SOGI-123: Child Abuse and Families Torn Apart

The LGBTQ sexual predators are actively involved in the school systems and ready to pounce on any child who has been indoctrinated by their lies. Secret societies and grooming clubs are set up within the school to quickly embrace a student’s newly acquired dysphoria and provide immediate acceptance, support and inclusion.

Meanwhile, parents are maligned, demonized and said to be a threat to their own child if they do not support this insanity. The state is stepping in and taking charge of minors, fast-tracking them to transition outwardly and medically. Children are being put on harmful puberty blockers and the state is funding the mutilation of their precious bodies. Children are being turned against their parents and parents are finding they have lost the power to protect them.

Sarah’s Story

When: Wednesday, October 26th, 2022 4:30pm PST/7:30pm EST Register in Advance. The zoom doors open at 4:30pm PST and the Empower Hour begins at 5pm PST/8pm EST.

Please join us to hear the testimony of a young woman who escaped the hands of her oppressors and has joined us on the frontline to expose the evil behind the radical sex activist’s agenda to medically transition children. Sarah was lured into the SOGI 123 web of lies within the public school system, that taught her that she could be a boy, girl, neither or anything in between. At the vulnerable and impressionable young age of 14, Sarah was struggling with her self-worth and her identity as a young woman. Unaware that this is a natural season for many adolescents to go through, Sarah was convinced by the LGBTQ activists who are permitted to have access to children in the school system, that she was struggling with gender dysphoria and that transitioning would be the answer to her depression and feelings of body shame. 

After years of being managed and handled by the radical activists (counsellors, teachers, surgeons, psychologists, etc) who participated in fast-tracking her onto drugs for depression, hormone blockers and medical transitioning, Sarah realized with deep regret that she had been deceived. Sarah’s story is one that every Canadian should hear. Read more and share this Empower Hour HERE. 

Detransitioning: The Truth Behind the Lies

Victim to Victor!

In this video Sarah opens up about her heart-wrenching story of being lured into the radical LGBTQ’s web of lies. Sarah’s story exposes the truth that the CSE/SOGI 123 resource is confusing children and giving minors the power, way beyond their years, maturity or ability to comprehend the permanent repercussions, to make life-altering choices. Parents are lied to about suicide ideation and face the real threat of government intervention if they do not comply and go along with supporting their child’s manufactured dysphoria.

Sarah describes what happened once she began to realize that she had been deceived. The government and the so-called ‘inclusive’ LGBTQ mob showed their true colours and abandoned her in her greatest hour of need. Sarah’s ultimate healing and comfort was found through her saviour, Christ Jesus. Watch this amazing young women’s testimony.

Detransition Diaries: Saving Our Sisters

A new documentary, released in September 2022, shares the compelling stories of three young women who formerly identified as transgender and reveals how their transition from female to male did not resolve their gender dysphoria, but in fact made it worse. The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network is behind “The Detransition Diaries,” a film that pulls back the veil on the potential emotional and physical trauma of transitioning for women. Children are being prescribed testosterone and other drugs after only one appointment, within an hour of speaking with a medical professional, psychologist, Planned Parenthood, or the like. Read More.

“It is devastating to be lied to by adults at school and by medical professionals, to be told that your body is wrong and you need to change it.” Helena Kerschner

It is shocking to discover that the medical industry admits informed consent is not possible when dealing with a minor, but that doesn’t stop them from proceeding with permanent life-altering treatments and surgeries.

Groom Them Whilst They Are Young!

In this video, we explore the topic of whether public libraries in Canada are facilitating in grooming children by allowing them to be exposed to pornographic material and sexual performers.

Public libraries have LGBTQ start-up backpacks ready to go, teaching Toddlers to Pre-Schoolers about gender diversity. These books are grooming children, confusing them and preparing them to enter the education system primed and ready to be further sexualized by the Comprehensive Sexuality Education resource. They will be exposed to teaching resources that instruct them on how to masturbate, as well as explicit books that promote incest, rape, and vulgar language. See pages from some of the CSE books here.

The Canadian Federation of Library Associations responded to A4C’s Notices of Liability by attempting to discredit them, rather than being outraged that children are being unlawfully exposed to explicit material and sexual performers on their watch.

Where are Family Services or the taxpayer-funded child advocacy groups?

Cults Separate and Turn Minors Against Their Parents

The State, in a cult-like psychological attack, is filling children’s heads with radical ideologies and turning them against their parents. “The nuclear family is at the center of the Judeo-Christian Western civilization and it is under assault.” Every single cult’s first attack is on parental authority (the Soviet Union, the Hitler Youth). The message is, “don’t trust your family, trust the cult leader.” Parental authority is a major barrier to totalitarianism. The bigger the government the smaller the parent. The bigger the parent the smaller the government. 

Parent’s need to get BIG! This attack on our children cannot continue if citizens stand united on this issue. Consider the dismal future of Canada if the majority decide to remain complacent and silent?

Please make a decision to Join Action4Canada in this war for the hearts and minds of our children.

“I” am a Woman!

As the radical sex activists work to eliminate women, Tanya has a few words to set them straight.

Special Notice: Action4Canada strives to provide you accurate reporting on matters of public interest. It was brought to our attention that the report on ‘Paula the Penis” was a photoshopped image. It is a sad reflection on the state of current events, that this story was not considered too far-fetched to be believable. We have removed it from the previous report.

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