Notice of Personal Liability
Stop Drag Queen Story Hours and Pride Events

Please read, share, and sign the NEW Notice of Liability and serve it to anyone who is facilitating in the unprecedented attack against our children. We MUST put a STOP to drag queen story hours for children and the vile pride parades permitting sexual deviants and predators to expose themselves to minors.

The cultural and political changes in Canada over recent years are working to normalize and accept activities and events for the purpose to counsel and/or advocate the sexualization of children.

This Notice of Liability is to alert Education Ministry Offices, School Divisions, Public Libraries, Businesses and/or any other Organization or individual that their participation in facilitating in the exploitation and/or sexualization of minors through drag queen story hours or other events/activities, such as Pride Parades, or making available explicit/pornographic books or resources to minors, is unlawful. Drag queen events and activities are being promoted under the guise of diversity and inclusion and/or social acceptance of the self-proclaimed sexual identity of a person. However, all activities and events where minors are involved must be age appropriate and not cause psychological, emotional, or physical harm.

Drag queen story hours, camps and PRIDE events have become an avenue to expose minors to nudity, sexually explicit, pornographic, and inappropriate books, and activities. Schools, public libraries, and private and corporate businesses are promoting pride parades and/or inviting drag queens to perform for minors.

Making available, facilitating or promoting events or activities, where minors are exposed to nudity or a visual representation where the dominant characteristic is of a sexual purpose and advocates or counsels sexual activity with a minor, are crimes as laid out in the Criminal Code of Canada.

The following sections provide the categories of offences tending to sexually exploit and corrupt the morals of minors, and/or make available or promote, sexually explicit material or activities: Section 151, 152, 153 (1), 163.1, 171.1(5), 172.1(1), 173 (2), 174 (1), 175(1) (see attachment). These are indictable offences liable to imprisonment.

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