The Ontario Government is Failing in Student Academic Achievement

The following is only an example of one province but this is a nationwide issue. 

The Ontario Ministry of Education is failing to provide students a quality education. It has become very evident that the focus on social justice and the hyper-focus on sexualizing children (sex game in gr 4is interfering with student’s grades. As a consequence of this many young people will have limited options in the future for a higher standard of employment and therefore, they will struggle to make ends meet. With the soaring cost of food and housing this will also have a major impact on their current and future, mental health and well-being.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce, is more concerned about raising the alarm about flying the pride flag at schools and school boards then to address the failure of the Ontario government to pursue academic excellence. Send Mr. Lecce an email ([email protected]) to express your disapproval and demand he step down as Minister. (Scroll down the page for info on the financial obligation of the Education Minister)

Below are a several examples of how students are rating in Ontario. The Ministry of Education has set Level 3 as the provincial standard. Review the following levels to understand the charts below and see the notes under each diagram.

Level 4: The student has demonstrated the required knowledge and skills. Achievement surpasses the provincial standard.

Level 3: The student has demonstrated most of the required knowledge and skills. Achievement is at the provincial standard.

Level 2: The student has demonstrated some of the required knowledge and skills. Achievement approaches the provincial standard.

Level 1: The student has demonstrated some of the required knowledge and skills in limited ways. Achievement falls much below the provincial standard.

Below Level 1: The student has not demonstrated sufficient achievement of curriculum expectations.

Click on graphs below to enlarge them.

Grade 3: Assessment of Reading, Writing and Mathematics

Summary of 2021-2022 in Grade 3: 129,491 students participated in the provincial testing.

Math: 41% or more than 4/10 students fall below the provincial standard set by EQAO

Reading: 27% or 2.7/10 almost 3/10 students fall below the provincial standard 

Writing: 36% or 3.6/10 almost 4/10 students fall below provincial standard

Levels               Maths      Reading    Writing

Below 1               1%                1%                1%
Level 1                 8%                1%                2%
Level 2               32%               25%              33%
Level 3               46%               59%              64%  provincial standard
Level 4                 13%               14%                1%

Grade 6: Assessment of Reading, Writing and Mathematics

Summary of 2021-2022 in Grade 6:  133,725 students participated in the Ontario testing 

Math: 53% or more than 5.3/10 students (more then half than students in grade 6) fall below the provincial standard set by EQAO

Reading: 17% or  1.7/10 almost 2/10 students fall below the provincial standard 

Writing: 17% or 1.7/10 almost 2/10 students fall below provincial standard

Levels               Math     Reading    Writing

Below 1              1%                 1%          1%
Level 1                5%                 1%          1%
Level 2               47%               15%        15%
Level 3               40%               69%         60% provincial standard
Level 4               7%                 16%          24%

Grade 9: Assessment in Mathematics

Summary of 2021-2022 Grade 9 Math: 70,279 Students participated in the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) Testing in Math. 48% of students (almost half the population tested) did not demonstrate most of the required knowledge and skills in mathematics (3% no data or exempt).

Grade 10: Point of Interest – According to EQAO, in 2021-2022 there was 141,729 Grade 10 First Time Eligible Ontario Students who participated in the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) and 82% of students were successful but EQAO shows zero data regarding the student’s levels or the curriculum expectations in literacy.

As of August 31, 2021, 89.0% of students were graduating in five years and 84.2% in four years. Both four and five-year graduation rate is calculated as the percentage of students who receive an Ontario Secondary School Diploma OSSD within four or five years of starting Grade 9. To earn an OSSD, the student must earn at least 30 credits (18 compulsory and 12 optional credits), meet the provincial and school literacy requirements and complete 40 hours of community involvement activities.

The focus is on literacy…but what about mathematics? How can young people balance their cheque book, manage their finances and contribute to society in a meaningful way without a proper education on this critical subject?

According to a 2019/2020 Stats Can report the cohort of Elementary and Secondary School Students in Canada were the first students affected by Public Health to mandate school closures.

Question: Is the on-time graduation rate associated with provincial and territorial education policies implemented during the pandemic to ensure students would not fail or drop out of school given the pressures of school closures

On the topic of finances, are you aware that whether you have children in the education system or not, you have a vested interest and a right to say how the funds are being allocated and to object to the misappropriation of funds. Such as education focused nearly entirely on sexualizing children, LGBTQ propaganda, and the whole Woke Culture. 

The Ministry of Education in Ontario provides the majority of funding to 72 district school boards through the Grant for Student Needs (GSN), a collection of grants described in detail in the Education Act. Some of the property taxes collected in your community go to your local school board, then the province tops up this amount to bring the total for each board up to the amount set out by the Grant for Student Needs also known as “the funding formula”.

Review the School Funding Guide for Parents

The Ontario Ministry of Education states the following:

“The province, through the Ministry of Education, is accountable for the public education system as a whole and the policy decisions that determine funding for school boards. Given their key role in providing services at the local level, school boards have important accountabilities to students, parents, the ministry and others with a stake in public education.”

Another important activity that supports accountability is collaboration. Ontario has a proud tradition of open and frank conversations about education funding. Through these conversations, the funding formula benefits from the perspectives of others in the system.”

“A cornerstone of Ontario’s publicly funded education system is the principle that school boards have a responsibility to ensure the effective stewardship of resources. Thoughtful, transparent budgeting, aligned with a focused strategy, is vital and integral to this goal.”

Parents, you have a right to be fully involved in your child’s education. Taxpayers, you have a right to voice your objections and concerns!

It is time to hold the Ontario’s publicly funded education system to account!!

Action4Canada is committed to working to remove the sexual education and other Marxists agendas from the education system Canada wide. We will not stop until we have achieved this necessary goal, for the protection of our children and the preservation of our nation! 

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