The BC Father’s Battle Against the State Sponsored Abuse of His Daughter Continues

Further Court Update

March 11, 2020

Dear Friends,

This is critical information, so much is going on and we need to understand the forces working against us.

A further day in court proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the mounting injustices of this case should be of grave concern to each and every one of us.

The moment the State has the power to overrule parental authority and empower a child to make devastating and life altering changes to their person, we can rest assure we no longer live in a free and democratic society.

The freedom of expression, parental rights and issues of ‘life’ have been under attack for many years but never to the level we have experienced in the last four and a half.  Since Justin Trudeau took office the rise of totalitarian policies and legislation has been accelerated through the House and the Senate.  In 2017 Trudeau appointed 100 judges and has taken the opportunity to fill the empty seats in the Senate with “Independents”.  In October 2019 the Liberals won a minority government which meant they needed the support of the NDP and have become bedfellows of necessity.

In BC, the NDP Provincial government is a minority and an election is in the near future.  The previous Liberal government and the current NDP are responsible for facilitating, advocating for and equipping the LGBTQ political sex activist’s work in changing policy which undermined the rule of law, our Constitutional rights and freedoms and respect for the courts.

  • Goal #26 of “The 45 Goals of Communism” as entered in the U.S. Congressional Record in 1963, states, “Promote homosexuality, promiscuity, degeneracy as natural, normal, healthy.”

The radical activists involved in executing this political movement to change policy in BC include the head of the BCTF, the Education Minister, the Health Minister, Lawyers, Judges, Politicians, the Premier (past and present) and David Eby, the BC Attorney General.  The court battle reflects the strategic implementation of these individuals into powerful and trusted positions leading to the execution of the assault against our children and parental rights.

But, it appears they underestimated who they were dealing with.  Up until the father made the decision to be interviewed and tell his story they had him right where they wanted him. They had threatened him with imprisonment, stripped him of his ability to protect his daughter and silenced him using court orders and publication bans.  Because of this, in desperation to stop the State sponsored abuse of his daughter, he spoke out publicly.

At that very moment in time the code of secrecy was broken and it exposed the wicked and perverse agenda of a corrupt and vile group.  The LGBTQ sex activist’s agenda has little to do with human rights and instead is an attack to destroy the family unit, parental rights and fundamental freedoms.  There is no limit to their demands and they will never be satisfied.

The details of this case rapidly gained global attention and went viral and the lawyers from the other side have spent the past month and a half trying to re-gain control but to little avail.  Therefore, they called in the BC Attorney General and petitioned the judge to allow the AG to take over this case due to the multiple breaches to court orders.  They felt that the violations showed a lack of respect for the judicial system and therefore calling in the AG would reign in anyone else who dare to do the same.

The recent court proceedings addressed the publication bans and whether or not they should be lifted for the father and the doctors. Should the father have a right to tell his story?  Should the doctors be exposed and investigated for potential malpractice or should they be protected to carry on and harm more children?

Jenn Smith provided an excellent presentation to the court detailing why the doctors should not be entitled to a publication ban and he also provided evidence linking the lawyers, judges, and doctors, who are overseeing the ‘welfare’ of the child, to political activism in creating policy changes.  This proves conflict of interest yet the court decided to give them a pass.  And again this all leads back to why the Attorney General is involved, because it is clear that the government intends to use this case to eliminate any further opposition.

But they don’t know who they are messing with because none of us can afford to be silent when we see such darkness spreading across our land and consuming our children.

At the end of the day Judge Tammen decided to allow the AG to review this case with the intention of charging the father and Laura Lynn criminally for being in contempt of court.  It appeared to matter not that;

  • this father had been gagged and his hands tied and forced to watch his daughter be injected with harmful drugs causing her to grow a beard.
  • the Judge and the lawyers referred to his daughter by male pronouns.
  • the doctor involved in her care has over 500 children from the Ministry attending his clinic and a thousand children overall.
  • the doctor has written books for children that promote LGBTQ/Trans ideology and cause children to be confused about who they are
  • this doctor was directly involved in creating the SOGI 123 LGBTQ sex ed curriculum.
  • one of the Judges (Marzari) had been a Director for 20 years with West Coast Leaf, a notorious organization known for its support of trans/LGBTQ activism.
  • the lawyers representing the daughter and the mother are also actively involved with this organization.
  • most, if not all, are involved with policy change directly related to LGBTQ rights.

