URGENT: Protect Children
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Tyson Cook, AKA Miss Freida Whales, is a Drag Queen performer who reads to children in public libraries. His extra-curricular activities are shocking to say the least. Tyson creates videos depicting murders that also include cannibalism and a Satanic-like ritual. Several other disturbing videos were found wherein he takes an axe to his unconscious victim. He then finds his next victim, a woman, attacks her from behind in a dark alley and subdues her using chloroform. In addition, his social media posts consist of sexually vulgar and profane language.

Of greatest concern is that he works with special needs children as a certified Education Assistant in Kelowna SD 23, as well as with autistic children for AutismBC. See HERE for further details and please share this information. 

This is not an isolated situation. Our children are being preyed upon, all in the name of “diversity and inclusion.”

If you believe that Mr. Cook should be reassessed for his suitability to be employed as EA or perform for children then please sign the Petition.

Video Evidence

Message to Drag Queens

Why is it considered hateful, racist or offensive to protect the innocence of children from sexual predators and psychologically disturbed individuals? Grown men in women’s clothing who participate in sexually deviant acts, vulgar language and satanic rituals should not have access to children.

The amendment to the Human Rights code to include “gender identity and gender expression” as a protected class is not an open invitation, nor defence, for men with deviant adult sexual proclivities to have access to, or permit them to sexualize, exploit and/or harm, children. Sign the petition if you agree.

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