Ogunkoya Family Continued…

December 24, 2019

Dear Friends,

the battle to save the Ogunkoya family continues.

An Action4Canada supporter responded to the original Call To Action and sent a letter to the Immigration Minister as well as her MP…Elizabeth May. After receiving no response, a follow up letter of appeal was sent to Ms. May…resulting in a commitment to help this family. Mr. El Shafie, the lawyer working on the Ogunkoya’s behalf, has been advised and steps have been taken to connect the two parties. This is evidence that persistence in letter writing is critical.

Please join this further Call To Action and continue to e-mail the PM and your MP as well as the media. This is a terrible, and what appears to be intentional, injustice perpetrated by the Liberals. Lacking compassion and humanity.

Sign letter and send to:

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Thank you for caring and taking the time out of your busy Christmas schedule to speak up for persecutedChristians… right here on “Canadian” soil.

God Bless you and Merry Christmas,


The Team @ Action4Canada


Dear Media,

The Ogunkoya family is in desperate need.  Green Party MP, Elizabeth May, has committed to step up (see attached e-mail) and help while numerous appeals to the Prime Minister, Minister of Immigration (both past and present) as well as Liberal cabinet members, have been met with silence.  Why?  Why is the Liberal government inviting ISIS fighters to return to Canada but their commitment and obligation to provide asylum to legitimate applications is being denied?  

The Prime Minister tweeted, to those fleeing persecution, terror and war, Canadians will welcome you.”

This family most certainly qualifies and yet their application for asylum was denied and a deportation order was given for November 15, 2019.  The family however has remained in Canada living in hiding.  The family’s lives are at risk should they be forced to return to Nigeria (due to converting from Islam to Christianity).   Morufat’s father is a powerful figure in the extremist Islamic organization Nasril Fathia, an organization affiliated with Boko Haram.  The organization has issued a fatwa on Morufat and her three children prior to fleeing.  Please refer to attached letter for further details.

Majed El Shafie (contact details attached) is currently representing this family and is President and Founder of One Free World International, a Toronto-based human rights organization with a mandate to help those facing religious persecution. I appeal to you to reach out to Mr. El Shafie and support his efforts in saving this family.   https://ofwi.org/

On Dec.22 Global news reported on a “Christmas Miracle” wherein a Zimbabwe man living in Canada had lost his passport and could not return home to visit his family for Christmas.  It was a heartwarming story however, his life was not in danger.   View Here

Please, lets work on a truly meaningful Christmas miracle and give this family asylum in Canada providing them safety and security.

God bless you and Merry Christmas.