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Maxime Bernier, Leader of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), joins Tanya Gaw on the next Empower Hour to talk about the overwhelming number of critical issues we are facing going into the next federal election. From failed mass immigration that is creating a security threat and a housing crisis, to the destruction of our economy, the global agenda, and the ongoing attacks against the Christian foundation of this nation which is the core of our democracy and freedoms. Maxime and Tanya will discuss the populist movement that is rising up in western nations and how it takes patience and determination for reformers to win seats and advocate for necessary change, when governments have gone rogue.

Action4Canada and the PPC are very closely aligned in their values and an election may be called any time now. The question is, are you happy with the status quo and the parties that currently hold seats in the House of Commons or are you ready for change?

There is no doubt that the Conservatives are going to win the upcoming election, short of election fraud of course, but now is also the time for the populist movement to gain some ground. We are witnessing other western nations who have succeeded in electing new governments. They did so by getting people voted into office, sometimes incrementally, and building the party from within until such a time that they could win a majority. Whether you support the PPC or the CHP (Christian Heritage Party) as an alternative party, the time is now to make that incremental change. Join us on the next Empower Hour to learn more. 

Special NOTICE: If you are interested in running as a PPC Candidate you can sign up HERE beginning March 1, 2024.

Know who you vote for and where they stand on the following critical issues!

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Are you shocked by the recent Epoch Times report that shows that Canada ranks third among western countries for Christian rights violations?

Religious freedom is the foundation for the human rights that Western democracies seek to promote abroad. Yet, the ability to promote this fundamental human right will be lost if we do not protect it within our borders.”

The battle Canada is facing is a spiritual one of epic proportions. Our freedoms our founded on biblical Christian principles so if we want to retain our freedom we need to vote people into office who understand the battle and are willing to fight to maintain the foundation of our nation!

Canadian Systemic Racism Ruse

The weekly update above provides a ‘balance’ to the ongoing false narratives behind the Truth and Reconciliation campaign, the missing and murdered women and girls, and accusations of “mass graves and genocide of Indigenous people”. It also exposes the multi-BILLIONS of dollars that the government has, and continues to give to the natives (and “Pretendians”), tax-free and at the expense of non-native, taxpaying citizens.

There is a much bigger agenda at play behind so-called Truth and Reconciliation. The reality is that this is a psyop. The Truth and Reconciliation mantra is being used as a weapon to oppress, malign, shame, denigrate and attack Canadians (Christians, Catholics and people of European decent) with the end goal being the facilitation of a massive wealth transfer, controlling our resources and robbing citizens of their sovereignty and land rights.

Trudeau, with the support of not only the NDP but also Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre, has propagated this campaign that is built on lies and misinformation, to cause division and conflict. They are using the natives as pawns and exploiting them to advance the WEF/UN’s Agenda 2030 land and resource grab. The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP) was developed to leverage control of land by claiming that Canadians are on stolen land or a now more familiar phrase, on unceded territory. The actions of the Government and the Chiefs involved in this charade are unlawful and the treaties being secretly negotiated are in violation of the Constitution, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Coronation Oath and therefore must be immediately revoked, and it’s also time to end the financial support and handouts.

Share this video with candidates who will be running in your riding to find out where they stand on this issue.

Tanya reviews the SOGI 123 Toolkit Binder: Teaching Resource, that was created specifically for children in kindergarten to grade 6, and provides evidence that the SOGI 123 learning resources are 100% incrementally indoctrinating, sexualizing and grooming children. The SOGI 123 (aka CSE/Wynne Sex-Ed) lesson plans provide a shocking look at how government-funded education is being used to breakdown societal norms and the natural family by confusing children, exploiting their innocence and destroying their natural barriers against predatory behaviour.

Even though education is provincial, the political sex activists in the federal government are fuelling this and they are not interested in equal rights, diversity, or inclusion. Their objective is forced compliance and acceptance of their adult sexual proclivities and ideologies. These resources are causing great harm to minors physically, emotionally and psychologically and is an attack against the traditional family unit. Silence is not an option. The very well-being of our children is at stake.

It is critical to vote people into office who are willing to boldly address this matter without apology or cow-towing to the LGBTQ cult as sex activists are after our children. Further, every elected official should be willing to pass legislation to make it unlawful to sterilize and medically mutilate our children and youth. 

Mass immigration is one of the greatest threats this country is facing. Not only is it posing a serious national security threat but it is also causing a financial and housing crisis. Further, mass immigration, especially without integration or assimilation, is destroying our Canadian culture, economy, and is eroding the Canadian fabric from within.

This must become a key election issue. The government has an obligation to put Canadians first and therefore they must cease and desist their reckless immigration policy and implement a moratorium on immigration (with the exception of providing refuge/asylum for persecuted Christians and Jews) until such time as the government can assure Canadians that the policy will be based on selecting immigrants that serve the economic needs of Canada and that they be screened to ensure they accept and embrace our Canadian Constitution, democratic system, and other values that are at the crux of Canadian society. Values, which have up until now, enabled this country to flourish for 156 years.

Please sign and Share the Petition to put an immediate Moratorium on Immigration.

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