Trudeau Continues to Deny Asylum to Persecuted, Nigerian, Christian Family.

Deportation ordered in November 2019. The family is currently living in hiding … in “Canada!”

July 6, 2020

Dear Friends,

Action4Canada has launched several Call to Action campaigns appealing to the government to approve asylum for the Ogunkoya family, whose lives are at risk should they be forced to return to Nigeria. Dec.12, 2019, Dec. 2019, Feb/2020

For over a year, appeals have been made to both the former, and new, immigration minister, the Prime Minister, and multiple elected officials requesting approval for asylum. However, the family is currently living in hiding, in “Canada”, after the government ordered them deported in November of 2019.

The Ogunkoya family fled Nigeria because their lives were in danger due to converting from Islam to Christianity. There is a fatwa — call for death — on this family should they return.  For more info Read Here.  For an update directly from the Ogunkoya family, View Here.

The OFWI (Human Rights Organization) have been advocating on their behalf. David Cooke launched several writing campaigns as well as created a petition directed at the former Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen. The newly appointed Immigration Minister, Marco Mendicino, has repeatedly been asked to approve their application — and yet — this family continues to live in fear and uncertainty and the media refuse to report on it to bring awareness. Awareness of the hypocrisy demonstrated by our Prime Minister’s welcoming tweet:

  • “To those fleeing persecution, terror, and war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada.”

In continued support for the Ogunkoya family, would you please join us in sending the Prime Minster, your MP, and the Immigration Minister, a letter letting them know that we have not forgotten this family, and neither should they.

Please copy the letter below to your email, sign and send to:

Justin Trudeau [email protected]

Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino [email protected]

Your MP Click HERE

Please bcc: [email protected]

If you have time, please send the letter to all MP’s Liberal email list. Complete MP lists

Thank you and God Bless Canada!

The Team @


Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

you recently took a knee at a Black Lives Matter event which is funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.  The BLM is an openly Marxist organization who have declared war on democracy. While the image you are attempting to send is to show support for black people, I believe you are, in fact, exploiting this community of Canadians for personal and political gain and instead have aligned with anarchists.

In so doing, you once again reveal your own disdain for democracy, make a mockery of the lockdown order which has devastated our economy and Canadians livelihoods, and use this opportunity to further pit Canadians against one another with claims of systemic racism.

Meanwhile, there is a black family, from Nigeria, waiting to hear from you and your immigration minister to approve their request for asylum. Your hypocrisy has no limits.

The Ogunkoya family is currently living in hiding in Canada because the Court decided to deport them back to Nigeria in November of 2019, rather than grant them asylum. Morufat’s father is a powerful figure in Nigeria in the extremist Islamic organization, Nasril Fathia, which is affiliated with Boko Haram. When Morufat and her three children converted to Christianity, this organization issued a fatwa against them.

They fled to Canada believing they would find refuge.

They are now hiding from the very government that promised them safety.

This is a Human Rights issue and you have the power to veto the courts decision and grant this family asylum.

Will you uphold your commitment “To those fleeing persecution, terror, and war” by granting this family asylum?