. Kirk Cameron has joined with BRAVE Books in creating a special book on growth and the Fruit of the Spirit, ‘As You Grow’, and has taken the message behind the book to public libraries nationwide on the Brave Books Story Hour tour. Kirk is actively involved in quality family entertainment and travels throughout the country, making the most of every opportunity to further the Gospel. He speaks in schools, churches and at community events. 

Kirk is known by millions as “Mike Seaver” from the 1980’s award-winning series, “Growing Pains.”  He is also known to many Christians as “Buck Williams” from the Left Behind films — based on the NY Times runaway best selling novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. “Fireproof” – the #1 inspirational movie of the year and inspired the best-selling book “The Love Dare” – is a must watch for couples whose marriages are in trouble and in need healing. His most recent movie, Lifemark, is a true story about the value of life in the womb and the beauty of adoption. See below for links.

Kirk’s conversion to Christianity is noteworthy. Kirk was not raised in a church-going home and describes himself as a devout atheist from a very young age. By the age of 14 he was so convinced there was no God that he laughed at those who thought there was. But that all changed one afternoon when at the age of 17 he sat in his sports car pondering if heaven and God were real. You can hear Kirk’s testimony in his own words in the video below.

Getting to Know Kirk Cameron

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