Update: Court Shuts Down Freedom of Speech
in Case of BC Father and Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson.

February 13, 2020

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UPDATE:  As many of you are aware Laura Lynn was summoned to court on Tuesday Feb.12 by lawyers who represent the 14 year old girl who is receiving hormone blockers by the State against the wishes of the father.    The summons was in response to Laura Lynn posting a conversation she had with the father who was ready to share his heartbreaking journey thus far.  (View Here)

This story is a matter of public interest as the decision by the court to implement and defend a gag order is unconstitutional and must be challenged.

The court does not have the authority to circumvent the rights of Canadians which are 100% guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Freedom of Speech is guaranteed.  Parental rights are guaranteed.  The Freedom of Thought, Belief and Expression is guaranteed…including the Freedom of the Press AND other Media of Communication!

This story has garnered attention nationally and internationally.   The agenda to target children through indoctrination via the school system has created a manic social contagion.  As a result children are questioning their biological sex (male or female) causing a rapid increase in gender dysphoria.  At which point the “State” (teachers, counsellors, doctors, lawyers, judges) step in and determine the only course of action is a referral to a “gender dysphoric clinic” wherein doctors commence the injection of harmful hormone blockers in preparation for invasive surgeries permanently mutilating children.   Including sterilization through penectomies (removal of penis) and hysterectomies.

Listen to the following videos to receive further details of Laura Lynn’s court proceeding.  (Listen Here) (Listen Here)

Judge Tammen presided and listened intently as Laura Lynn made an impassioned appeal to the court on behalf of vulnerable children and questioned the protection of the identity of the doctors conducting these procedures.  Laura Lynn advised the court of important facts such as the 4500% increase in children attending gender dysphoric clinics worldwide.  When Laura Lynn completed her impact statement the court room burst into spontaneous applause to which the Judge gave an immediate rebuke.  Despite all of this, the Judge, upon hearing testimony of the father, still reprimanded him for referring to his daughter by her biological pronoun and insisted he refer to her as a male.

Vancouver Sun News Report

Previously the father made the following statement;

  • “I will give up everything to try and save her…. I don’t think they understand how much a father can care about his daughter and fight for her,” he said. This means lawyers, affidavits, endless stalling from respondents, and the sometimes mind-boggling prospect of trying to convince judges that your physically healthy 14-year-old daughter should not be loaded up with puberty blockers and testosterone”.

In a quick google search there is a doctor in BC by the name of Dr. Wallace Wong who reports a 12,000% increase in gender dysphoric children attending his clinic.  Dr. Wong proudly described his “children-only” gender therapy’ practice, noting that his youngest client is not yet three and that he has 501 foster kids in his practice.  (Read Article Here)  Due to the number of foster kids in his care an inquiry has been rightfully requested.

Further it is reported that this doctor instructed a parent to exaggerate the severity of their child’s condition to their local health office advising that a suicide threat was an effective means to get a child referred to his program. 

  • Dr. Wong, “So what you need is, you know what? Pull a stunt. Suicide, every time, [then] they will give you what you need,” Wong said, adding that gender-dysphoric kids “learn that. They learn it very fast.”

Is Dr. Wong the doctor involved in the case of the 14 year old girl?  If so, did Dr. Wong expedite and influence this girls decision to transition?  If so the public has a right to know.  Further, if the BC Children’s hospital is supporting Dr. Wong and providing referrals to his clinic then this must be revealed.

We cannot be prohibited from exposing evil.  Every activist doctor, lawyer, judge and politician supporting this Constitutionally bankrupt agenda must be held to account and our rule of law upheld and respected.

This is only the beginning and justice must prevail but it will take an army of supporters to win.

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Isaiah 5:20 “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!”