Terrorists walk the streets of Canada while persecuted Christians are deport

February 27, 2020

Please Continue to take Action and Write to the Minister of Immigration
Updated March 30, 2020

Since the summer of 2019 Action4Canada has launched several writing campaigns on behalf of the Ogunkoya family who applied for asylum in Canada after fleeing from Nigeria due to their lives being at risk.  The mother, Morufat, and her three children had converted from Islam to Christianity.  Morufat’s father is a powerful figure in the extremist Islamic organization Nasril Fathia, affiliated with Boko Haram. The organization issued a fatwa (death warrant) on Morufat and her three children.  With Morufat’s father’s high profile, the family will not be safe anywhere in Nigeria, even within Christian majority areas.

For further information and to hear this family’s plea for asylum…. VIEW HERE

Many appeals were made to the previous (Muslim) Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen, who refused to acknowledge any and all efforts to discuss this case and instead issued the family be deported by November 15, 2019.  The family, however, knowing they face persecution and/or death, remain in Canada…. living in hiding.

The Action4Canada team has persisted in reaching out to MP’s and due to this one relentless A4member received a response from Elizabeth May, MP for the Green Party.  We connected Ms.May with Majed El Shafie (One Free World Int’l) who is advocating for the Ogunkoya family to receive asylum.  Ms. May is now actively involved and making enquiries and engaging officials.

A4C also reached out to Liberal MP Ken Hardie.  We received the following reply January 15, 2020.  Several attempts were made to gain clarity, but Mr. Hardie refused to respond further.

“The assessment that the family should not remain in Canada was arrived at after consideration of a number of factors.  I have had discussions with “senior ministry officials” and, for privacy reasons, I’m not able to share the details”.  Ken

However, on Feb. 12, 2020 Ms. May made the following statement which does not at all align with Mr. Hardie’s comment.

“No word yet, but Rev El Shafie was pleased I finally got the minister’s attention. I am in BC this week working in the riding, but I will be speaking to the minister personally next week. I was really shocked he did not know about their case“.  Elizabeth

In summary, Mr. Hardie claims he spoke with “senior Ministry officials” and yet Ms. May claims the Minister knows nothing about this case.  Since their statements completely contradict each other we decided to send Mr. Hardie’s message to Ms. May to which she replied saying, she would need to speak with Mr. Hardie and that his statement is “odd”.

Meanwhile, Othman Hamdan is one example (of many) of a terrorist living freely in Canada.  To this day, we do not know his whereabouts.  (View Here)  The Prime Minister has maintained a clear bias in assisting, and giving priority to, Islamists and in turn is targeting Christians in a variety of ways.  Such as, implementing the Job Attestation pulling funding from any organization that does not support abortion, to the upcoming ban on Conversion Therapy which targets pastors and church leaders if they provide counsel to LGBTQ persons.  Trudeau did not mince words when he said, “Christians are the worst part of Canadian society.”   His words are a violation of our Constitution and our commitment to provide refuge to those suffering religious persecution.  For this reason, this story is important and relevant to each of us…whether you are a Christian, or not.

Action4Canada will continue to work to support this family.  We also commit to getting to the bottom of who is responsible for the misinformation.

Mr. El Shafie created a video update for you. View Here  He further asks that we continue to e-mail the Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino ([email protected]) and sign the petition.  Click Here

Simply send a brief emailing requesting this family be granted asylum in Canada.

Thank you for your continued support in uniting and taking action.  There is strength in numbers.

God Bless Canada!

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