Part 2: Inside the Minds of Sexual Predators

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Jon Uhler, MS, LPC, CCTP, CSOTP, joins Tanya again on the Empower Hour for Part 2 of the discussion on ‘White Collar Sexual Psychopaths,’ AKA sexual deviants. Jon has over 30 years experience as a therapist, including 14 years dealing with criminal sex offenders. As result of professionally evaluating and treating well over 4,000 sex offenders Jon has become an expert in his field and is highly qualified to provide clinical insights and risk assessments.

Jon’s extensive clinical practice makes him uniquely qualified to educate people on how White Collar Sexual Psychopaths present themselves to the world. He meticulously reveals how to recognize sexual predators and the red flag warnings and provides information on personality profiling and threat analysis. 

There is a massive global campaign to re-brand and re-frame sexual predators, who are targeting women and children, as victims in need of sympathy. As a result, these sexual deviants have successfully infiltrated the education system and all levels of government and its time to call them out! Part 1 of the interview is provided below. Be sure to Register in Advance and join us for Part 2

Part 1: Inside the Minds of Sexual Predators


More about our Guest:

Jon is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, a Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider, and is forensically Certified in the Hare Psychopathy checklist (more info). His career spans over 30 years with an emphasis on severely emotionally disturbed adolescents, sex offenders and psychopaths.

Jon is the President and CEO of which provides consultation, training and analysis for individuals, parents, churches, schools, ministries, and faith-based organizations around the world, on matters related to child protection, sexual predator identification, and survivor support. In this day of increasing confusion about different movements and trends that are gaining acceptance among vulnerable youth and young adults, people from all corners of the globe have been turning to Jon for help.

Jon is also a part of Unmasking the Trans Movement and he has been featured in the documentary Shattered. The documentary is directed at lawmakers and addresses their responsibility in ensuring the passage and maintenance of punishment on those who have sexually offended. He has also written and presented oral testimony for lawmakers in Canada and Australia. Jon continues to be an outspoken critic of the Trans Movement and the push to normalize pedophilia, legalize prostitution, and allow deviant men into women’s spaces, including women’s prisons and shelters.

Jon has: designed an intensive treatment program; overseen high intensity prison sex offender treatment facilities; designed and operated a community adolescent residential program; and founded and managed the largest mental health services referral network in southern California. If that wasn’t enough, he: has also served as a host of Journey to Healing; writes a blog; and produces video interviews and documentaries on matters related to protecting women and children.



Jon’s weekly live program: “Journey to Healing” Fridays 8-9pm EST on TECN.TV



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