URGENT:  Andrew Scheer Panders to Islamists

August 14, 2019 

Dear Friends,

I have written the following letter and sent it to all Conservative MP’s.

If you have a conservative MP please forward the letter and request a reply.

We need to hear from them.

You can edit it according to your own thoughts on the matter if you wish.

If you receive a reply, I would appreciate a copy.

Thank you,

Dear Conservative MP’s.

The following video of Andrew Scheer meeting with Islamic leaders, many of whom have known ties to extremism, is shocking and cause for concern and many conservative members are leaving the party.

Here  and View Here

We all saw the photo a few months ago of Andrew Scheer with some of the most dangerous Islamic leaders in the country (reportedly), and many brushed it off as just a photo op taken without Mr. Scheer’s awareness of the company surrounding him. This video is evidence Mr. Scheer was not only aware but has close personal contact with them.

Further, here is a list of individuals within the Conservative party with reported ties to extremism.  Click Here

The meeting room was filled with extremists. To have the head of a National Federal party attending a meeting with individuals who pose a threat to the citizens of this country is ludicrous.

Would Mr. Scheer agree to meet with the Hell’s Angels?

Why the double standard in refusing to meet with Rebel media, Faith Goldy and the Yellow Vest Patriot.  All of whom are  taking a courageous stand for God and Country.

Mr. Scheer has berated his own MP’s on varying issues; refused to support pro life MPs and candidates; refused to allow Salim Mansur to run for the party; threw Michael Cooper under the bus and allowed a vote to change our history by striking Cooper’s words from the Hansard Reports.

A Conservative Candidate, Ghada Melek, is a Coptic Christian currently being unfairly targeted by the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) who are calling on Ms. Melek to drop out of the race “following reports about her past social media posts,” which the NCCM deems to be “Islamophobic.”  Read Here

Further report by Christine Douglas Williams:  Read Here

What position will Andrew Scheer take? Will he reject Ms. Melek as a candidate as he has done with numerous others who hold views of solidarity to all things Canada…faith, family and freedom?

The federal election is quickly approaching, and many longstanding Conservative members have been fearful of splitting the vote since Maxime Bernier decided to step away from the party a year ago. Mr. Bernier’s decision to form a party is looking more selfless all the time as we witness the corruption and pandering unfolding at top levels of the conservative government.

A response to voting for Bernier has been…”a vote for Bernier, is a vote for Trudeau”. But I think we can agree this is intellectually dishonest at this point.

Two Federal parties remain unwilling to bend or pander to political correctness;

Recent info from Mr.Bernier…


There are many good and decent MP’s in the conservative party and I am sure many of you are concerned as well with the direction Andrew Scheer is taking your party.

The question is, respectfully, does any one of you have the fortitude to cross the aisle and join Mr. Bernier in the battle to defend this country?

Best Regards,

Concerned Canadians