The Judge capitulated, regardless of the injustice of it all.  The Judge believed that since the court orders had been flagrantly violated, when the father provided images of his daughter, that it was more important to hold to the rulings previously set by the court.   Nothing of any true moral or ethical value mattered before the court.

In response to the Judge’s decision Laura Lynn made it clear that she could not be silent and that if the Attorney General decides to make this a criminal case than boy oh boy people are going to hear about it.  Carol Crossen, lawyer for the father, defended her client that he was doing his best to try and find a way to comply with the court orders and at the same time make every effort to protect his daughter.  Ms. Crossen stood for freedom of speech and expression and said that it is as important to our soul and our minds as breathing is to our physical existence.  And appealed to the Judge, “my client is trying to find a way to breathe your honour, won’t you let him breathe?”

This father, Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson and Jenn Smith have been drawn into a massive battle and they refuse to back down because this story is a matter of public interest and MUST be told.

Video interview by Press For Truth – Dan Dicks – Father of Transgender Daughter Facing Jail Time

Children are being indoctrinated in the schools. View HERE  The daughter in this case attended one of the first schools to launch the SOGI 123 resource in 2016 in Delta, BC.  It was there that she was exposed to a video of a transgender giving her testimony of transitioning.  The trans person explained how she cut off her hair and was a girl trapped in a boys body.  The daughter came home and cut off all of her own hair and from that point began to outwardly transition.

The father tells the full story.  View HERE

Sadly, but not surprisingly, there are other parents coming forward who are going through the same thing.  It is because of hearing this father’s story that they are reaching out and also seeking help.

In addition, on Monday March 9th, the Federal government tabled Bill C-8.  This Bill is similar to the Senate’s Bill, S-202, to ban so called Conversion Therapy…but worse.  The Liberals intend to make it a criminal offense, up to FIVE years in prison, if a parent takes their child for therapy, counselling and even prayer, if their child is questioning their gender identity.

It has been a very well strategized plan.  Create laws so that you cannot discriminate against a person’s “gender identity or expression”, then bring in a sex ed curriculum which would cause children to become confused en masse, and then implement laws prohibiting you from getting them council.

  • Karl Marx stated,  “I have three goals in life…  a. To dethrone God   b. Destroy the family   c. Destroy capitalism”

We cannot afford to be silent.  Share this information.  Speak with friends, family and co-workers and warn them.  Speak to your kids.  Pull them out of the public school system if at all possible.

Know who you vote for and where they stand on these issues.

Now is the time to RISE up.  Now is the time to UNITE our voice.  Now is the time to take ACTION!

In closing, I continue to work closely with Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson and have met with the new lawyer representing her and the father and I have also met with the father to understand his position with more clarity and what the needs are moving forward.  A date has not yet been set for the next court proceedings.  We will send out a notice once we receive that information.  In the meantime, the BC Attorney General needs to hear from the public and how they feel about the interference of the State in Family matters and the State sponsored abuse of our children.

Action4Canada will be launching a Call To Action in the near future directed at the Attorney General, David Eby, but if you wish to get started and call and write his office requesting the AG step up and protect freedom of speech, protect the father’s parental rights and launch an inquiry into the multiple conflicts of interest in this case and the potential malpractice of the doctor, than do so now.  Please remain cordial, do not make threats, it is not helpful and only lowers us to the level of the other side.  [email protected] or call 250-387-1866.

Please consider donating to the legal fund set up by Laura Lynn…  HERE

Thank you and God Bless Canada!