SOGI 123: Students Silenced and Wrongfully Accused

When: Wednesday, November 2, 2022 4:30pm PST/7:30pm EST Register in Advance. The zoom doors open at 4:30pm PST and the Empower Hour begins at 5pm PST/8pm EST.

Join us to hear the testimony of Garret Carr, a BC father who is standing behind his son’s decision to confront another student who was sexually harassing female students at Prince George Secondary School. The perpetrator (perp) student is described as gay, and had been given permission to use the girl’s washroom instead of the “all genders” one. It was reported that he had repeatedly been seen peeking at girls who were in the stalls, and often having an erection. A young female student, 16, who is a friend of Garret’s son, had told the vice-principal Keith Wood about this situation and how “it was making her and other young girls uncomfortable”, at least seven times. Mr. Wood’s reply was “I cant stop him from using the girls bathroom as he is allowed to use the washroom as he is gay.”

Garret’s son attempted to have a conversation with the perpetrator on multiple occasions but it was to no avail. Garret, nor his son, believe that aggression is the way to solve problems but when no one in authority would protect the young women at the school, understandable frustration led to an altercation where Garret’s son punched the perpetrator in the face. As a result Garret’s son was charged with “assault causing bodily harm” and “public incitement of hatred” and must appear in court in January 2023, as the gay boy was reclassified as trans to meet the hate crime requirements. 

Garret relays in fuller detail what transpired:

In the previous few months, the above mentioned girl plus additional young girls had spoken to our son (including girls he didn’t know whom had overheard the discussions and joined in) and all of them had said how the young man entering the girl’s washroom was making them feel uncomfortable. So during that time, our son tried to have verbal discussions with the perpetrator but he wouldn’t really acknowledge our son or would just slough him off. Our son was starting to become very upset that none of the adults would stop this young man and he kept hearing complaints.

So, on May 6, 2022 he approached the perp after school and had to yell at him to get his attention. Then there was a discussion over the boy victimizing and harassing the girls and our son finally asked him “do you have a dick or a vagina.” The perp replied “I have a dick” which resulted in our son saying “then use the guys or all genders bathroom.” The conversation was not ending well and out of frustration our son ended up punching the young man once in the face and then walked away.

We received a phone call from the vice principal Ms. L’Donna Lynds informing us that our son had assaulted another student. When we arrived at the school we were told by Ms. L’Donna Lynds that our son had committed a hate crime and he had to leave the school. We got to our vehicle and I asked our son what happened, he explained the situation (short version) and it was the first time we had heard about it. I explained to our son that I believed him but let him know if by chance he was lying and it was a hate crime then he would be in a lot of trouble at both school and home.

On the drive home, which is 1.5-2 hours, we discussed what had happened in detail. In that discussion I also learned that a faculty member who works in the IS room, Ms. Lynds identified her as an EA, had told our son that “It is natural to be gay and it is scientifically proven even animals are gay like dogs, cats, etc.” I also learned that Ms. L’Donna Lynds had told our son that “if the other boy wasn’t gay this wouldn’t be treated as a hate crime and that it would just be a standard 3 day suspension”. 

On May 27,  2022 while my wife and I were at work, my wife received a phone call from our son to let us know that he had been called to the office and informed that the RCMP would be there shortly to arrest him. We were very alarmed to receive a call from our son and not the school or RCMP about what was happening, so we rushed down to the school. We arrived about five minutes before the RCMP got there and sat waiting with our son in the office. When the RCMP arrived we went with our son to a private conference room on the 2nd floor. The RCMP officer informed us that our son was being charged with “assault causing bodily harm” and “public incitement of hatred”.


Question: Have the vice-principals, Keith Wood and L’Donna Lynds, committed malfeasance and are they in violation of their trusted position to protect students from harm? According to Section 38 of the Teacher’s Act it is ‘mandatory’ to report sexual abuse or harm, not cover it up.

(1) An authorized person must promptly provide to the commissioner a written and signed report if the authorized person has reason to believe that another authorized person has engaged in conduct that involves any of the following: (a) physical harm to a student; (b) sexual abuse or sexual exploitation of a student; (c) significant emotional harm to a student.

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