Political Entryism in Canadian Political Parties - Legal Action Commences

Political Entryism – Legal Action Commences

Please Help, Donate to Daniel Bordman’s Legal Fund

Dear Friends,

On August 8th Action4Canada sent out a Call to Action to sign a petition directed at Doug Ford calling for him to unseal a transcript that could prove alleged extremism exists within the Progressive Conservative Party.

Political Entryism is a serious national security threat. It is reported that the Liberal Party has up to 12 MPs with ties to extremism and a growing number within the Conservative Party. Compelling information, reported by multiple media sources, both in the US and internationally, gives a detailed account of whom some of these alleged individuals are.  Gatestone Institute,  Middle East Forum, National Telegraph, The Trumpet

Several courageous Canadians have been working diligently to make their evidence public and force elected officials and Canadian Intelligence to take action. One such individual is Daniel Bordman, a political commentator, and a tenacious Patriot! Daniel has a cheeky air about him when delivering his message, but he is very serious when it comes to our national security.

In March 2020 Daniel released a video reporting on alleged extremism within the federal conservative party, naming Erin O’Toole and Wallied Soliman. (Yes, the same Wallied Soliman tied to the transcript). As a result, Daniel is being sued for $2.5 million dollars.

Not only are they going after Mr. Bordman but they are also going after his place of work, and family members. However, young Daniel is not backing down. The legal action provides him an opportunity to submit much more evidence and it also means that the plaintiff will be called to take the stand and answer questions under oath. This information will then become a matter of public record.

Depending on the outcome, the information to be released has the potential to clean “House” in Canadian politics and expel radical extremists from our political system.

Daniel’s first discovery court appearance is on Monday, September 14, 2020, and there is a further trial date on September 24th. Daniel is being slapped with thousands of dollars in legal fees to defend himself. Daniel’s work is vital and, therefore, we are requesting that you please make a donation, of any size, toward his legal costs.

There are two ways to give. Either through GoFundMe — Click Here or by email transfer — [email protected]

Don’t forget to sign the petition!

Thank you, and God Bless Canada!

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